Friday, December 29, 2006

A friend indeed... (click here)

I love dogs (one in particular has a special place in my heart :)

I had a lab/sheperd mix when I was a baby.
When I was 2, I toddled down the driveway next to my house...
Mom thought dad was watching me while he was working on the car,
and he thought I was in the kitchen with mom, who was fixing lunch.

When our dog, Femick, began barking- my dad looked up from under the hood, and mom leaned out the window to see what the commotion was about...

My dog was standing in front of me, with her nose to my belly- pushing me
away from the end of the driveway...away from the passing cars...away from
danger, and back towards the house.

My parents were astonished- and probably a tad upset with each other...
but profoundly grateful to our dog.
A few more minutes and I would have been in the middle of the road.

I'm not sure if I'd call Femick a friend or an angel...but she was a good companion to me
until I was 16 and she passed away.

This short post was inspired by the link you'll find above.
Please take a quick minute to read is worth your time, I promise.


Scary Monster said...

Many folks have a pet story or two or three, Me has some as well. Methinks that pets be a good sounding board for when we can't really tell others how we feel. And they unnerstand us better'n most people.

Oh, yeah. They keeps us warm at night too!

DykesDog said...

What a wonderful memory. Thank you for sharing it with us.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

dog is god spelled backwards. i think they are gods gift to mankind. too good for this world, but they had to be here or, i for one, couldnt stand it!
femick, own dogs. they are part of the family and often the biggest losses when they leave.

native wrote a good post

about her dog which broke my heart. sorry my link failed.
so did pink when she lost her afgan hound.

like the old saying goes "ya wanna friend? get a dog!"

nice post mayden.


K9 said...

/bark bark bark

and thanks for using my picture to depict friend. im so proud im circle tailin'


Anonymous said...

lol... kate here wishing you a happy new year and a great weekend! hope you are doing something great!! cheers!

Bird said...

dogs. i so miss having a dog.

i can hardly wait to have a dog again. soon. soon.

this post and the link to this and that, set me to thinking of my good ol' dog treacle who passed a few years back. she was a sweetie. as she got old and blind and deaf, she wouldn't wake up and greet me when i came through the door - i had to go and wake her gently, and greet her. she always wagged her tail and welcomed me - once i woke her up.

and i remember well the shepherd, Valkyrie, we had when i was growing up. when the world was against me, Valkyrie always listened. and when i cried, she nuzzled me until i leaned into her big body and cried into her shoulder - she wouuld sit with the utmost patience and listen to my teenaged angst - without judgment- only with total love and acceptance.

Bird said...

i forgot to say - thank you for the post and the link!

/t. said...

story of dogs
picture of dogs

for a moment i thot
i'd landed on k9's blog

i had a dog, 6 weeks to 11 years, dalmation, amazing animal, i cried for three days when i had to put him down with a hacksaw

that was many years ago -- haven't had one since, and i am in no hurry to get another any time soon, but i think it likely will happen as the wife unit is looking ahead to an impending empty nest YIPPEE! and making little puppy noises...


btw, just threw that hacksaw bit in there to see if anyone actually reads this stuff -- of course i used a chainsaw and i cried for the three days it took to clean up the mess


Mayden's Voyage said...

Scary M- the only pets I have in the house (just one), is a cat...and she causes my asthma to flare I get rather cold sometimes??? :)

I KNEW you would appreciate this story :) Glad you saw it :) are the best friend a girl ever had. Forget what dogs have done for men...or what they have done for me!
When I am old, wrinkled, and no longer the flame of anyones life- I will always have "Absolut Mayden" :) So pup- I will go to the grave thinking you were one of the sweetest things that ever happened to me :) Ever~ :)
sight unseen...

Love to you Kate- glad all went well and you are home safe :)

Bird- I have "linked" you to me permanently...on the side bar :)
I think we may get a dog this year too-
I'm past needing a babe...but not past loving a dog :)

/t- you would no more come after a dog with a hacksaw or a chainsaw than I would. MIGHT roast one :)'s all a charade. You are too sweet for that :)
And I think so much of you :)

I only roast a leg of lamb at Easter. And now that I know Little Lamb...I might give that up~

:) Hugs friend :)

X. Dell said...

My first dog was a couple of months older than I. Part German Shepard, part wolf, he was a terror to anyone coming within a parsec of the backyard. Nevertheless, it was a bad neighborhood, and he was our protector.

When we moved to another city, he stayed with my grandmother. When I was seventeen, they had to put him to sleep, but they were afraid to tell I found out about it the week after when I went over to grandma's for a visit.

Seventeen years is a long life for a dog. But it wasn't like we had lost a member of our family. We actually did lose a member of our family. I still miss that dog.

firebird said...

I read this post with the sweet smell of my dog wafting up from under my feet by the computer chair...
Can't imagine life without animals!

This is my second dog--my first was a Dalmatian who died after a short life filled with health problems...

Unfortunately one needs a settled lifestyle to have pets, so this one may be my last...

Your story is amazing!

puerileuwaite said...

We pugs can't help that we tend to nudge small children into harm's way. It's just our nature. Please don't hate us for it.

/t. said...



/t. said...

YO !!


/t. said...

YO !!
(the sequel)


schaumi said...

thanks for sharing such a special story cora. you were straying from the 'herd/pack' and a sheperd will protect the herd it has come to love.
...and a lab will retrieve...:)
sounds like ya'll had a great dog..
you have a good new year.

Libby said...

great story & link, cora!! happy new year!!

The Grunt said...

Dog's are great. What else can I say?

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

happy new year mayden! youve brought so much beauty and goodness to my blog life...not to mention the SUN! i wish you an excellent evening, a 2007 full of goodness and excitement, all your desires as a writer brought closer, and a continued friendship rooted in the common delight of the written word.

/grrrr and *wag*

kate said...

hny to my bloggiest friend! *wink

/t. said...




Serena Joy said...

Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year. Then I saw the doggie story. As a "dog person," I felt it deeply.

And then I saw your "Christmas Classics," to which I say -- Woo-hoo! Fabulous list!