Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Walls and Threads

Restless and wondering,
With an achy soul,
I want what I can not yet have,
Longing- fills me with ashes.

A creation we invented of minutes and hours,
When in truth, it is made of words,
Kisses, and conversations.

Time is about breathing,
and laughing, and weeping,
but mostly,
It is about love.

A Love I can not always touch,
A Love I can not hold at will,
A Love I watch weakened by losses,
A Love I crave with all my being.

The sunsets come and go,
The flowers bloom with fierce glory,
My blueberries hang heavy on the branch,
And I seek to dull the ache in my heart.

Why?   Why not embrace the pain?
Why not let it motivate?
Why not let ache and desire push me...
Rather than drag me like a dead worm on a hook?

While in labor, I did not sleep.
The sheer unadulterated agony made me vigilant.
Nothing would stop me from holding my baby,
Nothing less than death, at least.

Life, Death, Pain, Love-
These are the walls of our reality.
Kisses, tears, laughter, friendship,
These are the threads that cover our being.

Cover me in kisses, and tears.
Wrap me up in your friendship and laughter.
Help me utilize the fire of my pain,
As I dump these ashes and tend to my soul.

-Cora Blue


Roxanne said...

It is a kind of labour you're in, a sacred kind of waiting. A process of birthing which sets it's own pace. A beginning which necessitates an ending. I love you. And hold you close to my heart. 💕

here kitty kitty said...

Grr - the link to my blog (in my name) should be - http://foryouwithloveandsqualor.wordpress.com.

Blue said...

I love you sweet friend, thank you for the treasure you are in my life ♡

Blue said...
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