Sunday, March 11, 2007


(I planned a visit to my Grandmother in Indiana for the week of the 12th, but her sister (and my great Aunt) passed away last week and my trip got moved up a few days. The following is a reflection of my day today...before the funeral, and afterwards...about someone I was close to in my early teens- :)

He was dreamy...
Oh my goodness- sooooo handsome!
Over a foot taller than me- with dark hair, smiling eyes, a quiet- but strong personality...commanding, but not controling- he was sweet, he was good looking, he was a few years older than me...
and he was my cousin~


On a trip to Indiana in 1983 I went on my first car ride with a "boy" to Little Ceasers Pizza. Brian was 16 and I was 14, and he couldn't wait to show me his new car. I thought I was the luckiest girl in the world- to have such an adorable 3rd cousin- and to be going out with him- even though it was NOT a date! LOL...

Anyway- Brian and I had been pen pals for least until we got into our late teens. He went to college, and I got married. Many years have passed between us- but I saw him again today, for the first time in 15 years.

Oh- the things I remembered...

He drove a dodge- 5.0- and I still have a picture of it!
He was in 4-H.
One of his sheep gave birth, and he named a lamb after me- "Cora".
However, the little lamb broke it's leg and had to be put to sleep...
He cried when the lamb died- and so did I.

We wrote letter, after letter, after letter...for several years. He was as dear to me as anyone could have been at that time in my life. It was devastating to me that he was almost 14 hours away~

We grew up. We went to college. We married people who were significant in out lives. We lost contact...
And then today, in a funeral home...I saw him again across the room. I walked over and put my arm around him and said, "Hey are you?"
It took less than a second for him to register who I was. He looked bewildrered- so surprised to see me again. He hardly knew what to say...but I could see 24 years roll back- to a time when I was 13, and he was 15. We met in almost the very same spot...a fact he was quick to point out ot me.

"Oh, my goodness- Cora! It has been so long!"

"Yes, Brian, it has. It's been too long."

His wife, blonde- blue eyes...petite...stood in the distance. He didn't introduce me to her...
I wonder why? LOL :)

Oh- much has changed. We are both nearing middle age- both in the middle of lives well lived- both doing what was and is expected of us.
Both of us reflecting on a time when the world was open to us- when all the choices we could ask for awaited our choosing. We chose.
We walk our distinctive paths. We plod along with the past behind us.

But TODAY, we remembered~
And the memory was sweet...

Young, enamored, ready for what life would bring~
Fast foward- and here we are...

He is still handsome. I can see the "boy" in the man he has become.
He is successful, grounded, and married to a woman who could pass for my sister-
except that she wasn't "family".
Lucky her-

And lucky me...
He and I share blood-
and that can not be undone ;)

I hope we might become pen pals again...
I'll let you know how it goes :)


X. Dell said...

I come from a family of beautiful people. So attractive third cousins are kinda the norm for me (perhaps they are the norm for you too).

It's interesting to see someone that you haven't seen since teenage. Sometimes, just writing to them or speaking to them over the telephone can bring back a flood of memories, not to mention feelings.

I'm hoping you begin some kind of dialogue. Should be fun. And after losing a part of your family, it might be appropriate, or just, to rekindle another part of it.

SJ said...

What topping did you have at Ceasers pizza :)

Must be something to meet someone after along time like that.

Scary Monster said...

It's kind of amazing what kinds of things bring people together again after so many years.

From one loss there be the possibility of another beginning.

Enjoy remembering the past and me hopes you start a new trail of memories.

LADY LUXIE said...

Um'..I think I should just e mail my comment to you..( I wrote a short note a while ago before reading this..)..I'm glad you're smiling!!

PS: yeah..what topping did you have at Ceasars Pizza??

foam said...

it was as if this planned trip was destiny, mayden. i'm sorry about your great aunt. having never known a grandparent my great aunts were always special to me. also makes me think about the connection we have with people. connections, a linking of the minds, 'clicking' with each other can transcend blood, gender, distance, age.
i'm glad you'll have a chance to reconnect with your cousin again.

exskindiver said...

that is a touching story.
it is always nice to connect with an old relationship and find that truly, your past was not a waste of time.

iamnot said...

Third cousins are fair game...right? I mean, that's always been my theory.
(Yet another comment I'm glad my Mother won't read.)

Tomorrow marks a monumental day in Mayden's life!
Can anyone guess what it is? said...

a door that seems to close ... often is not really that at all. this loss of your great aunt - perhaps its like a bird in the window. know what i mean?

a nice story about reconnecting. hope you can. as we grow older, the bits and tendrils from our childhood which we can touch are so ... golden and precious.

and ... a monumental day? hmmm. now i am curious.

i have been busy. i promise to email you. P-R-O-M-I-S-E.

hope your trip is going as you wish.

Enemy of the Republic said...

Wow, Mayden, this is lovely. I will be thinking of you.

Bone said...

I LOVE this: Both of us reflecting on a time when the world was open to us- when all the choices we could ask for awaited our choosing. We chose.
We walk our distinctive paths. We plod along with the past behind us.

Thanks, Mayden, for a post that was happy, sweet, funny, and nostalgic.

Sorry for the loss of your Great Aunt. *hugs*

Sean said...

great post cora... felt like i was there and it was happening to me.

Baron Ectar said...

You know I think people come and go in our lives to teach is lessons - Cora I am so glad you and Brian have reconnected.