Tuesday, July 17, 2007

For Scary Monster, and why I've been so busy-

Apparently Scary, or some version of him, has gotten lost up north in Canada~
I admit that I have him stomping around with me- or at least I have a COPY of him.
This is not the real deal- but the next best thing~

This is me, at my desk upstairs- with a crooked lamp shade in the corner (because I told someone I would keep it that way for the rest of the year in their honor)
And there is Scary- always smiling (or something) at me...
My beloved dog's photo (K9/She) is on the other wall, and all the things my blog friends have sent me (besides paintings that are hanging up downstairs) are in this room with me, or in one of my journals.
X-Dell wrote today about a blog friend of his who is suffering. I have a dear blog friend who has just been diagnosed with cancer. And yet another friend whose wife is not a blogger- and thinks we in the blog community are just looking for love~
Well, yes, of course- we ARE all looking for love, or companionship, or new friends, or just the simple desire to be heard. I am trying to get around to the 20 or so blogger who read me and get caught up at their place- it's a slow process, but you know what?
I love it.
And I care about all of you. We are a community in one way or another- and there are some bonds here that I do think will last for a long time. You are each special and dear in your own ways- and I value you. Some of you have big places in my heart... Thank you friends :)

Remember a few weeks ago when my kids were denied transfer out of year round school?
And I was going to write an angry letter questioning "WHY"?
I didn't write it.
Everytime I got ready to- I had the strangest sense that "Absolute Tact" was in order here.
Last Wednesday I got a call- out of the blue, from the Office of Student Assingment...my son was chosen to go to a "School of the Arts" that we've been applying to for 2 years!
No year round program for him!
Next- I called to see where my daughter was on the waiting list at a Charter school we applied to last fall-
She is #1 on the wait list!!!

If she does not get in I'll homeschool her- seriously. This is how determined I am to keep her out of that particular Middle School.

I've been reading "Awakening at Midlife", "7 Levels of Intimacy", and working in a Latin workbook. I've been listening to a college lecture about the life and work of Mark Twain, and for the first time ever- I have a whole story line for a book in my head- from beginning to end.
I've been reading the Bio of Carl Jung- wow!
I've also been asked to preview a new book that will be coming out around Christmas for an author who is a good friend of a good friend. I've actually been published in one of her books already.
I'm also going to submit an application at a pre-school for a teaching position. My hearts first love is little kids- and this would be an ideal position for me. Part time, pre-schoolers, lots of playing and making stuff-
It's perfect...and I was recommended to the director. We'll see what happens.

So, this is what's consumed me, and will continue to until the fall. If I homeschool Juli-Anna- I'll be really busy, but in the best kind of way :)

I have another trip in my future- to Charleston SC, and hopefully one to Florida later this fall with my daughter for her birthday (or close to it). She wants to go to Disney when it isn't so blooming hot- and less crowded. I'm working on it!

Hopefully I'll be around to see you soon. Now you are all caught up on my little life. And by the way, the new Tin foil hats are working out nicely! LOL! ;)


Libby said...

cora-you are one of the nicest blogger friends i've ever met...well, not in person, but....
anyway, you are so caring! and i thank you for that! and...i changed my picture now!!

iamnot said...

Oh I see. Your excuse for not blogging is "living."
Sounds kinda thin to me, but we'll cut you some slack for now.

Anonymous said...

Hey, here is that website i was talking about where i made the extra cash.. later! i'm going to cali next week..check this out

Scary Monster said...

Hi there neighbor ;-)

It's nice to hear that you be in a groove and eventhough you sound really busy, it also feels like things are working out well for you. King Cabo sits on me desk almost in the same spot as your Scary Monster. Presently he be ruling over Darth Vader, the pumpin king and Gumby.
Me be glad to hear that you are getting your kids the edumacation they need and deserve and are getting the chance to do some educating yourself. Me figgers you know how me feels about that.
Take it easy, Mrs.C and don't forget to enjoy life while working so hard.


P.S. Me be off to Cali next week to find Mr.Anon and get some o' he extra cash for the Monster fund.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

I LOVE Tigger! I hope he will always be your mascot! Hugs friend :)

Mr. Iamnot-
Yes- you and I are kind of in the same boat with the school situation. I feel like I'm jumping through hoops and standing on my head to make things right-
but, as you have said to me before, "It's all about the family Cora"- and you are right (AGAIN!)

I don't need money as much as I need a handsome man-friend who will shower me with love, devotion, good humor, and his time.
And can keep a secret. I'm not interested in anything else- ok?
Unless you are Daniel Craig...but I pretty much already explained that!

Thanks friend :) It's fun to see you everyday- in my own little way ;) I am going to have a Martini tonight (with olives of course- nice green monster color) in your honor... to "enjoy life" as you say :)

SJ said...

Cora, The pleasure has been mine. AM happy to hear the school thing is working out the way you want.

LADY LUXIE said...

Congratulations to your son!!!...UUuuu'..itz' gonna' be fun for him!

And I mizz ya' as well...And yes I want love as well..hee! hee!...

You are always in my thoughts as well..I know I haven't been writing much but you're in my heart...and soon I shall have the time..time..time...

AM' looking forward still to seeing you someday!
Take care..

ps: homeschooling is fun! I did it!

foam said...

i'm glad life's issues are working out for you. i'm glad to know you and eventually we will meet.

X. Dell said...

Good news about your son. Tell him I said hi, and to enjoy the new school.

I can't agree with you more that a community is what we have become.

she said...

non bloggers dont understand. i mean this is where you can have a good conversation without the disagreements resulting in somebodys saliva all over your face

but but *sputter* hem haw *sputter*

but theres never any disagreements here coe-ruh!

so glad about the schools and i hope you get that gig i think it would be great for you and i KNOW it would be great for those kids. if you need a personal reference i can write a thriller! grrherhaha
im sure you have more than you need of willing advocates.

well, my tails down lately, but im not out of the fight. just resting on the ropes for a minute.

good to see ya grrrrrrrrrl.

Anonymous said...


is busy outdoors
and visiting/vacationing

fall aways seems to be the best time for blogging

and, good for you and your son!


the.red.mantissa said...

how strange your are into twain of late. ME TOO! i had no idea he had such a fixation with spiritual matters ... reading his stuff actually inspired me for a complete story idea, too. i'm excited about it ... thought it will take lots of research ...

i have meant to write you oh-so-many times. and i have still the idea of a new header for you in my head ... sorry for taking so long.

i like that description of she's - 'tail down for the moment' ... that's how i feel sorta, too.

i little elf was here ... wait a few minutes and you will see ... :)

The Phosgene Kid said...

Looking for love in all the wrong places!!!

kate said...

lol to I am nots comment

So glad that life is good there! Wondering why I dont have a Scary Monster above my desk... or anything for a k9... lol

Have a great week! I owe you a call... My cell phone died this week and I just got a replacement... all my pn's that were on there were on the phone and not the sims card... so to make a long story short, I may need your #'s again! grrr... lol

I probably have them in an email somewhere. no worries!

Happy Hump Day!

Gardener Greg said...

Thanks "friend"

Scary Monster said...

Mrs.C what brand of tin foil do you use? Me caps are not working at all except for the few time me be walking under bridges...