Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I said as much...

It has been an "off" day for me.
Not "off" as in I took the day off, but "off" meaning that I crossed a few lines I probably shouldn't have.

I reacted early in the day to something a friend said, someone I really care for and admire. I should have listened more, and been more careful with my own words so as not to sharpen an edge between us...I am sure no real damage has been done, but it's left me feeling like I could/should have been more careful. I am guilty of just being "me" sometimes, and while this can be an endearing quality in certain encounters, it can be unattractive in other ones.

Then a neighbor came over, a sweet older lady that I have enjoyed getting to know on certain occasions, and she knocked on my door with a petition. A developer is planning to build on the land behind our neighborhood. Of this I have been notified, met with the developer, and spoken to the planning Dept at City Hall.
I am as well informed on the situation as anyone, perhaps more than most.
Her daughter wrote a scathing letter to all the homeowners in the area about the developer. The letter was full of inaccurate info and borderlined on one big falsehood. I was upset when I got the letter and tried to call her about it.
No answer.
So, when sweet old Virginia comes over and tries to get me to sign the petition (and I did not know it was her daughter who wrote the original note), I was pretty plain about my issues with the letter. She was as nice as ever, and left a few minutes after hearing my complaint, and left without my name on the list. I would have bought the land behind us and made everyone...neighbors, deer, chipmunks, extremely happy...except the guy wanted $750,000.00!!! We live in a lovely area, and in a free country. I have no problem with new housing, even if it is in my own backyard. If I don't like it, I can move.
And as far as I am concerned, Virginia's daughter can move too. I said as much.
Ouch! words!!! Mine and mine alone.

Then, tonight as the kids and I are heading out to Bo'Jangles, we get behind the AWFULEST driver ever!!! An old lady, driving down the middle of the road, going about 20 miles under the speed limit. I blew my horn at her (I swear I do not usually do that, to anyone...they might have a gun!) to get her to move over. She did, and I scooted on down the road, arrived at my destination, and guess who pulls in about 5 minutes behind us??? The AWFULEST driver ever! The kids are saying, "Hey mom, isn't that the lady you blew off the road a few minutes ago?"
Jeeesh!!! Thank heavens she pulled around to the drive thru, if she had come inside I don't know what I would have done!

My husband called a few minutes ago to tell me he won't be home until after 11pm... again. I just gritted my teeth and said, "It's ok honey, I understand."
So, here I am once more...9:30 pm, holding down the fort.

I just wish I could hold my tongue...


luxlucisvita said...

I just wiiiish I could hold my own too!...havin' about the same day...and mine isn't over yet!....

Mayden's Voyage said...

Hope it gets better! The one bright spot is that each day is only 24 hours long, and then we get a new one:)
"Sigh", Try, try again!
-Cora :)

Sean said...

it's it funny how the grass is always greener? i hold my toungue too much and wish i envy people who speak their mind...

Mayden's Voyage said...

I take that as a compliment! Thank you :)
You "speak" your mind pretty well on your blog, but that is different than speaking at the exact moment something is happening.
I think we are rather fortunate that you "save" what you might have wanted to say, and blog it so the rest of us can read it!
It is selfish of me, sorry!
Congrats on re-upping (did I say that right?)
It really is an honor getting to know you...thanks for all you do.
(and for those of you just lurking around, click on Sean's name and check out his blog!!!)
-Cora :)

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

Followed you from a comment you left somewhere...Get your iron on paper out, open a Word Processor program, find a neat Large font and type...

May the good Lord walk beside me today with one arm around my shoulder and one hand over my mouth.

Find the "mirror" setting to reverse it. Print it out and iron it on.

Then enjoy your day.

It's one of my biggest problems too, that the processor in my brain is slower than the controller on my speech.

Mayden's Voyage said...

I think this is why writing is so much better for me than speaking...I wish I could forgo most conversations and just write what I think, it comes out much nicer!
I love the quote! I could just see God with one arm around me, and covering my mouth with His other hand :) I have to wonder how many times I have bitten those fingers? Kind of sad when I think about it!
Thanks for your reply...and wow, what a story you have told on your blog. Just about once a week someone out here in blogworld moves me to did in a big way today. So much truth, so much love, so little time in this skin.
I keep feeling compelled to write something about eternity, and I will be away for a few days with a friend at the beach. I hope by the time I get home all the words will be in order, if not sketched out in one of my note books.
Thanks for being the "last straw" in convincing me about this.
Hope you will have peace this weekend, peace that passes all understanding.
-Cora :)