Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What's on going~

My kids were denied a second time...they will be going to year round school again this year- with no explanation as to why...just kind of "I said so". July 16th is their first day back.

A spikey(?)and unsatisfied letter from me to the Board of Education, the District Atty's office, and the Atty. Generals office (I don't know why that last one would care- but it sounds good!- hell- I might even send a copy to the Governor!)- is in the works. I'll probably go down on my face over this, but I'm not going quietly!

I haven't written a decent thing for any of the stories I've started, and I admit I've been pretty distracted with "life" happening around me. I have been writing pretty faithfully in my journal. And I have completed the campaign stuff for Cadence.

My birthday in May marked my 30th anniversary of keeping a diary/journal. It's fun to go back and read what I was doing 20 years ago...

Want a peek? The closest entry was June 22nd-

"...I didn't exactly get the guy- he was awfully shy. Lord, so much has happened. There's nothing much between Dave and I. I like a guy named Donny at the club, but I doubt it will work. A man named Carter likes me...I think." (I have no idea who the shy guy was, and Dave was in the Army. Donnie did not work out at all. Carter was a mistake- he was- 40...ick)

The last boyfriend I would have (before T) showed up the next day- and we had a lovely summer whirl-wind romance. LOL- I haven' t thought about him in a while. He was wonderful- and if he hadn't gone to North Dakota to go to school in the fall...well, never mind, he did go to ND- and T came back into my life. That is that.

I'm going to step away for a while- except I am going to make a video for Chesca (Kiss on my list, by Hall and Oates) :)

I owe X, and Susan, K-9, Roxann, and Chesca an email. I want to send out cards to some of you too...but with the kids out of school it seems like I run out of daylight and energy long before I should. Mono is running it's course through my neck of the woods- hope I don't have that! (surely not~)

Cadence is still in the hospital- and when I have an update about her- I'll post it- I promise.

Mid-July is when school is back in session- and I'll be sketchy with the blog until then. I will be reading up on you though! I also hope to get some writing of my own done...just not on Mayden's Voyage~



iamnot said...

I wasn't keeping a journal 20 years ago. I should write a fake entry. That'd be entertaining, maybe.

Be good.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Be good?
Oh no...I'll never settle for that!
:) Great? Yes!
And if you write a fake entry-
Be sweet. I was very sweet...too sweet I think.
And I was good-
At least, until that last boyfriend showed up~
LOL :)

Anonymous said...

about 20, 25 years ago i was keeping journals off and on. i had so forgotten about themt until i unearthed them when we moved last year.

july 16? yikes!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

LOL! Foam-
I'd love to take a peek! :)
It's funny how blunt I was in my journal...I guess I still am. It's the only place (other than when I pray) that I don't tell any lies...not that I tell many lies in the first place! lol-

I don't sugar-coat stuff there. Life is what it is- I don't pretend about anything.
When I'm dead- people will be shocked if they read those journals.
It will be the ultimate "Mayden's Voyage" from age 8, unitl the end.

Anonymous said...

she is...
still writing
now in the dark(!)

well, take care of business -- get the education wheels in your state straightened around(!) and then write something for us here -- whenever -- we'll be here

good luck, cora

/t. said...

a little elf came by ... to do some fixin' up.

thinking of you ... tho its been ages since i've come around. still got somethin' to mail you ... you will get it before the year ends. how's that. LOL.

sorry to hear about cadence, tho, to be honest, the nurse in me has been waiting to hear ... the horrors.

indeed, that is what nursing the sick and dying (and their families) taught me ... that i want for nothing. that i have nothing to complain about. that i have ... LIFE ... HEALTH ~ the true sources of joy.

love me.

ps. why a PICC line? why not a CVC?

SJ said...

Shall we say 20 years ago you had varied interests.

and wonderful.

X. Dell said...

Mae West said that if you keep a journal, one day it will keep you. Hopefully, it will keep you good company.

Sorry to hear about the state's refusal to allow your kids to go to the school of your choice. I'm wondering, did they say it was because the other school was crowded, or was it really a "Because I said so" kind of deal? Seems draconic to me. Best of luck with that.

Oh the loves and lives I could have filled with a journal. Of course, mine would include that pretty KGB spy I had a crush on, and the beautiful Italian innkeeper. After all, I've never had a boyfriend.

How often do your read this journal? Ever? Occasionally? Ever read it from start to latest?

Little Lamb said...

Going to school all year round? Ugh! Hopefully they'll get to know what having a summer off is like before they grow up.

Gardener Greg said...

I felt it best not to keep a journal, too much evedence. Hope things work out for you. My letter to the insurance comission paid off with some direction but the one to the governor got a form letter returned saying how much he has done for us. They didn't even address my question. Good luck.


Gawpo said...

Ok, let me add this:


Tell the Guv he can shove it.

You go, Girl!

BTW, I had a BLAST talkin' to you the other day.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Roxanne- thank you friend! I wondered, before I read this, if you had done some magic over here!
I have a cool photo of a sail boat in the Hudson- and one of the images of me I think I'd like to try to create a new header with- but I'm clueless! I'll send you the photos...and if you have time to do something with them- that would be great, otherwise- I still love the one you made :)
We are blessed- I have nothing to complain about...nothing at all~

/t- whoops...didn't mean to skip you! I love seeing you at Myspace- even though that blog is a tad on the meat-market side- isn't it? LOL- oh well- I'm not in the market for meat, or anything else...mostly :)

SJ- LOL! I was all about men! Well, to be fair- THEY were all about me! LOL...sigh...the ages 17 and 18 only come once. I enjoyed it :)

I personally would pay good money to read such a journal! And- I suppose that one day my journal could infact "Keep me"- I have done a few scandalous things in my years (yes,'s true!)
I do go back and read over them (It's not one book, rather a collection of books)- and usually I enjoy the visit very much. My journals in my late teens are enough to make me blush- I was a tad on the wild side! ouch!

One day, if I ever find anyone who wants to publish the silly things- I'll send you a copy- signed to my dear X- of course! LOL!

Little Lamb-
Next year they will be in traditional...or at least my son will be- there are no high schools with a year-round program.

Greg :)
You are in my journal! LOL...but it was a nice entry and nothing that will ever haunt you! :)
X, Foam, Roxanne, Susan, Helene, Lux, Iamnot, SJ, /t, 7seven7, Grunt, Scary Monster, Lee, Cosmo, and several others are in my journal too! :)
You will all be listed as treasured friends in the book of my life...
K9 especially! :)

Gwapo- I will be in touch! :)
I suppose I need to write about you now too! :) said...

i'm immortalized in your journal? wow. :)

send the pic ... i will see what i can do. funny, the first header i was ever going to make you was gonna be a tall ship. then i decided on the hearts. i'm game, if you feel like a change.

i will email you soon.

love, me.

puerileuwaite said...

I used to keep a journal. But then I found out Sirhan Sirhan had kept one too, and that his doodles were better.

So I put the kibosh of that journal, and started a new one that tracked my thoughts about favorite celebrities. Jodie Foster ... John Lennon ... they were all in there. But then I found out about John Hinckley's and Mark David Chapman's journals.

So instead I became an avid reader. I just finished "The Catcher in th Rye" again.

Have a great summer, FM.

kate said...

hehehe to iamnots comment.

You look great btw... nice photos and your hair looks wonderful! =]

I am just not good about journaling. I have been trying for about 30 years, but cant seem to be consistant (except through my mothers illness). Its funny since I am fairly consistant about blogging. I guess its easier (like with exercise) when there is someone else out there and cares that you do. Doing it for myself is never enough.

Good luck with 'life' and we'll catch up soon I am sure!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...


myspace --
haven't been there
long enough to have learned much about the seamy side -- for that i hang out at the pug's blog...

tried to answer your 'codes' questions, but myspace's mailer seems to have a mind of its own, so... you can do the same basic bold, italic, etc codes there that you can here -- same syntax using 'less than' & 'greater than'

other html is hit and miss, depending on where you are, e.g., in profile /blog /comments /etc

it was great fun chatting with you and secret agent LL7 'woolen, not furred' :)


LADY LUXIE said...

I have a journal far back as 15 years ago...not that faithfully though...

I got your letter by the way..will respond some time next week....will be busy...moving by Saturday...


X. Dell said...

Cool. Publish the wild stuff first.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Don't fret about the emails, sweet Mayden. I've been busy too with work, my son's injury, and I have to find him a new school. We all have lives and they get in the way of our writing!

I've been keeping a journal since I was 15.

boneman said...

Does that mean yer startin' t'practice yer drawin' techniques?

As fer readin' the "diary", I try to pass on that sort of stuff for the most part. Girls' diaries are private things, y'know. Like diggin' around in their underwear drawers..... just not m'thing.

Bone said...

Aww, that would be fun and interesting to look back. Makes me wonder how things would have gone if you'd told them the things you wrote in your journal about them :)

I guess I can look back on my blog in ten or fifteen years.

Sorry about the school thing. Hope all else is going well for you.


exskindiver said...

your kids have to start school already???!!
oh, my.
can't wait for the video.
love that song.

kate said...

Just by to say hello! Hope things are good there!

The Phosgene Kid said...

An entry from my journal: Woke up. Ate. went to work. Came home. Ate again. Slept.

leelee said...

I like those pictures cool is it that you have been writing for 20 years. I actually have a diary of mine from 8th grade... and on and off since then, but never consistent..probably the most consistent I have been is with my blog.

Enjoy your time with your kids..HUGS!

Malinda777 said...

Have a great trip! Sorry I haven't been here for a while...we are all so busy.

Odd I think you don't like year round school. I don't know your particular situation, but my kids went through it and I thought it was the greatest thing ever. They didn't get bored between breaks, parents & children could have a vacation together several times a year, etc... I loved it!

I found my kids made better grades too...they didn't have to spend the first few weeks of each new term reviewing...just picked up and went forward.

Of course I was a single mother working in a casino then too. No holidays or weekends for me, so year round school gave me much more time with my kids than normal school...

Good luck with your variance though...