Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tonight...I stopped traffic-

For this ONE photo~ Cropped~

- Contrast

- Solarized...

And I often feel I am not alone~

Someone is watching over me...

But I didn't see it until I looked at the photo in a new way.

Is it Grandpa, Aunt Martha, Uncle Jack, dear Mr. Saunders, Baron...

or Him?

Or all of them?

Whatever the case, I know I am in the good company of people who love me.

And so are you-


Enemy of the Republic said...

Why can't I be nice like you?

Anonymous said...

watching me, too?!?

you're creepin' me out now


Mayden's Voyage said...
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SJ said...

I am with /t an eye opening in the sky and looking down at me would make me mighty uncomfortable.

Malinda777 said...

It's so WEIRD that you posted this photo TODAY! I had a strange very realistic dream that I was back at home in Texas...back with all the old family, new, and just a part of home. I found myself a bit teary as I readied for work. Being conscious of the date, I remembered that it was my Papa Bill's birthday today.

He was the Father that adopted me along with Mama Ann. Although I know my biological parents, these were the people that raised me on that cotton farm in Texas.

Papa Bill was an amazing man! He gave me the principles and loves of all that makes me good. However, he was born in 1898. Today, he would have been a mere 109! Why today, I wondered...did his birthday make me teary and so reminiscent?

Then, I saw your photo many hours after I was "over it", and realized, in many, many's a small world. Folks from all over and very far away touch each other in tiny ways.

After seeing this photo, I even laughed and thought of the photo magnet you sent us all that are "blog buddies" that are all so varied and spread apart.

Maybe Papa Bill was just saying hi to all of us from heaven, just to let us all know that as crazy as life can be some days...we are all living in the same universe.

Hope this comment didn't creep you out, I LOVED your photo. Just sharing my random crazy thoughts :)

leelee said...

Great photo and great inspire me Mayden.


Gardener Greg said...

I woke with the same feeling. Maybe today is watch us day for them. I love the pictures and your point of view. Thank you so much.


Mayden's Voyage said...

Susan- you are dear to my heart...
I don't think anyone in the world understands this (the photo) better than you do~ and you are nice! :)

/t- lol...if you are a friend of mine...they are a friend to you.
You know that---right?

SJ- same goes for you- but I will tell you, I was a quite surprised when I "solarized" that photo and saw the eye. I definitely did not notice that quality when I took the picture and was waving the cars around me!

Malinda- thank you for everything you said here! did not creep me out! LOL :) I've lost some very special people this year-4 of them passed in Feb and March!
So, I guess I'm thinking more and more about those I've lost...and yet, feeling pretty sure they are close by at times. It's a gift really. Often I'll feel a sense of peace, sometimes the tears flow, and other times I simply feel a presence.
I was awestruck by the sunset last night...and I was so glad I had my camera with me- and I'm glad it meant so much to you :)
Hope you have a fabulous day! :)

Leelee- thank you, so much:)
Hugs back! :)

Greg- :) It's a sweet thought- "them watching us"...
I miss my Grandfather~
I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Bardouble29 said...

Thanks so much for sharing that photo. I needed to be reminded that they are still there.

Baron has been on my mind so much the past few days I wrote a small poem in my other blog.

Hugs to you, and thanks for sharing that beautiful photo.

exskindiver said...

hi c,
have a good week end.

X. Dell said...

Could it be the mystic third eye of arcane legend?

I'm not one to scoff at such signs, actually, for they more often than not represent something fundamentally important going on within the unconscious mind. Since it is my belief that much of the spiritual realm takes place in th unconscious mind, who's to say?

foam said...

did it blink back at you?
i love looking at the sky and finding all kinds of visual imagery.

Anonymous said...

hey! :)

foam said...

good luck with your concert, mayden fair. it's promising to be a beautiful day here. we're about to get ready for our youngest's b-day party..

Anonymous Boxer said...

Delurking - must say what an incredible photograph that this!

Scary Monster said...

Both the watcher and the watched both reside within us.
That you noticed something spiritual in the heavens only proves that you are able to see that which has been hiding within you long before you ever took that picture.


The Phosgene Kid said...

Gorgeous shots, but then I am a sucker for sky photos...

she said...

the great rottie in the sky! hope today goes well mayden. grrrr! you 'bout ready to roll in gator country?

Little Lamb said...

Those are really nice pictures. said...

an eye ... the third eye ... indeed.

when you look @ that eye ... what do you see? what does it tell you ...?

best of luck with your endeavors this weekend.

great pic!

SpongyBones said...

Wow! That's amazing. I so dig the way that it looks like a eye. Not spying, just making sure we are okay. Awesome!

Jo said...

I'm Spongy and Barons sister. Spongy told me about this post. I cannot tell you how comforting this is to see him this way. Thank you for your friendship to him.

puerileuwaite said...

I didn't want to draw attention to this, but it sorta looks hungover.

leelee said... did the concert for baby Cadence go yesterday??

Aunty Belle said...

Hey Mayden, honey pie, youse been real busy I see--gracious!

Iffin' ya git yoreself a free spell, please come to the back FRONT Porch an' leave Aunty a limerick--I'se havin' a contest and even have a prize. So come play wif' us Mayden fair! Bring your friends iffin' they's of a mind.

An' darlin' I'se hopin' ter meet up wif ua' at the summit that She-Dawg is throwin'--hoo-whee!