Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Worn Out Love

Yet another conversation with my daughter (JLB), while I was cooking dinner last night. I had my back to her, cooking the lima beans, and out of the blue she said:

JLB: I love you Mom.

Mom: Well, honey, I love you too...I love you more!

JLB: NO, Mom, I love you MORE!

Mom: No sweetie, I love you MORE!!!

JLB: It is a biological and spiritual fact that I love you more, and I can PROVE it!

Mom: (Who was quite surprised at her daughters insistent tone
and surprised at her announcement that she had PROOF!)

Oh, I have to hear this! What is your proof, exactly?

JLB: Well, you gave birth to me, right? So all the love that was in you went into
me, AND since daddy helped to make me, then all of his love went into me too.
THEN I was born and I have all of this love that I made by myself...
SO, that means I have THREE kinds of love in me to love you with, and you only
have one kind of love!

Mom: (I spoke with confidence, feeling sure I had found a hole in her
Well, what about all the love from my parents that went into making me???

JLB: (Without missing a single beat, and laughing...)
Oh, mom, THAT love wore out about 20 years ago!!!

What could I say???
Dang, she's good! But, since this is my BLOG, and I have the final word



luxlucisvita said...

You sure do!!..LOL!...how sweet!...

Malinda777 said...

Out of the mouths of babes. Too sweet.

Anonymous said...

You should tell her you're still bigger and you could take her in an arm-wrestling contest

Mayden's Voyage said...

She is sweet...and as far as being bigger, well, I am larger than her, but she is almost as tall as I am! Her fingers and her feet are now longer than mine.
Apparently the "short" genes skipped her completely! She takes after her dads side of the family...thank goodness!

Joe said...

That is so wonderful! I think you just might have a philosopher on your hands.

luxlucisvita said...

wow!!!...you have a very beautiful daughter!!..makes me wish I have one as well...