Saturday, March 11, 2006

Sun, fun, and drunks...

The weather here at the coast could not be more lovely...highs in the low 80's, sunny with a few clouds, dolphins jumping around just past the surf, and less than 30 people on the beach--looking as far as you can see in either direction!

Yesterday, while reading and relaxing on the shore, we were greeted by a dude who decided we looked like a friendly couple to hang out with. He was staying at the same hotel as us and He was drunk. Talking to drunk people is more fun, I think, if you are drunk yourself, which of course we were not! First he said he was a musician, then when pressed to tell which instrument he played, he had to confess he was a songwriter.

By this time T was sending LOUD subliminal messages to me not to breathe a word about his own musical ability...which I did perceive and said nothing. (This kind of telepathy can happen after many years of being with the same person. The frustrating thing is that when it is something REALLY important that you want your mate to understand DOES NOT work!) This guy told us he had worked with Van Halen...even spoke of Alex on a first name basis! Wow, I thought--to have come this far in life--to end up drunk on the beach next to a couple of people you have never met--and your one accomplishment is to have worked with Alex Van Halen on a song or 2! That is sad! He was trying so hard to impress us. Oh, it just made me feel bad :(

My son, who is 12 going on 17, recommended a book to me..."Bud, not Buddy" sometime last week, after I recommended that he read "To Kill A Mockingbird". He and I have been doing this for a while now, suggesting books and then following up with questions and has been a wonderful way for he and I to connect when so much of the time he seems like an alien and not my sweet little boy!!! Anyway, he made a great call on this one, I was sitting on the beach crying my dang eyes out over it! It was not sad, not sappy, just well written and very touching at the end. Read it! It is a great story!

Today we went into a cool antique store, T found about 350 shark teeth (he is counting them as I write) in a jar for $25. He's like a little kid at Christmas! The disturbing thing was this...(Remember this is an antique store) we found boxes and boxes of old records, and inside were things like old Neil Diamond (who I like), and old Rolling Stones stuff, but wait...they also had BILLY IDOL's REBEL YELL!!!
Of which I have been singing in my head all week!!! In the midnight hour, she cried more more more.... Oh, I thought I'd be sick! Billy Idol, in an antique store...$5 for the record. Yes, I bought it! :P

I also found stuff like old medals and service pins for the military and police. Lots of really neat things I remember seeing at my Grandmas house, even an old humidifier that my mom used for me when I was little, yeah, I bought that too, and I'll bet it still works!

Ok, the beach adventure is over tomorrow. I might go to Charleston SC, my birthplace, and hang out there for a day or 2. T will have loads of work to do when he gets back and I'll be in an empty house. I have lots to Blog about, so it's not like I won't have anything to do...not to mention that I should be re-painting the hallways, organizing the pantry and linen closets, getting my tomato beds ready...blah! Yes, there is plenty I could do! We'll see how it goes...

See you soon! :)


Malinda777 said...

Thanks for sharing your trip, fun story.

Sean said...

i'm jealous of you for your beach time. :) i want to get back to the east coast. well, that depends what day of the week it is. but columbia, chas, savannah, wilmington.... any of those would work nicely. glad to hear you had a nice trip though.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Thanks Sean!(and Malinda)
I do love the coast, but I like the mountains and a lake even better. As much as I'd like to buy a little place near the ocean, I'd probably invest in lake property is much less likely to blow away!

Anonymous said...

He there, I remember that day in Charleston when you were born. I was busy out buying your first outfit being so excited about your coming into the world. Putting a really big dent in the car next to me in the parking lot, because of my quick exit in all the excitment.
Nice story about the beach.
I have a story about to many Margerettas (sp) on the beach.
Fun in the sun !!!:)