Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Photo Essay

Kramer taking a nap in the Dining room

Just me... I took the photo in color, but liked in black and white, but the B&W would not copy to the blog. SO...I took a picture of the B&W and posted that!
A true blonde no doubt!!! :)

My flowers are blooming...

A new tea set for Easter. Isn't it cute?!!!

Ok, so now you know a little more about me...you have seen my flowers in my front yard, a pic, one of my cats, and a new tea set.
Obviously I am bored this evening, and I have lots to do actually, but don't feel like doing it. T is working VERY late again, I had hoped we were past this.
Oh well, he can long onto my blog and see what he is missing! :) Not too much from the look of things! :)

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Lady Prism said...

awwww...i feel sooo inspired to write about my home as well!...everything here is sooo...cozy homey!..yah!