Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas baby...

Voyage through the classics...

K9 does it again! :)
Thank you beloved pooch!

So...the question is- what songs would be on such a CD- if there was one?

"White Wedding At Christmas time" - Billy Idol

"Irreplaceable Ornaments"- Beyonce

"Synchronicity III Around the Tree"- The Police

"I want to love you, but you've drunk too much eggnog" -Akon

"Last Christmas" (you gave me mono)- Wham

"You're One of My Kind- of elves" -INXS

"I Want You, to stuff my stocking"- Bob Dylan

"A Hard Day's night- delivering all those gifts!" -Beatles

"Lay Down Sally- or Santa won't come!!" -Eric Clapton

"Walk like a Snowman"- The Bangles

"Rebel Bell" -Billy Idol (of course!)

and last, but not least- a new hit to be released next December-

* "Yellow Monkey Christmas" -Mayden

(*no lyrics- just a musical/earth sounds song- with Keyboards by X.Dell, bass by hubby, remixed and edited by K9... all I do is shake the Christmas bells and make monkey sounds- :)

This was fun :) Feel free to print off this cd cover and use it for all your cd's! :)

I am! :)

(*Editors note-Cora/Mayden has no idea who Akon is- or heard his/her music...and she only knows who Beyonce is because-- well- she showed up as a match in the "What Celebrity do you look like" game...

Any disdain for using the singers listed should be dismissed- and anyone who might have thought that Mayden was hip and "with-it" perhaps should get a life.

Mayden/Cora is adored by pre-schoolers and toddlers because they relate to each other so well...and she never made it past the 1980's in her taste for music- Ok?)


Anonymous said...

......sooooooooo, based on your last statement - are you saying i can't trash your musical taste?......just kidding of course....

what i really think is that this was a great idea. wish i had thought of it. and i do think you are with it, cora.
have a great new year!
ps: who the heck is akon anyways..

Anonymous said...

oh yes, me of course.
the above, that is.

SJ said...

That's one talented pooch.

Wondering what "Walk Like a Snowman" dance would involve ... hmmm ... and if you had to do the steps ... hmmmmmmmm.

I will buy the album when you release it I am nice that way. Cora and Crew isn't a bad name for a band :)

Did you get my card?

Anonymous said...

"Stuck in the Middle {of the Denver airport}" Gerry Rafferty

"A thousand miles from safety {Santa goes to east LA} Dwight Yoakum

"Only reindeer bleed"...Alice Cooper

"What the F IS Kwansa, anyways?"...Unknown

-Annon Marine in J'ville

Crashtest Comic said...

(why am i picturing you in a santa's hat & heels?)

Libby said...

cora, i am so TOTALLY with you on 'music stopped being good after the '80's!' thing!! you did a good job on your cd!!

/t. said...

made it
all the way
into the 80's
with a taste for music

wow -- i really had no idea!

/t. (groovin')

Baron Ectar said...

Hey You!

Happy New Year! You are awesome!

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

sir "mix a rott" here. grrherherhaha. no i DID make a K9 mixed up CD for christmas and gave it out from "the studio" . if i must brag on myself, and i must, then i tell you it was a too cool yule playlist:

(these are real songs)

back door santa - B B King
merry christmas baby - Otis Redding
santa claus is coming - Bootsy Collins
I'll be home for xmas - nickelcreek
christmas song King Kooba mix fea. rosemary clooney....many other mixed redos of classics with heavy bass added. natch.

hey...wait a minute.......

LAY DOWN SALLY OR SANTA WONT COME!!!!!!!!!! tres naughty cora!!!! grrherehrhahaha i like it!

chestnuts ouch!!!!!!


JohnB said...

I would like to see "Father Christmas" by the Kinks in there somewhere...but hey, I'm the first to admit one cannot have everything!

X. Dell said...

Now there's an album I would have liked to have listened to. I'm sure you've seen the cuts on my album:

"Secret Agent Snowman" (Johnny Rivers)
"Diamonds are Forever under the Christmas Tree" (Dame Shirley Bassey)
"Private Icicle" (Hall & Oates)
"Theme from the X-mas Files" (?)
"Every Breath You Take Is Visible in a Winter Wonderland" (Police & Johnny Mathis)
"Live and Let Die in a Yuletide L.A." (Wings & Christopher Walken)
"Ballad of Rudolph the Green-Nosed Reindeer Wearing a Beret" (Sgt. Barry Sadler & Gene Autry)
"Santa Claus Is Watching You, and So Is the NSA" (Ray Stevens)
"I Don't Like Christmas on Monday, Monday" (Boomtown Rats with the Mamas & Papas)

firebird said...

You had me laughing out loud with your "Walk like a Snowman"!

...and I'm SURE you had nothing naughty on your mind with "Lay Down Sally"--(although that IS quite a "double entendre!)

The Phosgene Kid said...

"Don't Eat the Yellow Snow". Frank Zappa

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

oh those are good xdell. every breath you take: the stalker song. thats supposed to be romanitc? whatever the hell you do i'll be watching? too bad you couldnt fit that together with the NSA.

johnb's suggestion is excellent. it is how my brother and i annoyed the parentals at christmastime by shouting the lyrics

father christmas give us some money! dont mess around with these stupid toys! we'll beat you up if you dont hand it all the toys.....for the rich girls and boys.

ya'll are funny.

i hated 80's music. *jus sayin*


Mayden's Voyage said...

Schaumi- as my dad likes to say,
my "taste" is in my mouth! lol...
Mom tried to raise me right- I got big doses of Roger Miller- Elvis- and disney music (old disney) when I was little...
and then 1980 happened! (and I was 11 :)

I suppose it would more likely be "Roll like a Snowman" :)
I haven't gotten the card yet- but I'm looking forward to it! :)

Do I know you???
;) Santa goes to east LA? Yikes :)

K9- I would like a copy of the CD- please~ :)
All mothers- across this country...upon hearing the sneaky feet of their little ones trying to spy on Santa have shouted:
"Lay down! Or Santa won't come!"
But you are right- it was naughty! LOL :)

Could it be you always picture me in high heels? :)

Libby :) I think we are in mixed company here- we need to stick together :)

/t...did you ever get my package?
I hope so :)
I think I would like Korean opera too ;)
Actually- (I'm being serious here :)
my Aunt is from Korea and this summer she sat next to me at my Grandfathers funeral. When we sang Amazing Grace- she sang in Korean- and it was one of the most beautiful things I'd ever heard :)

Hey Baron :)
I'd hug you if you were here :)

Yet another song I've never heard...I suppose I need to look it up :) (however- we do have every Rush CD ever recorded- not that I've listened to them- but we do have them...T is quite the fan of Geddy Lee)

X~ As always...very good :)
I should have asked you to help me with this post! :)

Firebird- lol :) I guess the snowman would roll- not walk? :)

TPK- good advice- I promise I never will :)

Hate 80's music? Whaaaaa???
It's ok...
as long as you don't hate me~
or pick on Billy Idol...
Or the Eagles- or the Police :)

Perhaps you can school me with some "good" music?

/t. said...


look at all
of these wishes
for you -- deserved, all, i'm sure

your package -- not as of this minute, but not to worry it -- this being canada, christmas, our post always is slow this time of year -- still usually reliable, tho, eventually -- i will continue to keep an eye out

korean language is so very different than western languages, and surprisingly musical -- i think it works perfectly and beautifully with western music


Scary Monster said...

Mrs.C Me likes your tribute to musical folly in this post, but me likes the accolades you rendered to people in your previous post.
Me sees a wonderful and exciting new year in store for a person who is as kind and humorous as you seem to be.
Me will call on you again,
STOMP (wasn't that a Van Halen song?)

Me get up, (thanks viagra)and nothin' gets Me down
You got it tough, Me be the silliest around
And Me know, people, just how you feel
You got to roll up a doobie and forget what's real

Ah, can't ya see Me standin' here
I got my back against the computer screen
I ain't the worst that you've seen
Ah, can't ya see what I mean?

Ah, might as well STOMP. STOMP!
What the hell? STOMP
Go ahead an' STOMP. STOMP!
Go ahead n' STOMP

The Phosgene Kid said...

I am in carol overload, time to bring things down a bit with some Tom Waits. The Orphan album is everything I hoped - there is something for everyone...

X. Dell said...

Lots of us hated '80s music, K9. You're not alone.

LADY LUXIE said...

It's totally 80's over here!!!!!!..How are you????!!..I miss yah!!..can't stay much coz' Hubz is gonna call me for sure...I'm in a honeymoon of sorts hee!hee!..( he took a two week leave from work!)...tell you all about it after the holidays!..have a Happy New Year!!

/t. said...

to say...


and (munch :: chomp) :: (slurp) (crunch crunch :: squizzzz) (yum!)

many many thanks to mayden for the wonderful package of christmas dee-lights, here just in time for new years /w thx to canada post :)

but they did arrive, and relatively intact, mayden -- only a couple of cookie casualties (still good eatin')

on behalf of myself and the /t. herd here, thank you so much for this lovely taste of the south!

oh, and the card! & HAPPY NY!


puerileuwaite said...

Un momento. So I was INCORRECT in my belief that FM is "hip" and "with-it"? This paradigm shift is most troubling indeed.

Mayden's Voyage said...

/t- glad to know it finally arrived :)
Happy Anniversary :)

Scary Monster- Welcome! STOMP :)
I laughed so hard at your reply to The Grunt- I had to go and read your blog. You are off to a great start. I look forward to reading you in the future :)
And all these people who hated 80's music need to have another listen to Van Halen's 1984 CD- PANAMA especially...

"Yeah...we're running a little bit hot tonight...
I can barely see the road from the heat comin' off of it...
I reach down....between my legs....
And---ease the seat back-"

I get chill bumps every time I hear it! Hmmm- the CD is already in my car! :)

TPK- I was in "Carol" overload about 3 days after Thanksgiving. Stings "Sacred Love" Cd has gotten me through some rough moments here lately :)

X~ Van Halen, The Eagles, Police, Eddie Murphy :) What is NOT to love??? :) It's ok- to each his own :)

Lux- I have missed you...really and truly I have. And I look forward to Jan 8th- when the kids are back in shcool- and my life is kind of my own again. I go out of town this weekend for a back Sunday. Hope to send you a note on Monday or Tuesday :)

/t- I sent everything with love...hope the fudge was still good :)

Now, at long last dear friend, you know what it feels like to be mistaken. I hope it never happens to you again~ :)