Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I feel bad...

The one thing I really want to do is spend several hours reading up on all of you and commenting-
and I can't.

Too much stuff going on with the kids finishing up the school year, problems with the school board not honoring my request to transfer out of year round school.
Hubs in the doledrums. (Even though I'm home? What's up with that?)
Me recovering and catching up on what I missed for the last week.
Getting the kids ready to head to Grannies this weekend...


Today I passed a car that said,
"Zero tollerance for Republicans"

But he was in the Navy, so a Fuc% You didn't seem appropriate.

But really...

No tollerance for those who have a different system of values is not a democracy.

It's so great to be an American. It really is. That Asshat can say anything he wants.

My car says, "God loves you" and "Pray for the troops"-

I didn't flip him off- or blow my horn... I was reminded how foolish people can be- and that I don't have to be one of those people.

I said the Pledge of Allegience today at my daughters graduation ceremony- damn if I didn't get tears in my eyes...
I ALWAYS DO. Even if I say it alone at home.

I'm such a girl.

And such an American.

I hope to catch up with all of you soon. I really do. I miss you.


iamnot said...

Yea, yea... more excuses..


Anonymous said...


Mayden's Voyage said...


Asshat? Hell yes...
or Asshole, if that fits better! :P

foam said...

woohoo for summer vacation..

yes, that's rather asshatish of that navy man to have a sticker like that. i've seen similar ones directed to demoncrats, "treehuggers", etc.
i personally like no stickers that are directed at people.

the.red.mantissa said...

how 'bout 'zero tolerance for zero tolerance' ...?


seriously ... i, too, tire of intolerance of this or that. of banning this or that. grrrr. it irritates me ... highly. whatever happened to live and let live? whatever happened to voltaire's famous line? did we forget that one?

missing you, too.


Anonymous said...

no im good with ass hat. i was just wondering is that like a hat- bra type thing, you know, with two holes for the two halfs? or is that like one big hat that encloses both cheeks? would it be a top hat or like a beret or baseball cap? maybe like one of those rasta woven multicolor things....can stretch to fit all sizes even navy men? and wasnt it the navy the village people sang about? i mean it wasnt about the marines was it?? everythings connected isnt it? i think it is a sign.

SpongyBones said...

This world needs more women like you in it.

SJ said...

Heard of midnight blogging? Try it :)

You were missed too.

I eff-u the sort of thing a Navy man would like to hear?

Well you have no option other then to be a girl not unless you are willing to undertake certain surgical procedures.

X. Dell said...

(1) Please forgive my amusement with the bumper sticker story.

(2) If it's migraines, I hope Hubs is doing better now. If it's stress, I recall him working pretty hard this year.

(3) I'm wondering if there are so many parents trying to take their kids out of the year-long program, that the school board cannot handle them all. If so, I wonder what that says about year-long programs.

exskindiver said...

and then catch up.
we will always be here.
your kids are only young once.

(what??? you want breakfast? get it yourself!!! i'm typing a comment to Cora!!!!)

LADY LUXIE said...

And a daaahling American too!...I goooot it!!! heeee haaw! I'm sooo happy!..I got the package!!..and I can't wait to model it hee!hee!..and Luxie kiddo' 2 is reading the Narnia...and they sooo appreciate the colorful pens..couldn't believe they got something :>

Oh' thank you! thank you!...will write tomorrow..it's way past ten here and I gotta' snooze!...

The scarf is simply absolutely lovely..I'm gonna' wear it with my chin up...I'm sure my girlfriends here will ask where I got it..hee! hee!

Gardener Greg said...

I get choked up singing the National Anthem. Just what does Zero Tolerance mean anyway. I want to say "I am a republican. What are you going to do about it?"

Write when you can,


Bone said...

Actually, most blogs will be deleted or go dormant before your kids grow up, so I say: Comment away!


ThursdayNext said...

Year round school? Year round school? The mere thought makes me want to pass out!

I knew there were some awful bumper stickers, but that one was, by far, the most ignorant one I have ever heard of...geez.

Mayden's Voyage said...

We will be off to a good start tomorow- a pedicure for the girl and me, and a hair cut for the boy.
The kids go to the beach with Granny (she's near the beach anyway) on Friday- and I go up on Tuesday :) Wanna come along? :)

Roxanne- how about this one?
"Men are equal; it is not birth but virtue that makes the difference." -Voltaire
Great fun looking up his quotes! Hugs to you too :)

Anon- my heavens-that was FUNNY! By all means, the "Asshat" in honor of the French, would obviously be a beret. Or a baseball cap...from the Yankees.

Spongy- *blush* thanks friend. My brother is a Dem...and I'm cool with it- he's cool with me. BUT- I always tell him when he starts to look for a wife- he might enjoy dating a liberal woman, but he'll want a Republican for the long haul :) Trust me on this one :)

You make good points! Besides- I renjoy being a girl/woman :) It's worked out well for me :)

I wonder if you'll chuckle at the Rush Limbaugh subscription I just ordered for you? (lol...kidding- I ordered it for me!)
Hubs is stressed. I am taking him away from it all this weekend. Hope it will help! :)

I've enjoyed the year round programs my kids have been in, but as they get older and we travel more in the summer- it become more difficult. Many kids benefit from the schedule- I see the pros and cons of it. Most year round shools in my area have a waiting list of people who want to get in.

Thank you friend...I needed that! :) I'll be over soon.

Yeahhhh! Yeahhhh!!! Finally- good heavens that took a very long time! But, when mailing things internationally- it's difficult.
I'm sorry now I didn't pack a gift for hubbs! LOL.
Glad you got it- and the boys liked the pens. It was nothing, but I wanted them to know they are special too...just like their beautiful mom :) I look forward to hearing from you. Hugs friend!

Greg- thank you friend. I hope to have some time tomrrow :)

Bone- LOL! YOu are right- and at the rate my kids are growing- they'll be graduating from college next month! UGH. I now have 2 kids in middle school...
where has the time gone?
I miss your 24 posts. I think of you every monday night- without fail!

the.red.mantissa said...

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it"

wow. year round school. interesting. here they go from mid/end of august to mid/end of june. and then the maggots terrorize the town all @ once for two entire months. many parents hated the move to starting school in august - before the september long weekend ... i could see how the year round thing would disrupt holidays.

take hubz away from it all. he needs a break, perhaps.

i still got that somethin to send you. who's the world's biggest procrastinator? ME! that's who.

love ya. :)

Enemy of the Republic said...

Glad you got my email. A longer one is coming. I'm having nut situations. To be discussed--no, this time not blogger nuts. I know what you mean about the kids.

X. Dell said...

Actually, two of my former students are on his staff. And since I already subscribe to right-wing newsletters, and tune in Rush, Sean, Bob and the rest on radio, that sounds like a nice gift.

Bird said...

my, my, my.

being a lib, i get the bumper sticker - totally.

i'd like to say "death to all republicans" (as i am sure some repubs would like to say about dems or liberals)

or something horrible like that.

unfortunately, i am acquainted with some repubs whom i like (though i do indeed detest the republican platform), so i cannot just dismiss the whole lot of 'em.

sigh. it's do darn annoying when people become real to you and you can no longer paint them as the ultimate enemy. ;)

flap/flap/and hah!

year-round school? as a teach - i see that as both a good and bad thing - afterall - teachers need the summer not to rest - but develop new curriculum! (yeah, we ain't just touring the national parks or europe on our summer vacations - we're hard at work at home, tweaking our course designs and creating new material to better suit students - now, without summer vacation - when the heck will that work get done?

Scary Monster said...

Me cannot tolerate such intolerance. It be inexcusable. And what are kids doing in school anyway? They should be working in minimum wage factories sewing buttons on turkeys for next Thanksgiving.Republicans should be forced to sniff Bush's underwear and dems should be working in K-Mart to understand American fascination with polyester. Um what was this post about again???

Mrs. C. You jus do whatchya gotta do and when things are calm we'll all still be here. Unless Bush starts to mess with the Chineese, that is.

Anonymous said...

so, which beach you going to?

LADY LUXIE said...

Hang on..the e mail is comin' by later...I'm deep in chores and work related stuff.. Brace yourself..I'm gonna' mail chat till my little eeny' nails file out he! he!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Don't be too tough on the sailor, it is tough being separated from family for extended periods and I know the troops have had longer and longer periods of time in a place where we are not really welcome. Been there myself, though I only blame myself for career choices. You do what you have to do.

Happy end of school!! I know Mrs. Phos did the dance of joy as the kids climbed on the bus home for the last time...

Crashtest Comic said...

you said asshat--ha!

you probably typed it in heels too...

Gawpo said...

Now you just don't go frettin' that purty little head of yours, now, Ma'am. We all understand. Wah, and it ain't like we caint just wander yonder and visit y'all right here at the homestead.

Now, if you'll excuse me----I've got a couple more posts to nail some comments to.


Enemy of the Republic said...

My son broke his arm. Have you dealt with that ever? He is really in pain. I hate it.

NWJR said...

I'm a registered Democrat, and there's no way I can defend that bumper sticker.

Of course, I can't defend half of the vitriol and anger I hear on right-wing talk radio on a daily basis, either, but that's not my responsibility to defend.

A little tolerance would go a long way on both sides of the political aisle.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope you had a good weekend