Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Adult sites, and Chipmunk bites...

This is what I've been reduced to...
My Stat counter shows me what keywords lead a stranger (via a search engine) to my blog.  
"Chipmunk bites, and Adult sites" are the top hits.
I've been blessed beyond words to have attracted lovely people with good hearts, people who've embraced me like they would family (or better), and they (you) always make Mayden's Voyage feel like a safe place to BE.  
However, you simply would not believe how many people have read my blog to find out what to do if one is bitten by a Chipmunk! (thousands of people! - and the quick answer is SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION ASAP!)

 Nor would you believe how many people find me because I wrote about a trip to Myrtle beach where I discovered I was smack dab in the middle of the Adult entertainment district!   (It was a sleezy part of town which I will never stay in again)

Recently I've been getting readers from all over the US, and  usually they don't leave comments (this is normal I think).   I find it interesting though that someone might spend the better part of an hour, or even a week, reading my Titanic of a blog (4 years and counting) and not say "hello".    Especially if you are a PLEASE say hello :)
(actually- I welcome everyone to leave a comment :)

I'm way overdue for returning to my blog and writing here like I once did...and I've missed it.   As one friend said, "Life trumps Blog" (Chickory to X Dell), it has, but that needs to change. 

Love to all.  
Even if you came via a chipmunk chewing, or for erotica viewing...(ewwww). 
What an odd mix that is!


tinkerbell the bipolar faerie said...

Ewwwww is right!

Miss you.

dianne said...

I visit here Mayden to read your lovely stories, poems, cute pics of chipmunks, bees and those beautiful photos of the sky, not to mention your sweet and friendly face. xoxo ♡

Chick9 said...

oh im sorry...i thought there would be a chipmunk pole dance video......moving on.....



nobody looks cuter in classic black ray-bans than YOU

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Oh- my goodness- C9- you always make me laugh- and that's just what I needed this morning! Hugs :)

Diane- you are so sweet. I don't think of you as a stranger- and it's always a pleasure to see you, and read you :)

Rox- I've been creeping on all your pages via FB :) Shame on me for not leaving a comment- sometimes I just have to absorb what you write or post photos of- because it's too lovely for words.
Hugs friend :)

Skunkfeathers said...

Never visited you to investigate chipmunk bite remedies or 'adult' sites ;)

Too much good heart h'yar *hug*

X. Dell said...

Actually, I've spent many hours reading this blog.

BTW, I think you've discovered the secret of steering traffic to your site.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Kill the chipmunk,and Make a hand puppet out of his skin to have the last laugh.

Bad Bob said...

Yep, every time I do a search for adult entertainment with chipmunks, your site comes up first!
My advice would be don't mess with the chipmunks and you will be less likely to need to seek medical attention.

Libby said...

cora, thanks so much for stopping over!! & your good thoughts & wishes!! i am SO happy & excited about the new life i'm embarking on! a little nervous, yes, but mostly's exactly the pllace for me to stsrt over!! [hugs]!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Save enough chipmunk skins and you can make a nice coat...

Anonymous said...

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Have Myelin? said...

I found you via Libby! =) I know nothing about chipmunk bites. Or adult sites. LOL!

Anonymous said...


excuse me,
i thought this was
the chipmunk bites adult site

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Timoteo said...

One of my blogs is called "Timmy's Noodle," (film reviews) and you should see what some people are erroneously looking for when they happen onto my site!

Anonymous said...

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Bad Bob said...

Have you given up on your blog?

Anonymous said...

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