Thursday, March 09, 2006

Another "Fluff" Post

My kids are getting the dream trip of a lifetime...
Granny is taking them to Disney for a week!

I am also going to benefit from this little excursion, I will be just "Cora" for 8 days, not "Mamma"...and I can hardly tell you how excited I am about it!
Of course, once a Mom, always a Mom, but they will be in great hands and well cared for, and I could use the break :)

T and I are going to the coast, Emerald Isle, at least that is the plan. Things at work are ever in flux and if he has to renegotiate on this trip, well, I will go with out him, or go with the kids! I think all of our plans are "a go", I really hope so!

I probably won't get to update Maydens Voyage while I'm away...but if I can sneak into a library for a bit, then I will do what I can. Not that any of you are hanging on my next set of words to have a good life! :) But I do enjoy this, and I've really enjoyed getting to know you. One of my sisters, who lives a few hours away, told me she felt more connected to me because she was getting to hear about all the stuff she misses out on. I thought that was about the sweetest thing she could have said, and that alone is worth keeping this up!

So friends, family, and lurkers who never say hello...I bid you farewell for a little while, but I'll be back before you know it. With beach pic's to make you long for summer! It will be in the 80's this weekend...I may actually get a little sun!!! I need it!

Bon Voyage!


doc-t said...

ok, ok, wait just a cotton pickin minute here.

The kids are going to disney world.

You and your mr. are going to the Emerald Isle...

Why did I not get invited?!!?!?!

clearly we need to have a talk.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Wait...did you want to go to Disney, or the beach?
How about this-
I will miss you the most while I am away! Does that help any? :)
Perhaps you could make me one of your "Learn from me" posts and give me some do's and don'ts for the beach! :)
Have you ever been to Atlantic Beach, or Emerald Isle on the NC coast? It is beautiful.
I promise to also bring back lots of cool pictures...which will only make things worse I'm sure!
I hope you will have a lovely weekend! :)