Friday, August 24, 2007

An Explaination

She/K9 and I had a good conversation 2 weeks ago about my writing, and I promised her that I would get serious about it.

The first thing I had to do was clean my desk and organize my office.
It's nearly done. I will be ready next Monday to begin in earnest. Actually, I might start before then.
She/K9 also said a profound thing to me in regards to my looking for a job this fall..."You are avoiding your calling!" It was one of those statements that goes all the way through- like a spear- piercing the heart of the matter- piercing me. It hurt in a good way...the best of ways actually.

My friend knows me, and she understands, she's "been there, done that."

In truth I am both excited and apprehensive.
Looking at this cleared off space and surrounded by everything I need to be productive reminds me that now I have to look inward, sow seeds, be faithful in nurturing the work, and reap the harvest. And most of this I must do alone.
She/K9 also said, "Time I spend on the blog writing is time I'm not painting."Again, she's right.

The disaster behind me in the above photo was my desk 2 weeks ago~ I just wish I could get my hair to look the same way my stylist did! I loved it :)

I've also decided I need to write down my near-death experience, and I might post that. I'll try to publish it first in a magazine or something, but I'd also like to share it with some of you. When I have it finished I'll let you know. I would love some of you to read it for content (like X and She) and some to read it for errors (like Susan/EOR). Libby, I think you would simply enjoy the story.

Ok everyone, that's what's going on. I'll still be here, but I'll be working. You know exactly where I'll be...sitting behind that desk and getting it all messed up again! ;)



leelee said...

Now THAT sounds exciting Cora..good for you...ahhhhhhh looking is a quite an experience..and ongoing I might add.


Aunty Belle said...

Dern, Chile', c'mon down heah and get me organized!! Thas' amazin' order out brought outa chaos

Know that She-pup tole ya a lotta stuff, and mayhap SHE even covered this point, but a bit of repetition won't hurt-- (This applies only iffin' ya's seekin' publication) every decent writer will tell ya' that inspiration will come -eventually.

Even more important is the discipline...yep, jes' dull discipline. It's like when ya see a golfer hit that 25 foot warn't inpsiration per se, though it looked like poetry...nope it were HOURS spent on the puttin' green.

Writers write come hell or high water...jes' plant your fanny in the chair a few hours a day and write. It is as much craft as talent. And undisciplined talent doan make it too far, cause there's always a writer or two or ten thousand out there who will discipline they selves.

Cain't wait ter see some of your stuff!

SJ said...

When you get it published I want an autographed copy :) said...

me too, mayden. i get it. its about time we answer the call. ain't it?

boneman said...

don't feel alone, there, gal.
Jean, who has an amazing ability to translate written words into things everybody recognizes, also has a problem with self recognition.
Heck, all artists do, don'tcha imagine?

There's a movie, fresh out on dvd, lessee....the Holiday (I think).
Jude Law, Kate Winslet' Jack Black, and Eli Wallach.
Now, THAT name caught my interest. I didn't remember seeing him in the commercials for the movie back when it was in theaters, but, seeing it on the dvd ad made me rent it.
And, it was cool!
OK, I'll give it to you honestly. It was a chick-flick, but some very interesting things happen during the mivie that it's into the "cool" zone.
#1 I can't remember the name of the actress that plays the lead, but she puts forward a very convincing and moving portrayal. DANG! What GUMPTION! And, for a "crier" no less! I loved it and for all the world felt like I knew her words from the inside when she was going off on the main theme (near middle to two thirds through)
#2 The part played by Eli Wallach was what got me on this roll here....he didn't want recognition for the role he had played for sixty years in hollywood as a writer (it's the part he was playing....) but, when he finally goes, what a great tribute he got, and he ATE IT UP!
#3 Well, dang! Can't get around this here. I just wanted to see Jack pull off a character that was real instead of the usual stuff he's done. And, it was a fairly good job, too.

Sure, you can see the plot unfold in the first few minutes, and yes, it is so predictable you just know who gets who and so on, but, it isn't the end that's important, is it?
It's the journey.

(I figure if I add something dramatic like THAT, well, maybe folks won't notice I liked a chick-flick, eh?)

Kate said...

I agree with leelee! (and the dog for that matter! lol)

Its great that you are giving it a go! There will always be down time and time with that writers block thingy... so thats when you can come chat us up! =]

You also need to share some of your writing with us! That would be great!