Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I am sorry I have not been here to update! I have been out of town with the kids, and will be out of town again next week for a writing class out of state!
Thank you for stopping by...I promise to spend one evening catching up with you. I have to tell you that I have missed going to your blogs and reading up on you! Isn't it funny how easily we attach to other people? How I think about each of you...Malinda, and Val, and Prism, and Sean...and Joe (my not-so-baby-brother!) and a dozen other people I failed to mention!
I have been finishing up the manuscript for my childrens book, The Little Cloud, and working on an inspirational piece for a Writing Workshop I'll attend in June in Georgia.
I appreciate your thoughts and prayers as I work through this. It is an exciting time, and kind of scary too...but all a part of the process, and I am so ready for it!
See you VERY soon!
-Cora :)


luxlucisvita said...

Hi!!!!!...thanks for stopping by my bloggy place!...I'm soooo excited about your book!

The Hubz' is okay...we're holding on..infact our anniversary is this coming Saturday. The kids are doing fine as well..Right now I'm keeping myself from yelling coz' their still boinked out in bed and I told em' last night to get up early..

We're in the process of moving...have several houses to look up..by next week we would have made the final decision where...

Aiiind.....I'm meeting up someone who works for a radio station and wants me to do write ups for her...She's also interested in the manuscript I did for a children's story....I'm thrilled about this...! he!he!..

ey' have a great time!..I was kinda' bumming on what to do next re my teaching...and writing...you inspire me!

Malinda777 said...

Cora, I'm so honored to be on the list you miss. I get so busy too that it's hard to always catch up.

I'll always be there to read you from time to time.

I actually admire you with all you've got going on. Congrats, and keep climbing girl!