Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just one more...I love it too-

"An act of love that fails is just as much a part of the divine life as an act of love that succeeds, for love is measured by fullness, not by reception."

-Harold Loukes

I'm sorry...I just couldn't help myself.
My blogging days are quickly slipping away as I prepare to spend more time writing other things when school starts next week.

I promised She/K9 that I would get serious about it- and I am.
Tomorrow I am not going to post anything at MV! I promise :D


The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope you don't give it up all together, but do what you need to do...

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Thanks Phos...I'll be around, but I have to be a bit more disciplined than I have been :)

J Cosmo Newbery said...


Scary Monster said...

♥♥ Hey there Mrs.C. me know how troblesome the real world can be by interfering with yer bloggy creativness.
Don't let it get you in a tizzy. You just do yer thang in yer own wonderful way.

Oh yeah, Me liked the picture of the bottle of tequila you posted. Of course it would be named after you. Corazon means heart, in spanish ♥♥

Stay Stompy.

Libby said...

cora, you know we'll be here for ya, just do what you hafta do!!! remember, you are a mom, so you do hafta set a good example...(as hard as that is to do sometimes!)

Anonymous said...

♥ ♥ ♥


SJ said...

*sniffle* Don't go *sob*

leelee said...

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Are you going back to school? teaching school? What's up?

exskindiver said...

say it isn't so!!!!

(here the post where you quoted og is still stuck in my mind...where will i go for all my thought provoking stimulation?)

iamnot said...

I understand completely.
Blogging is one of the many things I should give up.
Write when you can...I'll be watching and waiting.

Mayden' s Voyage said... heart always flutters when I see your name here ;)

Dear Monster :)
Thank you~ I promise to stay stompy. I'll still be here, but not as often. I will say though I didn't think I could write (on average) 4 posts a week when I started this blogging thing 19 months ago...nor did I expect to make so many dear friends. This has been a remarkable experience for me. I also didn't know I would have a monster that has also been very cool :)

Libby- My friend- "me, set a good example?" lol! I try :) When I have some things finished I'll email them to you to see what you think. I would appreciate your feedback :)

/t- ♥♥♥- and hugs too ;)

SJ- If your physical address has changed- will you email it to me? Every now and then I see something and think of you...and I love the fact that the mail system in India is better than the one in Canada! :)
Hugs :)

Leelee- I simply need to focus on getting published and finishing the work I've started...and I do get distracted by the blog. I'll still be here posting, but I do need to cut back. I think it will be kind of a seasonal thing...but for now I need some serious discipline in the area of time management. I'll post something tomorrow that explains things a little better.

Imanot- Hugs...I wonder if you have any idea how many times you cross my mind each week? You and those boys are often in my thoughts. I really wish you lived closer. If you visit Va beach- you have to let me know ;) (wink, wink, nudge- nudge) lol :)

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Chesca- Ooo...I didn't mean to miss you! I'll write a better post tomorrow (actually I've already written it)- and it will explain things. I'll still be here- I promise :)
Hugs friend...I will send a note to catch up when shcool starts next week and I have the house to myself again! Yeahhh :)

Kate said...

ohhhhhhhhh you dont have to go cold turkey! You can just give us a little update every day... come onnnnnnnnnn! lol Dont make me come over there and kick some southern butt!*wink said...

i find myself trying to impose some discipline on myself ... to spend more time writing for serious - ie with a view to publication - and less for pleasure. my problem, tho, is much of what i write for pleasure could be applied and reworked for the serious ... and i am all over the map.

i have bits and pieces of things everywhere ... and i find that traversing the course of a scribe who strives for publication involves a great deal of reading, too. writing is so solitary and so elucidating. its intimidating sometimes ... and hence, the avoidance tactics.

i think the thing to get momentum is to really feel the spirit of our inspiration and where it wants to take us ... as opposed to trying to lead it ... y'know? that's the challenge for me ... to act like the vessel for my inspiration, and not the bondage.

does that make sense?

perhaps we can encourage each other somehow ... to invest more in this gift we each seem to have for writing. the universe is really beginning to tell me i must write for publication. i hope i am not inflating myself here ... but i feel i have something ... a way with word choices and threading them together ... what a sin not to invest in that gift.

only ... sometimes i find myself at a loss.

my latest life event has got my wheels turning ... lets see where it leads.

love to you.

X. Dell said...

Mayden, mine too. I'll be so busy with schoolwork over the next couple of weeks, that my head will be swimming until Christmas.

foam said...

yeah, i wanna see kate go on over there and kick some southern butt..
well, come monday i'm back to 800 kids a week, plus my own and their activities, plus my mom, plus my hubbie, a dog and 2 cats and a fish..
oh, and almost dead plants...

foam said...

but anyway,
write, girl, write!
you have a talent..

she said...

coe-ruh...jus passing through waitin (as always for paint to dry) well it looks like you've got good company...busy lives all around.

YAY ready to buckle down and git r done? thats the spirit. but i know you will always find time for a quick post.

i look forward to attending your book signings. proud of you!! i loved your stories. time for others to read them too.

go coe-ruh, go!!! xoxox said...

hey girl ... i'd like to read what you've written sometime ...