Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Sunsets around here are beautiful...

We were on our way home from a wedding celebration/reception- and I insisted that "Mr. Mayden" pull over so I could take a few pictures.
The colors changed so quickly- and one set was as vibrant as the next.

I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was. How firey the oranges were- how deep the blue-

And the Pink/ Peachy clouds...

I love the sky.
That sounds silly- but it's true. And I love the trees in North Carolina, and the green green grass. I love the hills, and the lakes, and my back yard.

I'm a romantic at heart...

My husband and I will celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary next week.
We'll be in Charleston at a beach front family re-union. Might not be very romantic, but it should be a lot of fun.
Which I think sums up my marriage pretty well.
We are friends- above and beyond everything else.
Yes- there are days when I wish for "more of" one thing or another...and there are lots of times when feelings get hurt, or needs go unmet because of the pace of a busy life- but at the end of each day...I climb into bed with a dear friend I've known since I was 12- and I realize more and more each day that it's a gift.
A real gift.

Sorry to be all mushy in this post! I've been stunningly busy- reading, writing, making plans for the fall, I might even end up with a job in September! I promise to catch up soon- and comment.
I've missed you- All of you :)


SJ said...

Congrats on 18 years of marriage and not killing each other :)

Beautiful photos those!!

exskindiver said...

happy anniversary!
that is beautiful.
and those pictures are not bad either.

foam said...

congratulations on those 18 years of marriage..... i completely get the ups and downs of marriage ...

and as long as you still enjoy making whoopy with your bestest and most beloved friend...
(did i just say that?)

yep, NC is beautiful

Libby said...

great pictures, mayden! and i love it that you can still be mushy after being married 18 years!

she said...

hoo-rah coe-ruh! ya'll are a fine fine lookin couple. congratulations. and yes those skies are incredible. great photos. you think they will look that pretty when the dog comes to call in fall???

what a treat to read a post about all that is right with your life. ahhhh! the read that refreshes! you have been MISSED! i cant wait to hear about what you've got cooking for september.


kate said...

Oh Have a great anniversary! I love the photo of you guys! =]

What job???

Hey I just read the good news (from your comment at Foams) about the kids school situation and that is sooo wonderful! You must be thrilled!!!!! (and does that mean you might actually get to come visit with the kids in AUG????? maybe we can meet somewhere... idk think about it and lets talk!)

Mayden' s Voyage said...

:) Killing each other would be's the slow way we drive each other insane that's made us nutty enough to hold on for 18 years! LOL

Exskindiver...thank you friend~
It's been mostly good :)

Thanks :) And yes, you are right!
And thank goodness he knows more now than he did in the beginning- and umm...of course- I do too! LOL!

I promise, my mushy moments don't usually last too long- reality sets in kind of quick unfortunately ;)

Oh She...I hope the skies are this beautiful when you get here! Your visit is the highlight of our Fall! :) I'm getting a fancy new oven tomorrow! Can't wait for cooler weather, pot roasts, and cookies!
LOL :) Can't wait for you!

We do need to talk :)
Granny is looking for more time with the kids- and we'll be in Charleston the last week of July.
I don't know if we'll have time to work in a trip- but we would love to try. I'll look- and we'll talk-

The Phosgene Kid said...

Great photos! What beautiful colors. Now that we have some clouds around I might be able to take some nice sunset/rise pictures myself.

Happy Anniversary, early!!! Go out and do the town!

The Grunt said...

That is great how long you two have been together. That is something that I hope to have someday. The sunsets were beautiful too.

leelee said...


What beautiful photos, of the sunset and you and your hubs, you both look really happy..I see it in your eyes..congrats on your anniversary.


Scary Monster said...

18 years, wow! iffin me thinks about all the things that been happened to me in all that time it gives me some perspective on how strong yer relationship must be. Congratulations and may the next two or three decades be more overwhelmingly beautiful than the pictures you posted.


P.S. Thanks fer the kind words you left at me place. All be well and everyone safe at the lair.


Gardener Greg said...

Make sure and visit the winery while you are here. I know you love wine.


X. Dell said...

Congratulations to the two of you. Many happy returns--of the anniversary and the beautiful skies.