Saturday, February 25, 2006

Ponder this for a moment...

Complaining is the refuge of the powerless.

I don't know who said it, but I wrote it down in a note book and tucked it away.
I found it the other day and it speaks as loudly to me now as it did then.

Do SOMETHING friends. Mend a wound, fix a flat, be grateful for the people who love you, and for people who used to love you. Hug your kid, call your mom, give a compliment...

Have a good weekend!!!


Melanie said...

give the homeless money. Hug a stranger. Make someone that is angry smile. and treat yourself with the utmost respect.

you deserve it all! :hug:


luxlucisvita said...

it's a Monday tomorrow...good thing I read this!

doc-t said...

I want to support this movement. To that end, I offer my apartment, and my car for someone to clean..

I could use a hug.. come hug me!

I could jsut about kill for a massage... come massage me!

make the world a better place, do somethign for me!

Mayden's Voyage said...

Here's a pitiful little internet hug
skip all that money you spend on coffee and go to the AutoCar wash,
And I don't do massages, well, not on strangers anyway! :)
Maybe I will do something for you...write a little poem perhaps?

I had a "net" friend named Tim,
Whose blog I read again and again.
Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry,
Sometimes he's crazy, sometimes he's wise.

He's the youngest of a bunch of kids,
And he's bound to be smart as a whip.
Can play the guitar quite well,
And has worked hard as... heck.

One day his ship will come in,
And some will say...did you ever meet Tim?
And I will sat YES,
He was never a pest,
And he was mighty darn good with a pen! (or a computer!)

Jeesh... that was the best I could do on a moments notice, without having to re-read your blog! :)
Hope you have a lovely week!
-Cora :)

doc-t said...

That's pretty darned nice!!! Thank you Cora... you gave me a smile today.

Thank you

JL4 said...

I'm pretty sure it was Alice Cooper who said that...

Wait! Maybe not

Mayden's Voyage said...

Alice Cooper???
Wait, let me get my old encyclopedia out and see if I can find out who that guy was...
Tim, glad to "see" you smile!

Malinda777 said...

Bella Cora, I'm sending you a hug today. And, together we'll send Sean a hug too :)

Thanks for visiting my site... Come again :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Thank you Malinda! I send one back to you! :HUG)
I hope you get to read "Dad's back from Iraq"
I thought of you this morning, and I know you would have done exactly the same thing as me...
We are so blessed!
Have a wonderful day!
-Cora :)