Thursday, December 07, 2006

6 weird things about me...

I've been tagged at least twice now- and I wonder why :)

and Leelee

Either I'm normal with quirks.
or I'm mostly quirks.

1) I have kept a journal for almost 30 years.
In all I have over 20 journals/notebooks. This is not counting the dozens of regular notebooks with stories, and story ideas. This past year I have written about some of you!
One day these books will be passed on to my children and grandchildren...or perhaps published?
2) I talk to myself- a lot...and not always in private. (Little Lamb, we are in good company :)

3) I try to write something almost every day, either a poem, journal entry, story, or story ideas. I have 4 other blogs besides this one...but I don't update them regularly...and trust me, you are not missing anything- they're pitiful really.

4) I travel with a hot water pot and my favorite tea (English Breakfast)- China, South Africa, and New York...where ever. If I wake up some place other than home- I will have my tea and a way to make it.

5) I totally enjoy meeting new people, but I married a complete and utter introvert.
5 is my favorite number and I'm "double jointed".
(I added these in case it doesn't seem strange that opposites marry each other- which more common than I thought...even if it seems weird as heck to me most of the time living with this person :)

6) When I found my first WHITE hair (in my 20's) I pulled it out and taped it to a black index card and put it in my journal. I questioned as to whether or not I would take a plaster impression of my first wrinkle- and decided against it :)

Ok- I'm going to break the rules here and not offically tag anyone- but if you want to post 6 weird things about yourself- tell me and I will come read it- although I think nearly everyone has posted one :)


leelee said...

I just think you are too cute...LOVE that faux fur collar...adorable..

Thanks for playing along Cora :-)

kate said...

I too LOVE the collar!

You are not weird Cora... just different! hehehe

I really have nothing interesting to share here... I am far too normal. LMAO

Have a great day and thanks for sharing!

iamnot said...

Waste of a tag!
Is that all the weird you got?

30 years of journaling and you like tea?

Face it, you're just nice...sweet, normal, nice. Which, now that I think about it, makes you pretty weird! :-)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Leelee- thank you for asking :)
I need to post a pic of the double jointed thing like you did! I have your gift too- (ummm, it's not really a gift, is it?)

Kate- Not weird...I know :) It is strange though to be in a store and realize that I'm talking to myself because of the queer looks I get! :) Of course- I can pretend I'm on the phone now with that Bluetooth I have for my cell phone! :)

imanot- LOL! Wait! There is that one thing with the shower curtain and the olive oil...but I can't post it here! LOL :)

X. Dell said...

I've been tagged so many times, I've decided to do a tag series after this one.

BTW, I can vouch for the English Breakfast Tea.

schaumi said...

you can email me that olive oil and shower curtain story.....
i won't mind....:)
and any other stories like that :>

Little Lamb said...

So you talk to yourself too. Do you answer yourself?

Anonymous said...

I talk to myself too...i find it's quite a conversation really..someties i even serve me coffee while talking to me..and the me would ask for some pastr to go along with the coffee and the the me would answer "most certainly"....

ahhh' what good company


DykesDog said...

When I found my first white hair, I dyed it! I forgot about it. But it reminds me about every six weeks that it's still around. Grrrr!

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I'm all caught up now. I think you need to write "The sister who saved Thanksgiving", LOL!

nice pics again!

Libby said...

cora-you are FAR too normal for your own good! and i am also married to a huge introvert! i think we do this to ourselves simply because they just do what we say?

leelee said...


I never met anyone who could do that

I do a weird lip thing but I am NOT posting a pciture of that!! lol

/t. said...


You want answers?
You think you're entitled?
You want answers?!?
You want the weird!?!
You can't handle the weird!

jack nicholson defense is to be used on any who think you are not weird enough

yours in weird,


Mayden's Voyage said...

I answered in reverse- hope it doesn't throw you off :)

the fact that I've repeatedly gone to your blog- trying to do whatever possible to read your 6 answers (I highlighted stuff...tried to move text- yes- I'm a FREAK!)...well...I'm weird- yes, and I'd rather be weird with you- than "normal" with others :)

every time I show the kids how far I can push my fingers back they kind of freak out :) If I post a pic it will be over at the MVphoto blog :)

Libby-hmmm- you've got me thinking there...if I married a guy who wouldn't listen to me- well, I'd never have married such a guy. Most of the ones I dated like that are dead, or seriously injured- but seeing how they were unfit for anyone- I see no problem! :) lol!

Val- the sis who saved Thanksgiving! :) Love it! :)

DD- I know- I know...and just because I pulled it out doesn't mean it grew back blonde! :)
Actually...the older I get, the lighter the new hair is that grows in. I suppose the highlights might become less necessary over time??? Probably not! :(

Lux- as long as the 2 of us aren't pretending to talk to each other...on the other hand though- it would be fun to have a tea party with you! One day we might get to pull it off over Instant Messenger! LOL :)

Little Lamb-
Grandma said it was ok to talk to myself...but not to answer. That was a sign of insanity.
However- anyone who knows me in real life is pretty sure I'm crazy- so...the long answer is-
Yes- sometimes I answer too! :)

Scahumi...oooo- the olive oil and shower curtain story is actually true!!!
I have both- hidden in a special place- for a special night of entertainment! LOL!
Nobody wants olive oil to get on the carpet~ ;)

Yes X- you can vouch for the tea- you saw it!
(oh- now we'll have a scandal pun intended! lol :)

Anonymous said...

pssst! your outfit!..and your lipstick?..What color is that? the color!!

ahee!hee!hee!..I'm going to turn your comment section into a beauty tip for the day thing he!he!..but you look great wearing that lipstick...

and he!he!he!..Kate said ( after seeing me pic with hubz) she had this idea I was tall..LOL!!

let's sched that tea party!!...oh,,leeet's do!!!..I'll bring pastries!


Sean said...

i like these.

The Grunt said...

Good "6", Mayden. I talk to myself all the time as well. I'm not crazy, really.

puerileuwaite said...

I suppose it's not all THAT unusual to have kept journals. But I do find the one entry about your obsession with John Lennon and "The Catcher In The Rye" to be somewhat atypical, to say the least.

But who am I to judge?

Even more bizarre, IMHO, is the fact that you were able to locate BLACK index cards.

I remember finding MY first white hair. I was in my early 20's. I woke up one morning, and THERE it was on my pillow!

But then I realized it wasn't mine, but rather it was from my "conquest" in the aftermath of the previous evening's Bingo night. In fact, the rest of the wig was STILL on my dresser. This is how I knew.

Whew! Talk about a scare ...

Baron Ectar said...

I will never find white hair - ever - ever!

Enemy of the Republic said...

/t got me with this one. I didn't tag anyone. I think I held back a lot of weird stuff!

Mayden's Voyage said...

The lipstick is by "NYC", and I use 2 colors..."Plum Rum" and then "Lilac" over the first...otherwise it's too dark :)
I know we would have fun in my make-up bag :)

Ok- I will try to IM you on Tuesday- 9am my time, 8 pm your time? I'll have the tea ready! :)

Sean- I liked yours too :)

Grunt- I seriously think we may be related somewhere along the way! :)

Pug- you need a leash- ALL the time! :)

Baron- Keep using that "agrecian formula...and yes- you'll never have a white hair- ever :)

EOR- the world will never really know all my weird things...I can't post them! :)

SJ said...

If you are weird you are weird in a nice way :)

#2 is true of me too.

Cruel Virgin said...

You are tagged because everyone loves you.