Friday, July 31, 2009

A Coon Tale~

Creature of bedtime stories,
Rarely seen in the light,
Sleeping all day in a hollow log-
Venturing out into the night.

Skeptical, but fearless,
The dark forest is your home,
Mine is at the edge of yours-
And lucky me, You Roam!

Curious and hungry,
You scout for vittles on that deck of mine,
And I'd say you aren't too picky-
'Cause the cat-food suits you fine!

A friend or theiving foe?
Ring-tailed cat or fox?
Leaves no dish unemptied,
Turns over every box!

And when I sneak upon you-
For I can not help to have a peek,
At times you pause to look at me too,
Then scamper away on tiny feet.

My dears- you are always welcome,
I will fill the bowls just right-
And I'll wait at the kitchen window,
For your enchanted visits every night :)


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Pretty high on the open-ended cute index.

Skunkfeathers said...

Dog food, cat food, trail mix...raccoons aren't discriminating ;)

foam said...

looks like it's time to get yerself a coon dog!

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

Hey grrrrl. We often get those charming little visitors, in the wee hours of night. If I am walking home from the skytrain (subway) station after dark ... I often encounter one or two racoons. Also we've seen the occasional coyote, and quite frequently we've seen skunks late at night ~ they look cute from afar, but no, no, no - I'd never want to get close to one. Fortunately they go about their business if left undisturbed. The racoons, though, are charming sociable creatures.

Even during the day, when I walk through Stanley Park, I will see several racoons ~ once what I felt was a mother racoon, pleasantly chattering away to me ... they look you right in the eye ... and, of course Vancouver's racoons are likely more tolerant of human presence than others may be.

Still, it's a gift to see glimpses of nature like that, particularly in this big, developed city.

Hope you're enjoying the summer. It's record-breakingly hot here ... it feels like the amazon rain forest, instead of the pacific rain forest!

dianne said...

They are very cute dear Mayden and what a lovely little poem you have written.

Its nice getting up close to the wild creatures, I was feeding a baby Australian magpie out of my hand yesterday and it was a very special time for me. <3 <3 ♥

X. Dell said...

Lol @ Cosmo.

We don't see that many around here, any more, although we used to. Big ones, too. Maybe they've all hit the road for NC?

Skunkfeathers said...

Five years ago, we had a raccoon "adopt" the night shift at work. He/she would wander up on the patio outside the deli, and eventually was being hand-fed, performing entertaining antics (like playing catch and throw with a grape) and "chasing" one blackjack dealer down the patio, only to turn and bade the dealer to chase the raccoon back the other way.

But, management -- killjoys they are -- didn't like the notion of having wild animals hanging around and getting largess, so they forbade feeding the critter, and had Animal Control pick it up and relocated it to a more remote location in the county.

But while it lasted, it made for an amusing evening break.

Ruela said...

nice ;)