Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bunnies and things...

A little over a year ago my daughter started asking for a pet bunny.   She found a farmer in a nearby county who sold rabbits...and she and her father went over to pick one out.   They came home with 2.   They were the sweetest, tiny, most precious Holland Lop bunnies I have ever seen.   Fortunately they were both girls- which has it's own set of problems, but at least there won't be tons of baby bunnies running around at my house.  (although, as sweet as this one is- I don't think I'd mind).

My bunny is named "Kitty"- mostly because she liked to snuggle like a kitten when she was a baby.   My daughters bunny was a rambunctious little creature and was always looking for an escape route- which she finally found.   Kitty remains with us and is undoubtedly my bunny.   She still likes to be held and petted and I spend about 30 minutes a day with her on the deck.   She is litter trained and definitely enjoys the freedom
of the closed in deck.  

Yesterday I was diagnosed with Carpel Tunnel in my right arm/wrist- and need to wear a brace for most of the day.  Unfortunately I probably waited to late to see the Dr. because the nerve damage has begun to weaken the muscles in my hand.  On a positive note the surgery is not terribly complicated and will undo most of the damage.   While the condition is painful at times it's mostly irritating, and the way the brace limits my daily function is aggravating.  I feel fortunate to have a good Dr. close by who is taking care of me.   By this time next week I will have had a nerve study and that will determine what we do next.

I need to tell you all about my newest job- and actually getting paid to WRITE :)   More soon, but I hope this post finds you all well.   I send my best to each of you ♥


Anonymous said...

sweet bunnies(!)

wishing you well with
the wrist, surgery, recovery...

and you have a job writing(!) -- congratulations, mayden -- you absolutely deserve it

waiting for more...

× × ×


Libby said...

cora, hugs, & best of luck with the carpal tunnel...they seem to make the surgery for it easier every day!

Bad Bob said...

I am sorry to hear about your wrist. Don't put it off any longer. Will you need to wear those funky bowling brace looking things when you type?

I hope they get you fixed up and congratulations on the writing job. That is AWESOME!!

X. Dell said...

Isn't that so typical? You finally land a writing job the INSTANT you're dignosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Tke care, with this surgery. I pray all goes well.

Skunkfeathers said...

Sending my best wishes always ;-)

Mayden' s Voyage said...

xoxoxo to you /t- and thank you :)

Libby- I will be so happy to have to surgery done and over with. The surgery itself doesn't seem to be a big deal, but the recovery is S-L-O-W! :(

Bad Bob- I will have the surgery on the 22nd and I can happily say that someone else will be doing the cooking this holiday :)

X- I have been thinking of you for almost a week now...thank you for stopping by. I left you a long note at your place- I need to send you an email and catch up with you soon :) Hugs and thank you.

Skunk- you are dear. I've been a bad blog friend- but thank you for keeping up with me ♥