Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Up To Date at Mayden's Voyage

                                     (Mug says, "I love you this BIG".  It's at least 4 cups!)

The Carpel Tunnel:  My surgery is on November 22nd.   Life with one arm (for a few weeks) will be interesting, but I always like a challenge.   I will absolutely enjoy and take advantage of the "down time"...even though I can only sit still for so long :)   I will NOT have to cook or participate in any of the Thanksgiving madness that typically swirls around me during this time of the year.  This holiday will ACTUALLY be a holiday for me...a break, a time out.   However, not being able to write will be hardship for me.  I enjoy the process.   I imagine I will give my left hand a shot at putting words to page, and I wouldn't be surprised if I mastered it.

The Job:  About 2 years ago, via my best friend, I met a friend of hers who owned a vehicle graphics company.   When he asked me, "What do you do?" and I said, "I'm a writer"- he was curious.   I sent him to Mayden's Voyage as well as my Coraspondence blog, and told him of my work as the Public Relations rep for a child who needed a transplant- and I handled all press and media material for her campaign- as well as articles I've written, newsletters I've published (big and small), curriculum material for pre-school, and even an obituary.   Over time he went and read my stuff.   He liked it.

This Spring he approached me about writing web and blog content for his company web site.  I was nervous to accept at first, mostly because I knew NOTHING about vehicle wraps, but I was curious- and I was a good enough friend to be comfortable going with him to visit job sites and LEARN about what his company does.  Thus my "getting paid to write" era began- and as of yesterday I have written 28 blog posts about Capital Wraps ( www.capitalwraps.com) look for the blog.   I'm also working on a blog for my brothers law firm in California, but would like to add other companies to my writing list and perhaps turn this into a career.   Several years ago Blogs were seen as (and can be) places where people vent or keep an online journal.   However, for a company, a blog on a business website is the VOICE of your company.   It's cheap and informative advertising.   The company already owns the website, why not give customers a place to read and get a feel for what the company does?

While I am definitely not able to pay the mortgage with my part time writing jobs and my bee keeping skills, I am earning a little to put aside for me.   Not to mention the validation I get from doing something I love- and someone in the world actually paying me to do it.  (and it being legal- lol!)

I've been kept from my personal blogs for a number of reasons.  I've discovered being away from this community is a detriment to myself, and I love it when I'm here.   This place is home.  The friends I've made here have a significance and value that can not be replaced.  Upon re-discovering a printed email (written in 2006) from a blog friend last week, and him being in so many of my thoughts- I realized I was missing out on something important.   I want to return to this community with the same passion I had early on.  I'm tired of facebook, tired of reading the endless dribble from people who have "friended" me because we went to the same high school.   I should delete my facebook page and start one called "Mayden America" and just use it as a marketing tool for my honey and home-made items.   I like the way FB keeps me in contact with distant family, but there is something kind of creepy about the social networking sites in general.   FaceBook is the fast/frozen food version of a BLOG.     Give me the real deal...the grilled steak and baked potato, or the stuffed turkey and all the veggies...keep the hamburger and fries.   Yes, I see where and how there is a place for both, but just as with eating out, it should be the exception and not the rule.   Same with blogging.   If you have something worth saying- sit down and pound it out.   Otherwise, I'm not really interested in anyone's laundry and To-Do lists.   My time is a little more valuable than all that.

Hugs and more soon.   I'm itching to write about our local prison and judicial system, which I've seen a bit of here lately due to the arrest of a childhood friend.   Prior to 2 weeks ago I had never been inside the front doors of our local correction center.   It's been an eye opener to say the least!


roxanne/tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

It's great, isn't it, when we can actually get paid for doing something we love? So nice to see you blogging again ... i hope the surgery goes well and that you have a speedy recovery.


Libby said...

oh, cora, welcome back! i missed you!! well, everybody did, but i missed you the most!! lol! hugs, hope the surgery goes fast & well!!

Anonymous said...

dear mayden,

with your 'pro' gig...
and you know it isn't the amount,
but that what you love to do is recognized & valued, too

love your new blog look -- v.cool with sophisticated dark elements

"mayden america" is brilliant! and i really think you'd do well with it -- the whole made in america thing is just taking off now -- go for it and see

everything you say about blogs -- perfect!

wish you well with your surgery, dear -- and wishing you & family a wonderful thanksgiving

XOR ( kiss + hug & repeat :)

× × ×


Mayden' s Voyage said...

Thank you Roxanne- and yes...it's wonderful to do what we love and get paid for it. Now, if I could just get someone to pay me for eating chocolate! :)

Hugs Libby- you are so dear- thank you. I hear the surgery is a breeze, but recovery is kind of pain, but I think I'll do fine. I'm ready to get it over with :)

Hugs /t, I loved the XOR- And again...it will be an inside joke only a few people in the world will ever get :) Yet another bonus for being a blogger ♥

J Cosmo Newbery said...

A good wrap, no doubt!

Hope all goes well with the carpel tunnel.

Hugs from south of the equator.

Bad Bob said...

I hope the surgery goes well and I am happy that you get a break from the traditional Thanksgiving.
Last year we went to a nice buffet at the hotel where they shot the "Dirty Dancing" movie. I liked it so well, we are going to a buffet this year, although I got outvoted to where my friends and I will go. I have always been impressed with your writing and hope it can become a decent money maker for you. Writing left hand is slow no matter what, but doable.
Best wishes for you and your family.