Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'm backkkkkkk....

Sunburned (but only a little), well fed (I gained 7 pounds- UGHHH!!!!), well loved, and stung by a beast of a Jelly Fish! But I'm here~
And I missed you :)
Except for Greg the Gardner...who I saw on this last trip! He, his wife, and his kids!!!

More tomorrow..but tonight I'm pooped :)

Love to all of you-
especially Scary Monster, Greg, X-Dell, Foam, Kate, Lux, K-9, Mantissa, Aunty, Libby, Phos, SJ, Little Lamb, Leelee, my Uncle Ray, Sis Naomi, Bone, and everyone else who checked in on me.

And, NYD of course ;)


SJ said...

Missed you too... glad to have you backkkkkkk :)

Lee said...

Welcome backkk!

leelee said...

Welcome Home Mayden..sounds like a good time (save for the jelly fish bites..ouch) It's been quiet around here with so many good blog pals vacationing et al.


she said...

good to see ya grrrrrrrrrl! sunburned? oh no. SFP 8? but you look good..nice n rosey. what did you eat? you know we want reports on the meals. charleston? isnt that a food town????or was it all good home cookin? details!

X. Dell said...

Hey, good to see you smiling, if a bit sunburned. Were I there, I'd give you a hug and a friendly pat on the back--which of course would hurt a lot, since you're sunburned.

KAYLEE said...

NICE BLOG YOU HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Little Lamb said...

Hugs back to you!