Friday, February 02, 2007

Oh Deer! ~ /t and I have a yard full! :)

/t and I do not have the SAME yard though...
His yard is north-west of mine :) He has Buck's, and I have Doe's...

I guess there were 8 or 9...but these were all I could catch with the camera though :)

Shameless photo :) Took this one today- and there's no excuse for it~
Or for the next one either! :)

Hope you all have a "Super" weekend! I'm pulling for...umm- umm- umm???
Whose playing???
Horses and Grizzlies? Ponies and Cubs? A bunch of Yankees I think!
I'd be interested if North Carolina, or Texas, or Atlanta were invloved...but they're not.
LOL! ;)
My dad is from I'm pulling for the baby horses ;)
Hope my friends from Chicago understand~ Hugs to you Susan! :)


Libby said...

good pictures, cora!! deer in your cool!! indianapolis colts seem to be the best of a bad bunch this weekend!

kate said...

idk why but just the top photo came through! hummm

Have a wonderful weekend and you're better off just watching an waiting to see who takes the lead then route for them! lol

I have no deer in my yard here we have wild turkey! Just about every morning they strut their stuff through the yard! lol

Baron Ectar said...
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Baron Ectar said...

Hey Now there is nothing to be ashamed of in either of them pictures.

I am bringing my bow to your house!

Do not feel sorry for her - shes been giving me hell for two weeks! Go Colts - lets gang up on her Mayden grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Have a Awesome weekend!

We will pick on you know who and her fuzzy wuzzy bears Monday - I think she should have to wear a Colts sweatshirt to school to teach in if they lose!

Little Lamb said...

I like your picture.

Does and bucks are nice, too!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Have to come by and help you with some of that venison on the hoof. Thanks for sharing the pictures...

The Phosgene Kid said...

Crap, so wrapped up thinking about venison stew I forgot to comment on your picture - you look very nice I love your smile!!

X. Dell said...

These are some nice photos, Cora. Eight or nine deer are enough to hold a meeting, I think. One is enough, though, to ruin your day if you hit him/her with your car.

The problem is that deer never cross at the deer X-ing signs. And people pay higher insurance premiums every year just because these critters can't read.

Personally, I think we should blame that on the public education system.

The second part of your post reminds me of a story, about a millionaire who wanted to get into horse racing. He scoured the Internet for his ideal horse, and found a two-year old animal from India to his liking.

He imported the young horse to the US, whereupon they found that the horse wouldn't run at all. After some tampering, they realized that the horse would run very fast towards apples. So, they devised a plan, whereupon the trainer would stand next to the finish line with a paper sack full of apples. The horse would run like crazy for the apples, and without guidance from the jockey, win the race.

It worked for a while. But then, at the KY Derby, the trainer got mugged on his way to the track. Thinking that the paper sack had somethng more valuable in it than fruit, a thief forced the trainer to give it up at knifepoint. So, when the race started, the horse never even left the starting gate.

The moral of this story: you'll always lose money if you bet on the Indian appleless colts.

Dan said...

Hi Cora! I saw you on Little Lamb's blog so I thought I'd pop over and say hi to you.

We have deer all over our town. Once my wife and I were out for an evening walk and came about a dozen big deer in someone's front yard! They just stood there staring and didn't run. As we walked away they started eating the plants again!

I love these two photos of you in this post. You look really cute in them! You might want to use one of these for your profile photo.

Anonymous said...


these are great!
i love the dear deer
and never get tired seeing them

i might add, you are looking particularly dear in your photos, too :)


Enemy of the Republic said...

Mayden, I love you darling, so forgive me for what I must now do.

Baron: You are cruising for a Chicago bruising. It's bad enough that you insult my Bears on my blog and yours, but now you will do it on Mayden's. Shame on you!. Where do you live? I am getting the next flight out with my brass knuckles. I will make a stopover in Chicago to get a few Bears to do my light work.

Sorry Mayden, it's his fault. He's so rude. And I even wrote something nice to him on my blog. Never again!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Yeah, damn Yankees, this place is crawling with 'em in the winter time. The blue-bellies need to go back North and stay where they belong.

Anonymous said...

so, and these baby horses and bears and such...what sport was that again?

Aunty Belle said...

Mayden Fair!! Wow--

Thas' a heap o' venison darlin'. Iffin' ya's worried the neighbors will hear the gun, get a bow and a few arrows---and here's what to do wif' it:

Cut a venison rump roast into 2 inh chinks, soak in buttermilk fer a haf a day.

Drain and dredge in flour/pepper/salt, and brown in olive oil in a dutch oven. When brown, remove meat, and toss in two chopped yellow unions (Vidailias!) and saute them with a bit of parsley and add back in the meat with a 2 cup of beef broth, a cup of good (don't skimp) red wine, a bay leaf and a spoon of peppercorns, a few sprigs of fresh thyme...let come to a simmer, then put in oven on 350 fer two hours covered. Then add a couple a handfuls of mushrooms, a half dozen peeled carrots a little more wine and broth if needed and cook another 30 minutes.

Serve over good rice--basmati or jasmine rice.

And yore photos are adorable, Sugar.

P.S. I'se wif' YOU --ponies and cubs doan do much fer me.

Anonymous said...

To all who use the word "Yankee" or "Yankees"...

Go back in no no...way back. go back even farther...yes, past the invention of the automobile...that's correct...keep going back.

Cotton Gin? Not far enough. Back. Baaaack. Baaaaaack a little more. you're way back there in time. Okay now...look over to your, not at your slaves...farther over...see the dude in the overalls with the corn-cob pipe, the scraggly beard, and the look on his face that says "1st grade was a bitch" ?

Yup. That guy. Him you can say Yankee to. He'll understand what you mean.

Serena Joy said...

Beautiful pictures, both of the deer AND of you.

firebird said...

No excuse for your photos?

How about so you could brighten my day with your beauty?

I see you liked it enough to put it on your profile--good choice!

The pastel picture of the does would make a nice painting, don't you think?

Scary Monster said...

Yummy! Deer in the backyard. It's Bambi meets Godzilla time.

One never needs an excuse to express oneself. Beauty is like butterflies and kittens, to be appreciated not explained.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Oh Deer...I am wayyyy behind!

Libby- thank you :)

Kate- I want to see a pic of that wild turkey sometime! That would be fun! :)

Baron- I love Venison- I really's just dressing the deer that I'm not sure I could do.
You come over with a Bow- and a good hunting knife- I'll supply a hose and lots of plastic wrap :)

Little Lamb- thank you :)

Phos...ok, you and Baron- come on over. I like venison, my grandfather used to keep his freezer full of it. You just have to leave me some!

X~ Uggghhh...Tim laughed his head off at that! :) I was groaning!

EOR- May the best team win~ :) I'll be at least happy for you if the Bears win :)

Dan- Thank you- glad to see you here! I updated the photo :)

/t- you are sweet~ **smooch** lol :)

EOR- You do whatever you have to sister! :) You are always welcome here :)

Schaumi :) LOL!

Aunty- You are the best! If I could only get someone to shoot and dress one- I'd be cooking like a mad woman! :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Serena- Thank you :) I had fun at your place tonight! "Fire" :)

Firebird...Thank you~ you are so kind, so lovely :) A pastel of the deer would be beautiful :)
I might have to ask K9 about that :)

Monster- STOMP!
I hope to hear from you soon...
I wonder, do you like sushi as much as I do???
I'm thinking you do! :P

JohnB said...

You'll be happy to know that I ran into some die-hard Chicago fans the other day and they were telling me that a good fraction of their players are from Florida...

Me, I want Peyton to drive it home!

Nice deer!

Seven said...

Cedric Benson and Nathan Vasher from the University of Texas! Coached by Big Sandy, Texas native Lovie Smith!
Go Bears! Beat the Indian-apple-less Colts.

SJ said...

The neighborhood I grew up in had lots of deer. Thx for dredging up some nice memories.

The Phosgene Kid said...

'allo Mayden. Did the deer finish your lawn off yet??

JL4 said...

Larry: "See the deer. Does the deer have a little doe?"

Curly: "Yeah. Two bucks."

Moe: C'maaahn. Shuddd-up!

ThursdayNext said...

You look so lovely in those photos...what a great collection of deers and a dear here in the images. ;)

Bone said...

Aww, the deer are gorgeous, Cora. Thanks for sharing.

LADY LUXIE said...

I wonder if they bite..