Thursday, August 30, 2007


It's after hours, so I can post something! (Ahhh- a LOOP-HOLE! Yeahhhh!!!) (heaven help me if I become a mid-night blogger!)
In truth I can post whenever I want, but I am trying to be disciplined during the day. Nights are set aside for family but tonight I'm kind of on my own.

Here's what my teacher taught me today-

"A genuine work of art must mean many things; the truer the art, the more things it will mean... It is there NOT so much to convey a meaning as to wake a meaning."

-George MacDonald, writer

Then he said about children, in regards to stories that were imaginative and difficult for adults to get their minds around...but kids-
"They find what they are capable of finding, and more would be too much."


Wishing I was at the ocean!

George MacDonald has written many fairy tales, and some of those I would like to re-write and publish because they are almost lost to the general public. I had to look hard to find a book of his stories, and they are so outdated, yet still wonderful, that I feel sure the up and coming kids of today, as well as their parents, would enjoy a new telling of these tales.

My name in Chinese...actually, I think it means "Cola"-

sweet and bubbly? Hmmm- my friend should have translated

my name into "Vodka"- LOL :) (looks innocent enough to be water,

but not innocent at all! :)

So...I found my muse/inspiration today in one of my favorite authors. It's amazing after the many years since his death- he still speaks clearly. Yesterday I felt defeated. Today I felt empowered. I read in bed, took notes, and drank hot tea. (I also did laundry, cleaned the kitchen, went to kroger, cooked dinner, and did the school pick-up thing-)

Tomorrow will prove to be an even better day! I simply feel it. I feel free. I feel alive. I feel touched by something... I hope I'm not sick! LOL :)

Happy weekend everyone- I hope to catch up with each of you this weekend!


Jacob said...

I felt touched by something once. Loved it.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Dear Gwapo-
I was thinking of you today :)
Being touched means everything- a hug/kiss, a thought, a word well spoken...they're all important~
Hugs :)

Unknown said...

i feel it too. for me. its surreal.

its all about the choices we make. and the responsibility we take for said choices. and acknowledging them both. for some reason, i am stuck on that. i feel as though i have scaled what i previously perceived as an insurmountable wall. its weird. or maybe i've finally gone 'round the bend.

... waking a meaning ...

like that ~ ALOT.

Libby said...

you are so lucky to have that teacher in your area!

Aunty Belle said...

You got yore babies back ter school, and foundtime ter read??Amazin'!

I n liks MacDonald too.

sparringK9 said...

you dont make the work of art. the work of art makes you. who are you? what you make tells the truth.

miss you but i am painting my tail off. discipline for all! hi red.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Ah better - pretty picture, not a scary picture what a lovely smile. Glad you found your muse!!

Anonymous said...


i C SHE B /w thee, MV!

well, so long as there's lotsa writin' and paintin' up a storm goin' on over here, then it's all for the good :)

MV, u B 2 C me this WE!


Mayden' s Voyage said...

Mantissa- I'm glad something here spoke to you..."waking a meaning"- it means a lot to me too-

Libby- LOL...well- I just meant he is teaching me from the book he wrote...Mr. MacDonald has been dead for a long time..since 1905 actually. Still, he was a mentor of sorts to my beloved CS Lewis, and that is good enough for me!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend-

Aunty- You are woman who has "been there done that" - and that's what I love about you :) Yep, the kids are in school again and I refuse to be bound by the groceries and house cleaning when they are gone! I have to read something just for me...and writing is no different.

Phos- Thank you :) No more pic's of me being frustrated! LOL :)

Mr. X/t...
Me B by MOPO or CodePo this WE-
It helps to drink while [osting in Code- ;)

darkfoam said...

i'm glad you're feeling touched, mayden....
hmmmm, somehow that didn't come out right..
let's start over..
i'm glad you found your inspiration, cora.
have a written filled weedend...sigh..

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Beloved in the world did I miss you???
Because your statment of "what you make tells the truth" has stayed with me the things I've cooked, and the things I've written-
Thank you :)
I miss you too- but this weekend I've been as undisciplined as a new pup with no fences! I'd never tried Captian Morgan's Rum before this weekend...uh-ohh- a new favorite!
love you pup :) I'll send you a note tomorrow...I think I'm playing hookey from church ;)

Thanks Foamy :) Hope you have a good weekend too :)

X. Dell said...

If your name translates into 'cola' in Chinese characters, perhaps that's a reflection of your natural effervescence?

X. Dell said...

Regarding your previous posts, (a) your nephew seems adorable, and (b) I'd be happy to read anything you write for any reason (after all, how long have I been coming here?).

Best of luck to you.