Saturday, July 11, 2009

Anesthesia~ the foggy land between here and there...

For good reasons, which I don't care to explain in detail, I arrived at the hospital on Friday morning for an outpatient (gyn/girl stuff) surgical procedure.
General anesthesia was required because the procedure is rather painful, but luckily the recovery time is fairly quick. I was nervous. Very nervous. I don't scare easily, and while there was nothing to really be afraid was personal and private- and strangers were going to see parts of me that I don't expose to the general public. "Sigh...I know, I know"- those Dr.'s and nurses see it all the time, but they don't see ME all the time. It wasn't an issue of pride, it was an issue of modesty. Well, mostly.
I suppose in this era of pantiless Paris Hiltons and wardrobe malfunctions my feelings might be a tad old fashioned, but they are my feelings (and body) after all. I also suppose that if I were shaped like Paris I might not mind being so exposed...but I'm not. Really NOT.

Once I was being prepped for my IV- I asked if someone could hook me up to a large Mojito, as this usually seems to help me with modesty issues :) I was informed that the mint leaves tend to clog up the plastic tubing in the IV line, at which point I said I would be happy to chew on the mint leaves if that would help. It was 8am and whether the OR crew was glad to have a patient with a sense of humor...or were concerned I was a lush- they promised the IV drugs would be better than a Mojito. They were true to their word.

I remember nothing between the moment they slipped the oxygen mask over my face and the moment I awoke in a good deal of pain, wondering if someone had left me alone with wild monkeys who poked me in the gut. Yeooowwwch!

The staff did all they could to manage the pain, but what couldn't be managed was my mind. I've had some interesting experiences with pain meds after surgery (hallucinations) but anesthesia seems to open some strange closet doors I have in my head. (no monsters though, because I have only ever know the friendly kind!)

While in the OR recovery room I thought (dreamed) I was sitting at my desk. Someone walked up to me and asked me for a pen or pencil, of which I have many, and with my left hand I was searching my desk drawer for the writing instrument. However, when I opened my eyes (because I couldn't find anything) I was merely reaching around under the sheets of the OR bed and pulling on the metal bar at my side. Thankfully no one seemed to notice. They did notice when I tried to pull the blanket over my head, but I have no idea why I did that. Maybe I was looking for a Mojito? lol
Once they moved me to the regular recovery room I drifted in and out of consciousness. At one point (and in a great deal of pain) I felt like I needed to find some information about the procedure I had just gone through. I was standing with a group of medical students who were looking at a wall (trying to read) which was covered in Latin. I stood there for a long time looking at the wall. Some of the words I understood and some I needed to copy into a note book. When I woke up (probably looking for a note book) I was in bed looking at the BARE wall of my recovery room. I was rather disappointed.

I probably had 10 or so of these dreams/visions, or commercials, in my head during the time of my recovery- but unfortunately I can't remember them. I do recall some were worrisome to me...dreams where I had forgotten something important, or I failed to do a vital task, or I was lost- or worse, one of my children were lost. I would wake up in a panic and then have to remind myself that it was just a dream...just a dream Cora.

I didn't have the presence of mind to relay what I had seen, not that any of it would have been coherent or logical. The next time I need surgery though I am going to ask whomever is with me to stand near me and listen to what I say and ask me questions to validate and/or record what I'm thinking. Who knows, there might be a story in there!

I'm home and resting now. I am definitely over the worst part of the pain issues, but still struggling with feeling a bit green. I think by Sunday afternoon I will feel almost normal again. I hope so~
Tomorrow my plans are to listen to the Golden Ganesh (I can hardly wait!!!) and read a great many blog posts which I have missed. Thank you for your thoughts and hugs- both past and present. I look forward to catching up with you all very soon <3>
(PS- any and all "Post-op" stories you have to share are most welcome! :)


dianne said...

I'm pleased to hear that you are OK dear Mayden, despite some pain, these girly things are always painful afterwards...well thats been my experience.
Yes I can understand your feelings of modesty, its all very personal and it is our body,we feel vulnerable and we dont like things being put on show.
I think most of us get a little nervous but we all put on a brave face and get on with it as we know it has to be done.
Those new anaesthetics are wonderful but they do give us strange dreams and visions that we drift in and out of, we really dont know whether it is reality or not.
I'm pleased its over for you and I hope that you will be well now, so try and take it easy, rest and let yourself heal. ♡
Heres a big warm HUG...♡ xo

Bone said...

My Dad never liked to take any sort of pain medication. I asked him why one time and he said because they made him feel like he was floating around the room. I laughed and told him that's how he knew they were working :)

Glad everything went well. May you have a speedy recovery. (And no more worrisome dreams.)

Enemy of the Republic said...

Hang in there, buddy.

Skunkfeathers said...

Continuing the long *Gentle therapeutic HUG* for your continuing easing of pain and return of comfort, my sweet friend. Glad to see the sense of humor and talented, articulate literary eye remains sharp and steadfast ;) A better morning, and each thereafter.

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

what EOR said

NYD said...

I am certainly glad that everything went well and you are sound.

Sounds like you got much better drugs than I did. When I woke up after my first procudure My wife was there paitently waiting for me to come out of a drug induced stupor. I looked into her soft beautiful eyes and cried out
FUUUUUCCKK YOOOOUUU this shit hurts!
The nurses were kinda shocked until she replied with a "Fuck you too!" "What did you expect?" That just cracked the nurses up even if the couldn't anything besides the expletive.

True Story.

Hope you are at Maximum Maydenness Power real soon.

Bad Bob said...

The one thing that I found after anaesthesia is that the weird dreams continue for days after.

There is a big difference between the humor level of Doctors and Nurses. The Nurses have a sense of humor. Doctors, for the most part, do not.

Ask a doctor if they know the difference between an oral and rectal thermometer. They will say yes, but when you tell them (answer below), most will just go hmmm. Do the same with a nurse, and you'll get something like, "that's nasty!!", but you'll hear them laugh all the way down the hall.

The taste.

I hope your recovery is speedy and as painless as possible.

foam said...

hope you are continuing to recover, mayden fair and that those dreams are abate quite soon.
i've had my share of experiences with pain narcotics due to 2 c-sections ...
i kind of like them .. they really do wonders for my mood when i'm on them. after my first c-section as i lay there at night wide awake due to the narcotic benefits of the pain pills i was wishing for a long sharp knife because i just knew i had to slash at anybody that came through my door .. :-) ...
after my 2nd c-section i had the most pleasant dream.
i dreamt that i was strangling some man ...
i actually woke up from the dream only to find my fist tightly clenched infront of my face ....
man .. was i sorry to have woken up ..
but, nonetheless, after that dream i just asked for extrastrenth ibuprofen and that's how i managed the pain from my 2nd c-section ..

chickory said...

yeah. when i had that titanium installed into my neck i saw bugs crawling on the walls. not a concern though. i figured its better than staff of mersa. im so glad you are on the mend, with sense of humor in tact. you are so sweet to look in after me when you have so much on your own plate. so mayden. selfless and thoughtful. thanks grrrrrrrrrrl.

iv mojitos. wow i think you found a recession proof bar concept. i'll make the sound track and do the lighting. you make the concoction and handle the money. who can we get to be bouncer?

feel better. much love. xo

confused said...

staff OR mersa (which is the flesh eating bacteria) is what i meant.

why isnt it ever "fat eating bacteria" ?

Libby said...

cora, i'm glad to hear you're doing well! [hugs] :-)

Anonymous said...

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