Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Above the fray and beyond the pale" (thanks Pete for saying that!)

Kate and I had the MOST fun together!
We ate great food (her grilled lamb and steamed green beans were YUM YUM YUM!) We drank good wine (even made our own combination!), took a long walk in a beautiful place, saw an aligator (or 3!), got a manicure, and had my eyebrows waxed (I should have done a before and after photo-LOL)- and after all that...it was time to get ready for the "BLOG SUMMIT
I was as nervous and excited as I'd ever been. I was sweating like I had run a race, my mind was- in fact- racing, my stomach was all twitchy... WHY?

I was about to meet my beloved K9!!! :)

Now, to be fair, I had spoken to her on the phone several times, seen her picture, and we could probably fill a book with all the correspondence between us...but still- I hadn't met her face to face. I know it sounds silly...to get that worked up, but of all the bloggers I've met- this one already occupied a place in my heart, and meeting her was very important to me.

So- it was time to go...Kate and her dear husband helped me load up the car, and off we went to Julie's Waterfront.

We arrived a few minutes early- but not before everyone else. I saw K9 when I pulled into the parking lot and I couldn't manage to park my car correctly before I jumped out to hug her!
(I didn't realize my car wasn't pulled all the way into the parking space until it was time to leave :0 )

The evening was full of conversation and laughter. It was everything a Blog Summit should be- good people having a good time, and parting as better friends when the evening was over.

When it was time to part ways I was sorry to see the evening come to an end, but I was thrilled to follow K9 home and begin the next leg of this Florida adventure, which I'll post more about at the end of the week (if I can wait that long!)

Thank you all for your thoughts and notes...I'll get over to your pages soon.

I am having so much fun! I will be spoiled rotten by the time I get home-
Actually- with friends like all of you- I'm already spoiled!

Hugs everybody!


she said...

beyond the pale indeed fair mayden! because you is gettin' a little bit o color! just sayin "hi" even though you are sitting right next to me. looks like we'll be eating lunch and dinner here. grrherhaha

youre not nervous anymore...shaky from starvation and champagne poisoning maybe, but not nervous.

er, maybe you SHOULD be nervous since i have a roll for my "mayden: the swimsuit edition lined up for tomorrows post. grrherhaha

Pete Bogs said...

I am looking forward to the swimsuit edition... as you already saw, I posted the sans-swimsuit pic of you guys on my blog today... thank God for little blue blotches, eh?

foam said...

oh, just go see the comment i left on k9's blog...;) since ya'll are side by side anyways..
peek on over.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Wish I could have been there.
Happy Birthday from the far side of the international date line.

Libby said...

oh, cora, it sounds like SUCH fun!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Lee said...

Yes, happy birthday. I have never met up with any other bloggers. (Well, if I have they have shut up, tip-toed away and not let on. I find a lot of people do that. ) Next year is shaping up as a travelling year, so there is hope yet.

the.red.mantissa said...

sounds like fun ... happy birthday, cora! :)

puerileuwaite said...

Blondes getting drunk and into trouble? Normally I have to watch MTV for that kinda action.

Bone said...

Wow, you southeastern bloggers know how to do it up right, yo!

Looks like a million miles of fun.

Happy birthday, Cora... a few minutes early.


LADY LUXIE said...

Happyyyy biirthday to yoooouuu!!

Oh' I hope you didn't forget the huggy' I told you to give the K9 for me!!

am' excited bout' your next post!..heve fuun!..giggle giggles here!

X. Dell said...

K9, I never thought of you as the shy type, but I kinda always pictured you in a big, wide-brimmed hat--kinda like the Marlboro Man.

How I so envy the four of you. One of these days, though....

SJ said...

Grrrr I am sooo envious of you guys.

You got my email?

Infinitesimal said...

Niiiiiice smile my fair skinned puddin' twin.

Beautious pearly whites

she said...

happy birthday mayden!!!

Pete Bogs said...

happy b'day indeed, mayden... may your birthday celebrations be beyond the pale!

Gardener Greg said...

I forgot to say Happy birthday too. I was so taken with your last post I forgot. Looks like I may have to make that trip next year. It looks like you are having a wonderful time. Fill us in when you get back,


leelee said...


/t. said...

so glad
your weekend summit
with the others worked out,
& looking forward to reading more

sounds like y'all had tons o' fun! :)

and of course, better late than not at all, HAPPY B'DAY MAYDEN!


X. Dell said...

Happy Birthday, Cora.

foam said...

happy old day cora...;)

Bardouble29 said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time and I can't wait to hear more.

The Grunt said...

Blogger Summit? I didn't get the memo.

Infinitesimal said...

sorry i did not say happy bday to you before.

best wishes on a great year!

Mayden's Voyage said...

She- Hugs friend!
I think that maybe a swimsuit edition for the bloggers might be a tad more than my friends want to see...maybe? LOL!
Just use a good body- one that's a shade taller, ok? LOL! :)

Thank God indeed! :)
I wish my camera was as flattering to me as yours is! :)

I read it :) Thank you...and I hope to see you soon~

Thank you! Wish you could have been here :)

It was FUN! We had a lovely time, we really did. The week just got better and better :)

I would travel a long distance to see you if you made it to the States...so keep me in the loop- there are quite a few of us who would love to meet you in person :)

Thanks friend- and you would have loved the meeting...it was loads of fun!

You were the topic of several conversations! All good of course ;) I'm guessing we were all a little too old for the likes of MTV- but wayyyyy better! ;)

I so wish you could have joined us!
Thank you for the b-day wishes- so far, they have all been exceeded :)

K9 was hugged, and hugged, and hugged- and...she got a kiss on the nose! LOL! She didn't seem to mind too much :) I have thought of you constantly on this trip. I wish with all my heart you could have been here- Maybe next year I'll spend my b-day with you? LOL...that would be a ton of fun!

You would have enjoyed this meeting- the bloggers were great...
and I know they would have enjoyed meeting you! :)

One day friend...one day! :)

(I'll be back to finish commenting- I promise!)

exskindiver said...

i meant to call you on your birthday, but life happened.
happy birthday!
heard your message and it put a smile on my face.:)
glad you guys had fun.

Mayden's Voyage said...

"Puddin' Twin" LOL...brings back fond memories :) Thank you- I don't regret a single moment of being in braces :D

"She", "Pete" "Greg" and Leelee- thank you! It's been almost the best birthday ever! :)

/t- Hugs friend- we had a great time- and I can not wait to write my next post!

X and Foam- thank you :)

Bar 29- If you get the chance to go meet some of your favorite bloggers- do it. I really regret that I didn't get to see you when you were in Florida earlier. Next time- I won't let that happen!

Grunt- I'm sorry! I guess I thought it was a bit far, but next time I'll ask anyway! :)

Fini- thank you :)

Chesca- I'm sorry we missed you when we called- we were having a great time...except my eyebrows were stinging! LOL :)

kate said...

It was a great visit with you! I am glad we got to spend the time together! I too hope that we can get our kidt together! I bet it will happen this summer! We can meet half way even!

Its funny to be commenting now sooooo far after the fact! i am sorry I missed the original banter!

Oh and NO SWIMSUIT editions for Pete! Not of me at least! lol