Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Now I lay me down to sleep...

My Mom is not well- her kidney function continues to drop. Other things spin out of my conrol...
At times I feel I'm in a tornado of sorts...being picked up and tossed like a little rag doll on a mighty wind. Or like that poor cow in the Twister movies (or whatever it was called)- MOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

Today, at my mom's house, I discovered a treasure trove of memories in an old suitcase. She gave me permission to bring it home and sort through the 60+ years of memories stored inside.

I was totally blown away~

One letter, written from my Great Uncle JT Boyce, to his father, in August of 1945- was written from Manilla...to his father, my Great, Great Grandfather- "Thornton Norfleet Boyce"- during WWII!
The letter said: August 5th, 1945

"Dear Daddy,

"It's raining in Manila tonight but it is a welcome change from so much dust and heat. I'm well and getting along fine, but I miss the US and Mid (his wife) especially. My mail hasn't caught up with me and I'll be glad when it does. We have these shifts here when I work. We rotate each week... (the rest left out for personal reasons)

The food here is good for the Army but I could use something cold to drink. After a while I think we will get more ice. It doesn't look like the Japs can hold out much longer but you can't be to sure. I hope you are well and getting along ik. I've been here since Jlu 15th. I told you I flew all the way from the States, didn't I?


I've been in touch with my great Uncle JT over the last few years...lucky me- he is 91 and still as sharp as ever. I copied the letter and envelope and mailed it to him this afternoon...it seemed like the least I could do.

I wonder what he will think of this letter being in my care...of all the nieces or cousins...or whoever that would have written to him over the years- it seems interesting that 24 years before I was born he would pen this note- and then live long enough to know me...and I would find his letter to my great grandfather...

I don't believe in "coincidences"- this letter found me for a reason...if only to send it back to it's original author.

Nor do I believe I have "found" any of you by "conincidence" either- Love you...all of you...I will write as soon as I can...I promise.


Libby said...

cors, what a wonderful treasire for you to find!! i'm so glad you know enough to appreciate it!!

Gnomeself Be True said...

Cherish them, and hope there will be someone around to cherish you.

Bone said...

I echo the previous sentiments. What a treasure.

It makes me a little sad that people don't seem to write letters near as much anymore. What will we leave behind for future generations to find?

I'm very sorry to hear about your Mom. I scrolled to the bottom of the page but didn't see anything else about it. I'm ashamed that I'm so far behind, but my Dad has been having some health issues.

leelee said...

Thoughts and prayers Cora for your Mom.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Best wishes for your mom It is nice that you came across the historical treasure trove. My brother recently sent me a bunch of pictures of when we were kids - they actually had cameras back then, believe it or not!! It has been fun looking at the old shots.

darkfoam said...

i'm so sorry about your mother, cora..
and i keep finding treasures as i rummage through my mother's items as well..
how lucky and blessed to be able to receive such gifts from the past.

roxanne s. sukhan said...

so sorry to hear about your mum ... you and she are in my thoughts ... and heart. recently my husband and his brother found out the location their father's ashes(he died in 1995, and their stepmother did never share that important piece of info to them). how special, and how sad.

its amazing how the past seems to reach out and grab us where we stand, in the present. the treasures you have found are so special ... treasure them.

sparringK9 said...

what an interesting time in your life! i was the one to dismantle my moms house when she went to her assisted living apartment. so many neat things i found. including all these drawings i had done in elementary school.

i think your uncle will be thrilled to see that letter again. sweet mayden. good to see you.

sparringK9 said...

about your mom: you just continue to sparkle and shine in that charming way you do - i promise that will be one of the best things you can do for her. i promise you.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope all is well!!

exskindiver said...

this sent chills through my body.
it is written from manila (where Luxie and I are from and you know how much we love you...)
1945 is a time that is so fresh in my parents' minds.
they talk about it all the time and their fondness for the american soldiers that their families had befriended and hosted.
wouldn't it be wild if your uncle had met my parents' families?

exskindiver said...

oh and i am sorry that your mom is not well.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I was lucky to find it- and I'm so grateful I did. I can't wait to hear what my great-Uncle has to say about it ;)

Iamnot- Thanks friend~I will. My kids are not going to believe how many "written" things there are all over our house- in books, note books, letters in drawers...sigh-
I'll be dead 10 years and they will still be finding stuff I wrote. They'll be sick of me! lol :)

Hopefully "future generations" will be able to find our blogs? LOL! Hugs...and I agree about the letter writing bit- I still mail out a good number of cards and things, but I need to be better about it. It is an art form- one we seem to be letting go of.

Thanks Leelee- hugs :)

I hope to get some of the old photos scanned and uploaded to my blog- they are fun to look at, and remember when we were so little :)

Hugs friend- I got your note today- thank you. I'll be home tomorrow (I escaped to the beach for a few days- alone! It's been good!)
I'll email you soon :)

Roxanne- I'm writing to you now! Hugs and thank you for your letter- it was so wonderful :) I hope to get my letter to you mailed off on Monday :)

She- are you ok? I sent you a text tonight- worried about all the storms...good to see you too.
I was involved in an accident last week (with a motorcycle) and it got the better of me. Everyone is fine (no contact- but the guy swerved and "dropped" his bike on a busy road- ugh...it was awful).
I'll try to catch up with you later this week.
Hugs...I miss you.
Heck...I miss me!

Phos- as long as I'm at the beach- things have to be better :)

Chesca- I know! When I read his letter I nearly flipped out!!! I had no idea he was in Manila- and so long ago. It made my "connection" to you and to Lux even more real...more dear. The world is not nearly as big as we feel it is~
Hugs and thank you. I'm out of town now- but will be home tomorrow. Hope I can come visit you at your blog tomorrow or Monday :)

X. Dell said...

I'd be kinda curious to see what your uncle's reflection upon this note is. Maybe he'll write back? Call, at least?

Anonymous said...
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boneman said...

OK, first off, he'll think it's the US mail system.....
Actually, it's a little early....


Actually, the way you have that post, your "great great grandad" was in WW2....
my dad was in WW2

So, that makes me kind'a old?


No, not at all. Not kind'a old....

Definately old,yes;kind'a old, no.

Lt. Colonel Maximum Damage said...

what ta troublesome situation my child. i bring blessing from your Father, and i am here to banish the snakes as well. if ya got a wee bit of irish i may kiss you ... ah i may kiss you all the same! youre not to worry, child. have a blessed day my dear.

Lady Prism said...

Ah' yes'...such a colorful time in the memories of my grandparents as well as my foster mom. They ( grandparents) were the first ones to build a full scale grand steakhouse in Clark Air Base to cater to the military. They ( foster mom and dad) were the first ones to put up a Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise here. My grandparent's house ( where I grew up) hosted such cool parties...I wish I could show you the pictures of the military men and their wives looking so smart and young and chic partying'..the Hawaiian beach parties...

And my grandmother chronicled the days of that war..ever since the Japanese occupation to what they call the American liberation days...

That letter you have is very important..very very very valuable. That is sooo priceless...My gosh'..I wonder how much that would fetch if a collector over here would chance upon it! I can just imagine!You are such a charmed magical treasure keeper!

I wish your mom love...and you too. Take care of yourself. I wish I could be nearer to help or just keep you company. But even if I a zillion miles away...you are inside me' heart and I think of you always.

ps; I am excited about your book!!!!!

darkfoam said...

actually, my dad was also in WW II ..

my greatgrandfather fought in the civil war .. no kidding ..

Mayden' s Voyage said...

X- I hope he does write back- he usually does :)

Boneman- I stand corrected. The letter was to my Great grandfather- I added one too many "greats"- sorry about that! And no...you aren't old :)

St. Patrick- you may kiss me any time :) Love you! lol~

Luxie- I would love to mail you a copy of it...I really wonder if our families knew each other- or at least passed each other.
It would be a wonderful if I could get some information/names from my Great Uncle about his time there :)

Foamy- the civil war??? Wow! My mom's side of the family has been in Va for hundreds of years I think- hmmm....I need to do some investigating! :)
Hugs :)