Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Scary Monster visits Mayden~

This past Saturday Scary Monster showed up in my mailbox!

He made a very long journey and we have done our best to make him feel at home during his visit with us.

First I showed him my daffodils :) He was very sweet and tried not to stomp on any of the flowers :)

I think he likes my hair? :)

Then we took him out to dinner to a very nice Italian restaurant-

The children had a wonderful time with the Monster- He is VERY good with kids :)

All we drank was sweet tea! Honest! :)

Our front yard has some very large boulders in it- it's an interesting story...maybe I'll tell it one day :)
But the Monster LOVED them! Said he felt like he was right at home~

When bedtime came hubby said that Monster would have to sleep in the guest room, but I thought he might get lonely...so I let Amy snuggle with him.

Apparently Amy is not as hospitable as the rest of us. The next night- I made Amy sleep outside.

Scary Monster has been a wonderful guest and I have promised to send him on to another bloggers house at the end of the week... (but I made a photo copy of him to go in a "one day" blog book).

He goes to Florida next! ;)


Bardouble29 said...

Oh, I love scary monster! Sounds like he had a fantastic time with your family. I love the picture of the boulders and would love to hear the story.

the.red.mantissa said...


like your post about your visit with your grandmother. glad you got home safe and sound.

like the colour changes here. btw - in case you wanted to match the header colour to your blog post colour - the colour code is #9797c1. just an fyi for ya.

school's a crusher. still got something to mail you. thinking of you.

foam said...

that's hilarious and very cute and actually a great idea. the kids at school did something similar one year. they sent out several "flat harry" and wherever he went people sent pictures, wrote about his adventures and then they sent him on. the walls of the school hall were full of those letters and photos.

kate said...

your cat gave you quit a look! Good thing he doesnt speak!!! lmao

fun post!!

iamnot said...

Me thinks the monster might be a drinker...be sure to keep him out of the liquor cabinet.

puerileuwaite said...

Isn't he supposed to be green? If so, he doesn't appear to travel well ...

Anonymous said...

that pink
on scary monster?!?

scary monsters don't wear pink for cryin' out loud... that's a scary monster wannabe, mayden...

scary -- get a grip!


The Phosgene Kid said...

Be interesting to see how scary monster looks in the microwave...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

grrrr im a big fan of the /stomp.

i can see you loved setting up the shots (though it is disturbing to note how well your hair works with that face)


X. Dell said...

I hope that he drank nothing but tea. Nothing scarier than a drunken monster. For example, when the Mummy drinks, he becomes unravelled. When he has a few under his belt, Dracula not only sucks your blood, but he leaves you with a hangover. (That would drive me batty.)

I take it that this little monster guy has been passed along from blogger to blogger? Sure beats the hell out of chain letters.

LADY LUXIE said...

That monster looks petrified snuggling beside your cat....hmmmm..wonder if scary monster would be scary enough to make it here....

Scary Monster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Scary Monster said...

Me scares here. Me scares there. Me go stomping everywhere.

The Monster do drink, but only when the sun be past the yardarm or some such nautical nonsense.

The pink, Me fellow blogfriends, is to offset the actual petrification that occurs when confronting Me monsterousness in person.

Mayden. Thank you for allowing me the comfort and vittles as Me travels among the blogosphere.


Baron Ectar said...

I hope you pack that monster a lunch!!!

Enemy of the Republic said...

That cat! Oh, how gorgeous! Doesn't he shed like crazy?

exskindiver said...

you're right foam, my daughter did a "flat me" project and "she" went to Galena, Illinois...a very picturesque and quaint small town where Ulysses Grant used to live (just an FYI)

and k9 said it, scary needs to get hair just like yours!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Our house was one of the last to be built in our neighborhood- which is full of rather large slabs of rock.
When the builder was removing the boulders (when putting in foundations)- he stacked them up on a corner lot in the back of the sub-division.
When we came through the area near the end of development- we loved the lot with all the rocks on it.
The builder said, "You can have the lot, but the rocks have to stay."
We wouldn't have had it any other way! :)

Mantissa- thank you friend. I have something to send to you too- I've just been swamped since I got home- and I leave again next week!
Hope all is well with you- and thanks for the code!

Foam- this was so much fun for us. I am sending it to a fellow blogger in Florida- (Leelee). It will be fun to see where the Monster goes :)

Kate :) Trust me, of the 3 cats- she is the most verbal. She will talk your head off when you are trying to get her supper ready...

Iamnot- I think so too. I KNOW I didn't drink all those Martini's all by myself! :P

Pug- he is an interesting color- that's for sure :)

/t- I think the pink may be a reflection of his gentle side :)
He is very sweet...much more so than I expected ;)

Phos- leave it to you to want to see what Monster tastes like! lol-
I have tried crocodile...it's good with BBQ sauce! That was monster enough for me~

Mayden's Voyage said...

K9- disturbing...yes.
I'm way over due for an appt with my stylist (lol- did that sound posh or what???)- but the split ends and darkening roots worked beautifully with the Monster.

X~ :) We mostly had tea- and you are right...this was way more fun than a chain letter!

Luxie- I hope that the Monster will make it your way when he returns home- he is from "the land of the rising sun"- which is pretty close to you!

You are most welcome...I'll send you off today to someone else who really wants to see you.
There have been lots of STOMPS and KISSES since you arrived!
And I have enjoyed your company very much- thanks for trusting me :)

Baron- LOL~ I'll be sure he's well fed before he goes! :)

EOR- She is stunning, and she sheds like mad- and 95% of the time she is an out-of-doors cat.
But she loves to sneak in every chance she can :)

Exskinndiver... I definitely need to get my hair done soon! I promise, I will, I will! (Monday- I'm already scheduled :)

Scary Monster said...

Me thinks it would be great if after touring around me made me way to your place once again.

Me is off on me vacation so we might be seeing posts from Waikiki.

Stompya later

K9 said...


yeah mayden that sound flossy fla-say!

foam said...

you have fun in florida.
and do tell about your visit with kate..

Malinda777 said...

Somehow, I was reminded of Mr. Bill. Remember him from Saturday Night Live?