Monday, September 11, 2006

Well said friend...

Lux gives a tribute well said, as usual.

The issues of 9-11 swirl around me- I'm reading, and listening- at times with disbelief at what I am hearing...still in something of a shock over all the lives that were lost that day in Manhattan.

A city that takes on new meaning to me as I pour over books about it- and study the maps...

I can't imagine how hard it has been for the families and friends of those lost...not really imagine.

My heart still goes out to them.

In a CS Lewis devotional book I have, part of the September 11th entry says,

"Good and evil both increase at compound interest. That is why the little decisons you and I make every day are of such infinite importance."

I will try to err on the side of love today in whatever I do.
And err on the side of kindness, grace, and mercy for others- and for myself.

If you lost someone on 9-11, and would like to share something about that person- I would love to hear it. Please share if you feel so inclined-




Anonymous said...

We all lost someone. An Aunt; a cousin; a friend; a total stranger that we suddenly felt compelled to show remorse for.

We all lost something. Our innocence; our blindness replaced with glaring vision; our peace; our contentedness; our safety.

We all lost time. Years have been snatched from our lives that may have turned out differently - or may have been the same, but with a different outlook.

It's a sad thing when the human race stumbles into it's darker dimension, but that is where we all are right now. A certain group with their sights set on the insane have made the world a frightening place. Therefore, generally speaking, we've all lost things we will never get back again.

Peace to you as well.

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

mayden, i just returned and left a message on the previous post. grrrrr!

for 9/11 i have no commentary....i happened to be in NYC november 2 2001. we went there, natch.
i will tell you there was a smell to it i will never forget, and the the hole in the ground. it was walled off so you couldnt get near it but predictably areas of the fencing and walls had been torn away so you could see.

i always thought that the appropriate memorial WOULD be a hole in the ground. very deep -bottomless looking. nothing ever to replace it, or cover it. a testimony. nothing to prettify it, or change the meaning of what happened. the hard truth of it. let it stand as is.


boneman said...

Actually, I got involved with a group that was trying t'get as many bloggers as victims, and fer each of us t'dedicate our blog to a specific person that lost their life then.

Somewhere, though, there is a hole in me from all those who lost their lives, not only then and there, but also since then....the two wars ('tain't gonna get political bout it, either) the further lives lost collaterally from the wars, the lives lost t'cancerous things caused from the towers falls, the further escalation of terrorism,....all this has a direct effect on all of us.

Doesn't seem like most folks even know this, however.
Kind'a like folks who laugh at the destruction of wildlife, sport hunting, spiecies annihilation, ....

Can't stop cryin' from the grizzly way we treat each other sometimes.

Kind'a hope that when the big day comes, GOD lets me be in charge of destroying all weapons of any kind.
If it ain't a plowshare, it's history!

Libby said...

cora, it says a lot to me that almost every blog i've been to today says something about the 9/11 thing it seems to have done is pull us all together more tightly, if even for just moments...and if that's the only lesson we can take from this tragedy, well, please let us all learn to be better people while we're still here...

Crashtest Comic said...

There's another side to this story, however...
coming from a New Yorker who was there when it happened.

It didn't go down that way--

Bible prophecy and great forces were at play here...

read my blog. It gives the other side of the story.

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

I, too, posted a memorial for one of the 2966 that died that day.

I have read as many as I can stand for the last two days. I mean to read them all.

It won't help me make sense of what happend, but it will let me see my own days as more blessed than black.

puerileuwaite said...

I enjoyed the quote. Thanks for sharing it.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Anon...I agree that we are in a darker dimension. Things will grow darker yet. Hold on to those you love. It may be the only light we have.

K9...a hole in the ground. Wow...yes, I think you are absolutely right. I'll be there at the end of the month...makes me feel weepy just to think about it.

Boneman... "Can't stop cryin' from the grizzly way we treat each other sometimes." I think- really- that is the dearest thing you could have said. I love you too...
Thank you, so much for being here.

Bird said...

ah, a third post i have found on 9/11 that's not diatribe or irrational baloney - but instead is thoughtful, loving, peaceful, soothing.

thank you.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Learning to be better people...yes.
It would be nice if that was an individual goal for each of us- and regardless of what anyone else does...we have to keep trying.

Val- we are blessed...and sometimes I forget- which is sad.

Crash- I'll come over and look-

PW- good to see you :) Thanks~

Bird- I appreciate your comments.
Thank you :)

Enemy of the Republic said...

I really had a hard time writing about 9.11. I don't know why--I lost no one, but it traumatized me. It will be years before I can really do anything with it. I am still amazed that Hollywood has come out with films on it. Have they no shame?

rachel said...

I didn't lose anyone, but have been intrigued by this only the last week. Have read as much as I can about it, none the wiser, still questioning

Anonymous said...

I did not know anyone who was killed in this attack upon the United States, but I was just a few miles from the Pentagon when it was struck. I turned in my resignation to my employer that day as I was moved to reflect upon the purpose of life and the role that I should play with the days that I have been given here.

Kevin Stilley

Sean said...

thanks for this.

X. Dell said...

I didn't lose anyone personally. I knew two people in the South Tower when it got hit (one was the best man at my sister's wedding). They both made it out safely.

I have, however, encountered many 911 widows. Most of them live in a kind of haze. One stopped going to temple for four years before eventually going back. She wasn't angry with God or anything. Fact was, she just didn't feel like going anywhere, or seeing anyone. Some have taken to political activism to try to find the truth of what happened that day.

There was something personal to me in the fact that the Twin Towers themselves played a substantial role in my life. I worked in the area, so I caught the train there every day. I could tell you where the newstands were located, as well as the bathroomns, the Sbarro's, the other restaurants, and the subway entrances were. I could tell you to find the natural beauty store next to the clothing shop that featured mannequins of various Warner Brothers cartoon characters (e.g. Taz, Daffy, Bugs) dressed in their best corporate attire.

I was last at the WTC the Friday before 9/11--specifically, at the Border's bookstore, where I purchased a biography of Sam Cooke. It was one of the better stores in the area. I spent so much time there that a celebrity asked me for help, assuming that I worked there or someting.

I took everyone I knew to the observation deck too. Interviewed for jobs there, corresponded or telephoned business there on a daily basis.

And when I left my apartment building, I could see them clearly in front of me as I hit the sidewalk.

I know. A couple of buildings aren't anything compared to a son, or a duaghter, or a wife, or a sister. But, as I said, all of my people made it out.

That's not to say that I got away from 9/11 unscaved. A friend of mine passed away several weeks later from cancer. His death looms larger to me than anything else that happened over that time.

Barry said...

I didn't loose anyone I knew. I think we all did loose something though