Monday, August 27, 2007

Home Alone~ ♥

At 7:40 am- everyone left for school/work.
I made scrambled eggs and sausage with toast and orange juice.
My house is empty.
Time to write :)

Hugs everyone- hope you have a great week :D


"An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.
An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered."
- GK Chesterton


Little Lamb said...

Peace and quiet, at last for you. Hugs. Hope you have a great week, too. <3

exskindiver said...

hi cora.
rest up.

SJ said...

Good luck with the writing.

"A egg once scrambled can't be ever unscrambled."
- Me

SJ said...

Ok AN egg :)

iamnot said...

I wish I could be there to interrupt you every few minutes...because I'm mean like that.

leelee said...

I must admit..I'm jealous...home alone..all are blessed!!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Little Lamb-
LOL- thank you. The day did not go completely as planned, but there's hope :)

Rest? :)

SJ- thank you...I wonder if scrambled brains (mine) can be unscrambled? ;)

I wonder what the neighbors would think if you were here all day??? ;) heheheheh :)

Leelee- well, the day did not go exactly as planned (do they ever?)- but it was a good trial run of how things might be in a week or so when we have schedules worked out. I did get some writing done though! :)

foam said...

yap, everybody left for work/school this morning including me...actually i've been back for a week, but not the kids. don't let the laundry distract you from writing now! it ain't going nowheres..neither are those dishes and the unmade beds, etc.., etc., etc.,.... said...

the muse has possessed me for days now ...

wishing you a good and productive week. said...

i sent you something ... just a little inspiration for you ... hope you like it or get something out of it ... :)

also, about writing ~ i keep notebooks everywhere i think myself to be ... so that, when i get struck by the muse (or shall i say, possessed by it) i can scribble those thoughts down before they escape me ... and then, at some later time assimilate all into the digital framework/world. that way, i really don't have any excuses ... bit by bit, piece, by piece, i will forge it out of myself ...

just an idea i have for myself ... to force myself to write. the more i listen to the muse, the more she trusts to visit me.

Libby said...

cora, i love the quotes you always seem to find!! aand they're always at the right time!!