Thursday, August 09, 2007

On my way home~

I left my camera cable at home and I am bursting to tell you about my Myrtle Beach trip...where I found myself nestled right in the middle of South Carolina's Gentlemens's Sex Club district...UGHHH!

It's crazy. One side of the road has all the shopping a woman could ever hope for.
The other side of the road has all the women a man could ever shop for!


I'm not tall or lean enough to be mistaken for one of the exotic chicks- so no one's hit on me, of course, then again, when I realized where I was--- I kept to my room!

Anyway- I'll be home this afternoon, reunited with my camera cable. Yeahhh!

X-Dell, if you noticed that I was at your place for--oh, 12 hours or so, it's because I was reading up on you and then fell asleep with your page open. And NOT because I was bored...I was exhausted! I promise to leave a comment soon- as soon as I re-read the X-Spot! :)

Hugs everyone :)


SJ said...

Looks like the best place for a honeymoon the wife goes shopping the husband goes clubbing. Everyone's happy :)

Bardouble29 said...

LOL @ SJ...

Poor girl, get some sleep.

I have been reading someones blog and then got up to go do something and forget to click out of their page. They probably thought I was stalking them.

Anonymous said...

i known earlier,
i could have sent you
my camera shoes...

did i say that?!?



Aunty Belle said...

hmmn...them's shure ter be SOME pictures.

What did you find ter buy, Sweet Pea?

Little Lamb said...

The story you wrote, Mayden, and the comments have me wondering just what kind of trip you had.

Tell all of it.

Sean said...

lordy, all my time in sc and i never new such a strip existed... how'd that escape army guys' notice?

foam said...

so, what's taking you down to myrtle beach? not my favorite place. i have a friend who lives in north myrtle. that's about as far into that area i want to venture. said...

do have any maggots? vultures? any other garbage-eating critters? (NOT rodents ~ already got lots of those.) Alas ... i and the city of vancouver have 4 weeks' worth of accumulating garbage ... any takers?

how's it going? the sex club district ... hmmmm ... we have one of those here, only, sometimes its hard to tell just the gentlemen from the ladies ... HAHA. ever heard the term she-male? haha. that's what you call 'em when you're not sure ....