Tuesday, January 23, 2007

~ Time Out ~

I need to step away for a little while.
Both on Monday and today I've sat at this computer and become tearful...
over things that were said, and things that weren't said-

Over people I know- and people I don't know.
Over people I love.

Not all are bloggers...and most are friends.

Sometimes I'm a mush- I know that.
Often times- the words you share with the world hang around in my heart. Is that a bad thing?
Sometimes I pray for you...
The losses in your world are no different than the losses in my own...this is why we connect.
And yet- we are scattered.

Last night I had dinner with a friend I have not seen in years and years. We were very good freinds as children- one of our childhood group has already died. We've yet to reach 40.

Such is life~

We run and run and run. Missing the chance to say to say "I love you".

The world is full of evil things- and of things that are hard for me to understand...
but "Love"-
there's a concept I can grasp.
And yet- Love is vast...just as I think I've grasped it- grabbed a handful of it's fur, or feathers, or fluff of cloud- it grabs me and pulls me in. I'm surrounded by it on all sides...and something or someone chuckles quietly inside, "Sweetheart...did you really think you had a handle on THIS?"
I have to laugh too...silly me.
But...it's a nice place to be, if only for a little while. Wrapped up- surrounded- insulated for just a while, before I have to return to the grind of the world.
I'll be quiet now...for as long as I can bear it.


The Grunt said...

Sometimes a break is what we need. Take care of yourself, Cora.

infinitesimal said...

hello my little pudding pop

remember the time....??

i had to take down my photo because someone turned it into a demon picture as a joke and posted it on their blog.

some joke

harde har har

i feel ya, and maybe will just step back too.

came by to say hello

schaumi said...

we all need to step back at times, have a time out, face the grind of the world head on. it's hard though..:)...keeping quiet..on the computer, that is.

iamnot said...

Don't go far or long...

Scary Monster said...

Mrs.C.Me is agreeing with all here. Get yourself a glass of wine and a sumptuous foot massage, close yer eyes and f'get the world fer a while. You'll feel better for it.
(softly) STOMP.

Enemy of the Republic said...

You are in my heart and prayers. I get very sensitive as well and need to retreat. You do what you need. You are loved, very much so.

firebird said...

big Big BIG HUGS!!
...and I know you will be back to the computer before long...
because it's a circle of friendship, too--and we love you--

SJ said...

Don't be gone long... rest, relax , recuperate, and return.

Anonymous said...

some things are on me' mind as well...


Crashtest Comic said...

Leaving so soon?
The night is young...

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

you feel that breeze? its just a wag headin up ol 85.
with you in spirit as you already know. so sorry about your friend.

/(soft( grrrr

Seven said...

Blankets of love and security can be found in the oddest of places, eh? Hugs and blankets. Bet you can't stay quiet all that long....:-)

kate said...

we'll miss you... I am a call away! (or a plane ride... hehehehe)

Mayden's Voyage said...

Thanks and love to each of you- in the spirit of being quiet I'm whispering as I post this reply...
I'm a goof :)

be back soon-
7 is right... ;)

Grunt- thank you...I know you understand

Fini :) "Pudding pop"- I laughed out loud when I read that! :) Thanks...sorry about the tacky-idiot photoshopper.

Schaumi- it is hard~

Iamnot- :) You always know where to find me! :)

SC- wine and a foot massage...
will you marry me? :)
(wait- nevermind- I can't :)

Thank you Susan- I know it- and I feel it...especially from you~

Firebird- hugs back..and thank you :)

SJ- I will- I promise :)

Lux- you are a sister- I sent you a note this morning :)

Crash- did you laugh when you got the shoe pic? LOL :) I laughed when I took it!

K9- I caught the breeze- you catch the smooch and the sunshine I sent, ok :)

7even- You know me better than you think :)

Kate- you are in my thoughts all day today :)
I'll talk to you on Friday :)

Libby said...

hugs, cora...take the time you need! we'll be here!

puerileuwaite said...

My thoughts are with you.

Crashtest Comic said...

Until we meet again!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Oh crap, what did I do now? I have been really careful not to let my cruel evil Phos out, really I have! And 40? You’re distraught about 40? Hell, I don’t even remember 40! Besides you don’t look a day over 39 ½! Crap, I did it again didn’t I? Sorry!!!

Aunty Belle said...

Missy Mayden Fair,
time is a restorative. Ya's wise....Aunty loves ya!

Baron Ectar said...

Mayden -
You are such a great inspiration to so many. Take your time and do whatever you need to refill - return soon and rest now.

ThursdayNext said...

Its good to take a breath and recenter yourself. Everyone will be here when you get back. Sending love and hugs your way.

Little Lamb said...

Please don't leave us. You brighten up the blogs you visit. If you need some time out, we'll just have to understand, but you do brighten things up. So don't stay away long.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Hope you are feeling more chipper, miss you already!!

/t. said...

miss you, cora


Mayden's Voyage said...

Libby- thank you-

Pug, you really are sweet :)

Crash- If you only knew how much I've laughed going through the shoes in my closet for you! :)

Phos...I'm 37! 37! 37! Jeesh...I'm hanging on to it for dear life man! 39???? LOL :)

Aunty- thank you- and I "loves you too!" Hope when I get to Florida this summer I'll get to visit with you :)

Baron- your note came at exactly the right moment...thank you :)
I needed it- really~

One smile I've gotten has been reading Percy's page and your comments to him- oh girl...you are the best! :) Firebird is keeping him on his toes too!

Little Lamb- Darlin'- what a sweetheart you are...thank you:)

Phos- I am better- the family is finally well (we've been sick)
and the bluebirds are flying around :) finally!

/t- I feel it...thank you- so very much :)

Anonymous said...

Love is a 350 yard drive, and a 7-iron 4 feet from the pin.

But be careful...you could still "F" up the putt.

Billy Clyde Puckett