Saturday, December 02, 2006

Thank you Freya!!!

I can't really put into words how much this meant to me today...
Something came in the mail for me~

Thank you Freya...I love it! I can not wait to get our tree up!
The "pup" is going to hang out with me for a few days and will probably end up in a few photos- I think he will enjoy the new digs :)

This may be one of the most special ornaments I have now-
Thank you for being so thoughtful- I just love it!!!

Much love to you from me :)
-Cora :)


Little Lamb said...

That's cute. You can call it k9 :)

X. Dell said...

Not only did she buy you a dog, but she got you a little rotweiller to boot.

/t. said...

i always pictured
k9 as bigger than that

oh well, looks like christmas is going to the dogs at your place


LADY LUXIE said...

oh'..pat pat the dowgie for me...That's gonna' look great on your tree...

And how's everything?..I'm still as harried as ever...but I'm trying to decide to be what you said .."just be"...if only deadlines don't exist..sigh!

DykesDog said...

What a awesome gift! A Dog ... yeppie!

freya said...

ja mayden you have money in you tequila kitten? you going to need it.


you onthaal mayden. i maak that hond i didnt buy it. i maak also a hare, insect, otter. many animals. even freya. look like you scarve you maak. dank u!

now you have a K9. like me you cannot slaap all the logs sawing tonight.


vaarwell voor nu,

Mayden's Voyage said...

Little Lamb- Yes- I suppose his name is destined to be K9- but I've been calling him "pup" :)

X~ Freya painted this for me...and she's given me some great ideas for the kids and I- it is so adorable! A Rotty on my tree for sure :)

/t :) Woof woof!!! We'll have no peace here with the cats and this new dog :)

Lux- I've missed you. I really I'm baking and making fudge and Christmas goodies. I dearly wish you were closer! I read about the Tsunami yesterday...I freak out now when ever I hear about things in your area- but I know it was south of you. Take good care friend. I hope to have a chance to write to you later today or tomorrow.

DD- :) Thanks for coming by! :)
A dog- yeahhhh! :)

Freya- LOL
Tequila money :) Yes- I've got plenty :) I wonder if I can keep enough steak in the house though!
I love, love, love the ornament- I love that you painted it- so dear to is adorable.
Thank you again friend~ :)

Anonymous said...

that is cute...:)

Anonymous said...

(above comment by moi)

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

she's crafty!


Enemy of the Republic said...

I haven't been by Freya's page. Now I know I must!

puerileuwaite said...

Awwwwwww ...

LADY LUXIE said...

can't comment back to your comment on my post in my bloggy'..hee!hee!..but did you notice how me hunk ov' a Hubz sucked in his tummy tum tums for zee pic?..nye!he!he!...okay I'm!

and wouldn't it be nice to have a bigger version of that little poochie there?..The little nephews and nieces ov' yours would love I'm sure your daughter would to...

ThursdayNext said...

Hi Cora!
I love your tree ornament. ;) When is your tree going up? I have done a real one for the past three years, but this year I did a faux one from Target and love it; it is prelit with white lights and my decorations make it so pretty and cute! Thinking of you!
Love, Amy

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

grrrrrrl you cant do this stuff! people come here to see YOU. fer rotties sake.


Mayden's Voyage said...

K9- I'm not really sure who is or me.
I vote for YOU! :)

I'd enjoy an artifical tree- as long as I could have a garland of fresh that smell- but dislike the mess of a live tree :( I hope we'll have it up this week. I'll take pics- have you? I'll pop over and see.
Sorry I have been so behind!

Luxie- that is one FINE man you've got over there! :) He didn't mind you posting his pic? Oh well-I suck it in when I take my pic too! LOL
I love the pictures of the farm- I'd be tempted to live there all the time :)

Pug- You are almost as cute :)

EOR- Freya hasn't updated her place in a while (I can't imagine what keeps her busy, can you?)
But she has some lovely things over there~

Scahumi- I need to catch up with you soon. I'm busy this week- but I'll try to send a note in a few days :)

LADY LUXIE said... our James Bond hee!heee!

How are you?..I know...I know..haven't written yet...I will!..

I just resigned from my school position today. No longer teaching high school..It was sad...buuuut..a relief..yep'...a great relief...will tell you about it tomorrow...

ey' tell me...what you havin' for lunch eh?...I'm cookin' up soy fried chicken and mixed vegetables..we call the mixed veggies..chopseuy...

I'm hungry!..he!he!