Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I stood in line next to a man in uniform... a soldier in the Army, I think.
We were at Wendy's and I was ordering "take-out".

My heart welled up. I had to bite the inside of my lip to keep from getting teary.
All at once I wanted to hug him and kiss him on the cheek- and buy his lunch...

I should have tried. (maybe not kissed him- but the rest- perhaps?)

Anyway-as I went outside to leave...I looked around to see if I could tell which car was his. I found one with government issued plates- it was his.

I pulled out a little card from my wallet- and I wrote,

"Thank you for all the ways you serve our country"-

and on the reverse was my web address for Mayden's Voyage. Not that he needs to visit...but just in case he wondered who left the note.

I wrote this post because I want you to follow up with your own act of kindness for a soldier you might meet this week.
Don't leave me a message here...leave a message for a soldier- some where, some how, some way.
Say "thank you"-
Or "good to see you"-
Or "Have a great day :)"

Here's the only warning...the more often you show kindness and appreciation- the more often you will want to do it.
It makes a difference-

For the soldier...and for YOU.


Cadence Update-

Our first concert for Baby Cadence will be this Saturday- and I'm swamped beyond belief trying to finish up the last minute things that need to be printed and produced.

Bear with me. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

I wonder if this isn't one of the most important things I've ever done in my life~ (top 5, for sure)
Love to each of you :)


Anonymous said...

with you
and cadence
in spirit & hope


SpongyBones said...

Dang, no wonder my bro dug you.

I hope the note gets him to read this post, I know it would do his heart well, knowing that there are still good folks in the world.

Gawpo said...

No one likes war. No one likes THIS war. No one likes that American soldiers, men and women, are getting dead in this war. But right or wrong (the reasons behind this war), we embrace and support those who have to go.

Good for you. I hope he comes to the blog and sees that we support him.

iamnot said...

You know what your problem is?
You're just good...right down to the core!
Good, good, good, good, good....


foam said...

i don't see many soldiers on active duty around here unless they are on leave. my bro-in-law is going back this fall.

my thoughts are with you and cadence.

puerileuwaite said...

"I stood in line next to a man in uniform... a soldier in the Army, I think.

We were at Wendy's and I was ordering "take-out"."


The man was in uniform? Are you SURE you weren't on the wrong side of the counter? Were the registers facing you, or facing away from you?


Bardouble29 said...

Everytime I see a soldier my heart wells, with tears and pride, not for the devastating war, but for all the men and women who so selflessly give.

You are in my heart as you prepare for the concert this weekend.

Seven said...


Enemy of the Republic said...

I do that to military people often. Good work, they need our love.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Thank you /t- should be a great post for Sunday :)

Spongy- the feeling was mutual...I miss the Baron very much- I'm glad I am getting to know you :)

It's tough. I believe America and Europe are under a great threat and I so admire the intelligence, quality, and courage of those who fight to defend and protect us- as well as help a struggling country. I fully believe that if Iraq fails -Syria and Iran will jump in, and then there will be hell...everywhere.

What's the old saying, "When she's good, she's great- but when she's bad, she's better"...lol!
This probably applies to me :)
I send you a special hug and a wink (((ox-hug-xo))) ;)

Foam- Thank you. I guess if they are in uniform they are on active duty? I saw 2 or 3 over the weekend too...home on leave maybe?
I don't know, but heart goes out to them. I hope, hope, hope the Concert is a huge success this weekend- thanks for thinking of us- I really do appreciate it :)

Pug- you are just too funny :)

Bar29- You have such a tender heart- and I feel your thoughts all the way over here...thank you!

Seven- :)
I'm smiling a lot these days with the braces off. Here's some good news for you- mine were on for 14 months too. Time well spent friend...I don't regret a minute of it :D

Susan- we all need that love, don't we? :) Thanks for being here...my life will return to normal when this concert is over-
I send you a hug :) (((HUG))) :)

X. Dell said...

One very concrete thing that we can do as citizens is to advocate that veterans benefits be increased at least to the level that they were at before 2001.