Saturday, July 05, 2008

Just wondering...

I read something today, a UN report (of all the things they could be looking at!) which wrote about the shrinking wildlife habitiat of Orangutans.

Another report said that a group called "The Great Ape's" were creating refugee camps for the monkeys who were displaced by logging and humans who were using the land the monkeys live on.

Refugee camps? Really? My mind began to wander...I wondred if they would give the monkeys food and water? Medicine? Shelter? Cell phones? How about abortions on demand? (probably not- because they are endangered, unlike human babies.)

I remember when I was a little girl I used to watch "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom" and we'd watch the elephants tramp all over their region looking for water during the height of the dry season. Deeply concerned, I asked my mom if we couldn't ship some trucks full of water to help the poor elephants who were dying of thirst. Seeing dead baby elephants on the dusty parched ground was a bit much for me to process, especially when we had such an abundance of water. She explained we couldn't send water for hundreds of elephants and it was natures way of keeping the elephant population in check.

If humans had been on the planet when dinosaurs roamed the earth, and the T-Rex was in you think we'd have made a refugee camp for them? How about a refugee camp for roaches, or rats, or termites?

We in the US have multi-million dollar programs to eliminate all kinds of unwanted creatures, and dang it- fleas are still NOT on an endangered species list! What's up with that? Of course, if we ever did get that close to killing the pesky little varmits- I'll bet the UN would do a report on it... but I wish they would focus on people.

And don't tell me the Orangutan is my cousin- nope...don't say it. You can claim to be from the same family tree as them, but not me... My kids might be, but not me :)


frizzy scissorhands said...

every creature has a place in the universal chain of life.

i think the story of creation, as presented in the Pentatuach, is symbolic.

of all the member countries, the usa by contributes the largest amount of financing to the un. every organization has its dead weight, including the especially the un ... however many people have dedicated their professional lives doing FIELD WORK for the un in places many americans would never want to go.

nice to see you posting.

i have not forgotten to email you ...

K9 said...

i am pro-orangutan! they can come live with me if they are good with hens.

that said, orangutans dont grow up to exhale carbon dioxide, eat food, or drive, therefore they are more precious than fetai as they do less harm to gaia. sheeeesh! grrrrrherherhhaha

..................... said...

i think i have an ideal orangutan habitat growing behind my back door ..
they can come live with me too ..

Midsummerprism said...

I can have one here too...provided it be friends with Bushy'.....

Hi there! Got your letter..nice to see you back :>

Little Lamb said...

orangutans are cute.

I hope you're having a nice summer and I hope you enjoyed your 4th of July.

SJ said...

My orange cousins!

People are being refused asylum and refuge by neighboring nations so this does sound a bit weird. However the UN does have the UNHCR so maybe they are taking care of all critters?

Greg C said...

They do kind of look like one of my cousins. :) Mutual of Ohmaha was one of my favorite shows. I loved it when (What's his name) would say: While Jim is wrestling the giant alligator, let me tell you about Mutual of Ohmaha. Poor Jim, he always had the tough job.

I have the same problem with the animal shows. I remember seeing one where a rare elephant baby was dying. They kept telling how they were going extinct but they let some lions kill this baby. I just don't get it. People say that we shouldn't interfere with nature but it is a little late for that. We are taking habitat so WE need to do something to save these animals.

Saturday, we saw some anti-America protestors. Gregory wanted to attack them.:) He is so patriotic. He makes me proud.

Glad to see you back. Nice video. By the way, you know me too.

Enemy of the Republic said...

That's the part of evolution that I have my quirks with--when I teach it, I just say it without much thinking as that is my job, but when you get right down to it, did we evolve from those critters? Why not cows instead?

Hope you are well.

Anonymous said...


the scientists
got it all wrong...

it's orangutans descended from politicians

¤ ¤ ¤
<3 to the mayden!


Mayden' s Voyage said...

Rox- always good to see you. Yes- all creatures have their place in the universal chain- I agree. And one day I suppose the whole human race will need a refugee camp at some point...but I don't think the monkeys or dolphins will come to our aid- which is precisely what makes the difference between us and them. We will miss certain creatures when they are gone...but they won't notice our decline, except to have more land and get fat :)

Beloved dog- have you ever seen one of these creatures in person? They are down right freaky...scary- like looking at a failed experiment. Ostriches are uglier, but not by much. If I had one of these in my back yard it would scare me to no end! :) For sure- they could live on the 26 acres behind me, but only if I could put up a BIG BIG fence.

Foamy- I will send a note to the UN tomorrow and let them know :)

Lux :) Hugs- so wonderful to see you. I will be writing about my mom soon- I think the whole nature of my blog might change because of her.

Little Lamb- I hope you are having a wonderful summer too. Lambs are cute, monkeys are not as cute as lambs :)

SJ- you picked up on the main thought running through my head as I wrote this- congrats! When I know there are HUMANS who are refugees- but can't get help...the monkey refugee center seems a bit out there, and yet- even though I am not nuts about monkeys...I do hate to see them dying. As for your "cousins"- I guess if I saw them that way (and you are definitely wayyyy handsomer than the orange haired relations!)- I would have a whole new range of, ummmm...errrr...dudes to flirt with? Hmmm- no. I don't think so.

Greg- I absolutely DO know you! I am sorry I missed you in my video! :) I have photos to prove it don't I? Hugs and thanks for stopping by. I loved the Mutual shows too...and yes, poor Jim :) Animal planet has come a long, long way since those days! :)

Hugs Susan, so WONDERFUL to see you! I am sorry I've been so off the radar. I guess my thing with evolution is if we evolved from monkeys, or birds, or cows...what heppened that stopped the present day cows from finishing their evolvement? The world is too vast and varied for this to make sense to me- it's like a great painting...with layers and details that are meant to be seen, but only after really looking. A great mind had to construct life. Nothing else makes sense to me.

/t- I wanted to write a book called "De-Evolution...the monkeys evolved from us!"
But then I heard "Devo" had an album with a similar title...but I should still write it! :)
<3 Hugs and love to you! :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

That looks like my next door neighbor, only smarter. I'm sure the Orang doesn't drive a jacked up pickup truck.

mean dovey cooledge said...

lemme tell you if you think chicken houses smell bad you aint seen nuthin yet. all ya'll sayin you wanna live with oragnan orangeatans orengutans ...nevermind....well...... all i can say is you ought to ring up the yerkes primate center before you go poppin off.

The Phosgene Kid said...

That's our Mayden, always monkeying around!

boneman said...

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X. Dell said...

Have you considered writing to the UN to ask them why they are doing this?

You might agree or disagree with the answer, but at least you will no longer wonder.

BTW, there are numerous instances where dolphins have come to the aid of human beings.

Bad Bob said...

If the orangutans were a cousin of yours, they'd have to bevery're too cute.

I just came back to see you blow me another kiss and lo and behold, I missed a couple of posts!

I'm happy to see you are still here.