Monday, February 06, 2006

Something Sweeter

One night, several weeks ago, we had just gotten home from the beach and it was very late. The kids were exhausted and went almost straight to sleep. After unpacking a little and putting things away, I was the last one awake--washing my face and getting ready for bed. I was tired, and I spook easily when I'm really tired...So I was not crazy about wandering around the house in the dark.
However, I decided to walk down the hall and check on the kids, stopped and thought it was silly because I knew they were fast asleep, and then went down the hall anyway. When I walked into Juli's room and pulled the covers off of her head (she does this a lot)--her eyes were wide open and she said, "I just had a terrible dream", and I could tell she was really frightened. It was a crazy dream, sci-fi-ish, but it had seemed very real. Under her covers, she had been praying--that the Lord would send
an Angel, or Jesus, or Mommy.

Immediately tears came to my eyes...I had almost NOT walked down the hall, and I don't usually. But that night, tired and ready for bed myself, I just felt I had to check on my daughter. And there she was, praying that one of 3 of us would come.

I don't know how often, if ever again, my name will be listed among Christ or His Angels...but I can not put into words what it felt like to named alongside them, and by my daughter no less. I know that my being there for Juli was a comfort to her and that she fell asleep quickly afterwards...but it was I who walked away with the greater blessing. I am thankful that my daughter thinks so much of me, that she prays first when she is frightened, and that God heard her and answered her prayer almost immediately. I know it doesn't always work this way, but on that evening it did.

With a full heart,
-BellaCora :)


jacobandashersmom said...

My sweet angel, God has had his ear to her prayers since she was a wee one!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Love you Robin!