Wednesday, February 21, 2007

~ Break ~

I'll be away for the next several days~

I'll be a the Crystal Coast..."Emerald Isle", North Carolina :)
Thought I'd leave you with some photos I've taken in South Africa, and South East Asia.

* A baby red rhino...rare-and facing extiction.

Lions are hunted for their skins-
so these live on huge reserve.
There are no fences inside either!
I was very close...too close some might say.

"Simba" :) He was friendly...but still a lion- with claws to prove it!

Of course, as much as I loved seeing the animals- I didn't want to take any home with me...but I can't say the same about the children I met~ it was hard to leave them...
And it didn't matter where- or who- they were~ I became "attached" very easily :)

The landscapes were beautiful- I would return to SE Asia in a heartbeat!

But- there is no place in the world like the United States of America...I am blessed- and thankful to be an American. It took my being away from my country to understand and appreciate it.

I love being "out in the world"...but there's no place like home! :)

Hope you enjoyed these- and that you will all have a great weekend!

28 comments: said...

you are gone .... but i thought i would wish you a wonderful .... restful ... fun ... weekend @ the water's edge.

lovely pics you have left us with ... and i like the black template. nice change.

indeed, there is no place like home, is there? and that's why i am still in canada. and will never leave (except to travel, of course!)



Scary Monster said...

Wow! talk about drastic changes. Me thinks that after your return, there will be a renewed energy of love and serenity to embrace us all. Have a great time.
Love, hugs, and of course, STOMPS.

kate said...

great photos!! Hope you take a bunch at the beach too! Have a nice trip!

leelee said...

How wonderful.. a weekend getaway...ENJOY...

Thank you for adding me to your blogroll..

Pix are wonderful...when did you travel to South Africa??....what a treat!

Bone said...

Wow, those lions! What gorgeous creatures.

Have a safe and fun trip, Mayden.

Anonymous said...
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gnome said...

lovely photos, mayden.
have fun..:)

schaumi said...

me wanna go tooooooooooooooo...

SJ said...

Have a nice time.

Great photos.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge animal lover...those pix are gorgeous! Glad to hear you're getting away! Hope you come home relaxed and refreshed!

puerileuwaite said...

I once made the mistake of going on one of those "drinking safaris". Boy, did I get "rhinoplastered". Never again ...

Anonymous said...

nice looking
grille lines there
on the side of the rhino


Enemy of the Republic said...


X. Dell said...

Nice photos. Enjoy your holiday.

Going goth on us? Trust me, I like the look.

Libby said...

GREAT pictures, cora!! have fun!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Beautiful pictures. And rare baby rhino!! I think I have a recipe for rare baby rhino somewhere around here - do you have any of the meat left??

foam said...

mayden fair,
you need to change your link. i have a completely new blog.
hope you had a good vacation.

DykesDog said...

Wow, what wonderful pictures! Very nice.

Scary Monster said...

Me be here and you be not.
When you get back, you' read this shlock.
Me waiting to hear with great elation, wonderful tales of your vacation.

Me thinks me gonna try to get a job with Hallmark.

JohnB said...

I hope your trip is going well mayden...I am so with you on the SE Asia, I would also return there in a heartbeat...

Crashtest Comic said...

Nice little black baby.

I think Madonna wants to adopt it.

Baron Ectar said...

Moonlight -
I hope that you are having just as wonderful as a weekend as these pictures are to look at.

boneman said...

Saw Jeff Dunham on his dvd the other night and laffed m'butt off!
I be one skinny dude, now!

The Grunt said...

Great photos and thanks for sharing this little bit with us.

exskindiver said...

hurry back. no wait, actually--take your time and enjoy...what was i thinking....

LADY LUXIE said...

waiiiitiiig!!! :>

Scaramouche Jones said...

Cool photos. Extinction must be east then :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Thanks everybody! :)
We did have a great time!

Mantissa- I know you love Cananda- I would like to visit some day :)

SM- Mostly I changed the color to black because the pic's look more vibrant...I'll probably change it soon :)

Kate, Leelee, and Bone- thank you! :)

Gnome- Schaumi :) I wish you could have rented the room next to us...that would have been fun :)

Sj- thank you :)

Bobby Jean- nice to see you :) Thanks...I need to do this more often!

Pug...LOL! :) You made me laugh- again! :)

/ would notice the "grill marks!" LOL! Poor little thing- I guess he was hungry~

EOR, X, Libby- thank you :)
X- not Goth! LOL..."Goth Mayden"- Now that's funny! :)

Phos- LOL...sorry! I'll bet that baby rhino is all grown up now...all 1,500 + pounds of him! Trust me- the only way you could eat one is if you caught him when he was young! The adults are like tanks! Only more dangerous! :)

"Foam"- I will do some updates this week- thanks for letting me know~ Schaumi :)

DD- Thank you- I'm glad you enjoyed them :) Both trips were life changing for me. I'm just about ready to go somewhere again.

SM- I love your poem :)

John B- I would love to hear more about your trip...I might have to send you a note one of these days :)

This baby was lucky enough to still have his mom...and hopefully lucky enough to stay as far away from Madonna as humanly possible!

Baron- thank you. I hope your upcoming trip is wonderful. You deserve it :)

Boneman...Yeah!!! Jeff Dunham! I so love that guy- he was such a pleasure to watch live. I'd go see him again in a minute!

Grunt...I think we'll be sending you something soon :)

Exskindiver- thanks friend :)
I'm always a little sad when I come back...even though I'm glad to be home again. I love the coast. And I love the lake!

Luxie- I owe you a note! I'll get busy and send one!

"SJ"- Welcome :) I suppose extinction is everywhere...cultures, animals, ways of life- But the one thing I'm learning is that something else will come along. Is it for the better? I don't know.
I'm not sad that the dinosaurs are gone!