Sunday, July 04, 2010

Mr. Ocean~

He breathes deeply-
Exhaling near my heart.
I know his scent from a mile away...
He knows this, and smiles a knowing smile.

Sometimes, when I cross his path- I delay-
Waiting a whole day to let him hold me.
But he always laughs and says, "Silly girl"...
I'm the only ONE you've ever loved.

He is generous with his kisses-
He misses nothing-
Covers me in chill bumps,
Tingles me in ways I'd blush to describe.

Sometimes he's rough...too rough-
And I have to stand on the shore and scold him-
But he is who he is-
My adoration is not enough to change his tide, or mood.

And then there are days like today-
When every swell is passionate kiss-
And every wave is a tenderly placed touch.
Each caress is met with my own unfettered bliss.

I know, in my heart, I will never tame him-
I know, in my deepest places- he has tamed me.
And yet- with a joy I can not express with words---
I never tire of his embrace.

Such is love.


foam said...

yes, the rhythm of the ocean soothes my soul.
may these waters stay as is ..

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I pray so Foamy...
Hope you are having a beautiful summer ♥

dianne said...

A lovely personal tribute to your ocean dear Mayden ... beautiful photographs. xoxo ♡

Helene said...

Lovely photos of your Love! =]
Nice words too!

Happy Monday! Annie is in Barcelona and I am missing her dearly!

X. Dell said...

Very good. On the one hand, it reads as a personification of the ocean. On another level, it reads as the objectification of a lover, spouse, child, puppy, etc..

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Thank you Diane- it feels good to be here again...on my blog, and near the sea :)

Helene- I've got to look into that for my Juli- she would love it. So would her brother- and they've both had 3 years of Spanish- so they'd be off to a good start :)

X- you read me like a book :) A friend of mine insipired this poem- he spoke of the ocean as his life long mistress and I couldn't deny I've felt a similar thing. I miss romance...perhaps I was day dreaming about a Marine on the beach too? ;)

Bad Bob said...

I am sad for the Gulf and everyone it has affected. I love the ocean, it's sounds, smells and sights and would live there if I could.
It can be a very scary place in a storm, however.

Libby said...

my God, cora! i know this is about the ocean, but my next guy will make me feel like this!!