Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Inspired by Bird :)

My everyday life looks different to me through the lens of my camera...
Welcome to my home :)

This is my comfy chair, with a lap blanket I made last year :)

And this is the view from my chair (I need to hang more photos!) --->>>

My room...see all the books piled up on my side? Yes...that is how it really looks, though usually I don't make the bed! The photos above the lamp are of the lions I met in South Africa.

Is the kitchen EVER tidy???
Just be glad I didn't take a pic of the floor! (Hmmm...mop or blog???
Whatever shall I choose??? LOL!)

My office! Either a writer of some sort works at this desk, or a group of 5 yr olds!
Somedays I'm not sure which! This shot really makes the office look small, and I should probably move the book cases, but the piano is there too!
Ok, it IS too small! But I love it. I adore the Aslan picture over my desk- and the fact that I can cram all of my stuff into the desk and close it!!!

I wish everything in my life was like this roll top! :)

This is hubby's office- he plays the bass, the banjo, piano, keyboards, tuba and sliding trombone. He loves "Rush"...I love Limbaugh.
Somehow we manage!

Someone asked for a full lenght pic of me, so there it is...

All the paint and wallpaper in the house was done by me. I still have a few rooms left to do.

Overall I'd say the house is clean, but not well organized. I know where things are, but anyone else would be lost:)

The kids rooms, and the craft room/spare bedroom I left need to traumatize myself further :)

I've invited a few bloggers to come for a now you know what you're in for!
Actually- most of you would be welcome if you came to my part of North Carolina.

It's not the Ritz...but it is home- and I feel pretty blessed to live here :)


puerileuwaite said...

This is wonderful, FM.

The room shots will save me so much time the next time you go on vacation. In and out in record time. Then on to the next house.

I'm kidding of course ;-)

I like Rush too, and saw them (again) a couple of years ago. Hubby has good taste. Well, in most things, anyway ;-)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Thanks PW...I may have to take this post down now- you've got me worried. Of course what would you steal? The books next to my bed and the laundry I need to fold???

If I caught you in my house I'd make you clean the kitchen floors, all the bathrooms, fold the laundry, and then you'd work in the yard! Forget shooting a burglar...I'd put him to work! :P

Anonymous said...

/bark bAKR Bark

grrrrrrrrrl your attitude is a beautiful thing. the last line sears my heart with pride for having good taste in muse selection. i smiled through every frame.


schaumi said...

looks waaaaaay neater than my house, cora....

well, if you do leave the pics up just don't let anybody know the next time the whole family will be gone on vacation.. you just never know.. somebody might be dieing to steal all those books from the side of your bed.

Bird said...

it's fascinating to see someone else's roost. i love your office - it looks a bit (not much though, eh?) more organized than my study. hahahaha!

sorry to hear you like limbaugh - guffaw and ;)

if i ever get my place back to some sort of normal condition, i might "document" it and erase the image of the pigsty that the blogging world now has - hah!.

this picture thing is taking hold of me.

though i don't think i will ever get bold enough to post pics of me. well disguise. hahahaha! maybe k9 can give photoshop lessons online - hey there dawg - whudya think?

btw - i grew up in san diego. if you head out west (don't suppose you'll take the highway that's the best and then head north on 101), perhaps you'll drop by the bay area and say hello.

X. Dell said...

(1) It looks like a nice home. The house isn't bad looking, either.

(2) I like the guitars most of to the full-length shot, fo course.

(3) I also love roll top desks. I had one as a teenager, and didn't appreciate it--mostly because the top didn't really roll. Instead, it would get stuck for weeks at a time in a semi-upright position.

(4) I would say hubby has good taste in music as well.

Mayden's Voyage said...

Love you know I do! :) I have a chaperone all lined up for us- all I need to do is spend $40 on a bottle of Corazon and for you to arrive! I do hope to sse you sometime this fall! :)

Schaumi- I promise not to tell :)
However, I didn't mention to PW above that I live within 10 houses of a NC State Trooper, an Ex Marine who adores me, and at least one local addition to 3 deadly cats and an alarm system! :)
The books I will hide in the freezer- they have more value to me than just about anything else in the house...except the kids and their photos of course! :)

Bird- I would let you know if I was on your side of country :) I'd love to visit :)
I so enjoyed seeing the pic's of your house, the red comfy just made you seem so real :) Silly I know- and yet, after having seen my pic's- it does add yet another layer to a person, doesn't it?
Your post definitely inspired this one :)

Well X- Mi Casa Su Casa :)
Hope to find you down here interviewing for a job at Duke! Or UNC, or NC State, or NC CENTRAL, or Wake Forest, or Campbell...or just taking a break from being up North.
(no Yankee jokes...did you notice?)
Seriously- I do hope you know you are welcome here...but be warned that hubby will want a jam session, and I just want to learn a few pointers on Tequila shots :) If K9 doesn't school me first! :)
I'll book all my NYC reservations on Friday...I'll keep you posted :)

SJ said...

If you are in Delhi you are welcome to visit and now you have my address too :)

Pic 1 - cow
Pic 2- Cat
Pic 3 and 4 - Lion (You have a lion in your bedroom hehehe)
Pic 5- Cow
Pic 6- Lion
Pic 7- Rush

You live Animal Planet :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

SJ- I would love to visit you :)
And yes- you picked it out before anyone else's a zoo in my house! :)

Crashtest Comic said...

Hey! It's Geddy Lee. Awesome.

I saw RUSH a bunch of times, and saw them the last three tours they did (twice at Jones Beach, once at Radio City.)

The greatest live band ever--and er, btw you look a little taller in those full body shots...

Libby said...

wow, cora, your house looks SO comfortable! no, it's actually not a 'house', it's obviously a 'home'!! i love it!!

Mayden's Voyage said...

You know the glory of photos are that you can't see the cobwebs, or the soap scum in the bathroom if one chooses not to show it! :) But of course, this is part of what makes it home, right? It is lived in :)
I had a new friend tell me that whenever she came over to my house she felt like she could go straight to the fridge and help herself- just like she was at home-
I always thought that was one of the nicest things anyone had ever said to me about our dwelling.
Thank you for summing it up :)
It's even better in the winter with a real fire going in the fireplace and the knitting piled up in my lap :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Hubby totally agrees with you about the band...
He saw them a few years ago in Raleigh on July 4th or 5th...he would go again and again. Besides the amazing talent (and I do recognize this- even if I'm not a fan) I think what impresses him is how these guys live their everyday lives- pretty clean- gifted...they don't seem to abuse themselves.
Hubby would fit right it, I'm sure :)

ThursdayNext said...

I love your kitchen! My apartment's kitchen has such small countertop space! I love you next to Rush; I happen to be a fan like your hubby! xoxoxo

Mayden's Voyage said...

Miss E-
I like some of their stuff, and after reading Pearts (sp?) Bio- I was pretty impressed.

Hubby loves them :) and Sting...and I am in agreement on that one!

Crashtest Comic said...

My only problem with RUSH is that they don' take enough drugs...

firebird said...

Your home is lovely... If I could get my house that neat, people would think we had moved out!

Wow, you knit? How do you have the time? Nice work...

temporary imposition said...

ooooh, I did laugh, puerileuwaite; very funny message, just what I was thinking as I was figuring out how much I could carry in my arms in a smash and grab!

Looking round really gives you a good sense of your character, fm, very nice.

Thanks for visiting me. Any mention of NY makes me feel slightly sick - K9 knows - I'm gutted not to be there but at the same time knowing I'm needed here on this side of the pond - but have a wonderful time. Take the ferry, see MoMA and visit St Vincent's on Lex/66th. I'm very jealous.

Safe travels.

luxlucisvita said...

will i ever be invited huh?!..and can i seat on the comfy chair with the lap blanket?..and...and...can i hold the remote?..please?!...

plus'' do you by any chance have the complete Narnia series?!?

Mayden's Voyage said...

Crash- not enough drugs? Keith Richards has done them all...not enough left for anyone else :)

Firebird- I love to knit- when the weather is cool...I need to get started up again though- got hats and scarves I need to make! :)

Temporary~ I LOVE reading your blog. There aren't enough hours for me to cover everything as quickly as I'd like- great photos, good insights, lovely...

Lux I have Narnia everything- and you remind me of something so important today- I need to return to Narnia...I've been wandering around too long in the brutality of this world. I have to read something to day out of the Voyage of the Dawn Treader! :)

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

neil peart is one of the greatest ever. to wit: tom sawyer. 2 guitars and drums is all you need. by the way, analog is back and big. we pluggin in old echoplex's for that vintage sound over here...and using half inch tape!!! a post on sound is sure to come someday....have a great weekend mayden, you know i am sleeping for the next two days now. *whew* its over. finally.


X. Dell said...

Tequilla shots I can't help you with. Kamakazes and Jaegermeister were more my speed.

Mayden's Voyage said...

K9- Smoochie Pup- rest well- sleep deep. The Mayden in the moonlight outside your window is a snooze fairy :) Growl softly to her and she will sprinkle you with moondust~and kiss you on the nose.

X- Just tell me what to get- and I'll have it here ready for you! I'm game :)

rachel said...

Hone, love your pics, it is a real insight to see inside someone else's house. And I love your comments, that you are lucky to live there. Fantastic view into your world

Gary said...

Your house looks very lovely and very comfy. I like that greenery out the window too. Greenery always cheers me up.