Monday, January 15, 2007

Mom- can you give me that in LATIN?

True story~

This afternoon my kids had some friends over.
The boys were playing with the PS2- and then roaming around outside looking
for whatever it is 13 year old boys go looking for. Usually a mud hole or a tree- I think :)

The girls, both 11, were upstairs playing Pirates of the Caribbean Life, and then later decided to play with a doll house set that one of them had gotten for Christmas.

I was downstairs- getting the pizza into the oven, when I heard my daughter call down to me,

"Mom- can you look up a word in Latin for me?"

I said..."WHAT?"

By this time she was coming down the stairs- and as she rounded the corner she said, "We are trying to come up with names for the characters we are playing with, and I need you to look up some words in Latin so we can decide what to name them."

I said, "Yes honey, I think I can help you."

I tried not to let her see my heart SOAR~ but I'm pretty sure the way I floated up the stairs kind of gave me away...

With one click of my computer I was linked to my "Latin Dictionary"- and we began to search to our hearts delight.
We had a blast!

We discovered that "Albus", as in Albus Dumbledore means "White"~

Alsius- means "frosty" (for her white horse)

She named her Unicorn "Adonis"

The witch was named "Morticia"

Today was one of those days when being a Mom was the coolest thing ever~
The kids all said thank you at lunch time, cleared away their mess, were well
and we all learned some Latin!

Very cool indeed :)


LADY LUXIE said...

I just cleaned my kid's bedroom...AAAAAAAAAAAArrrgggg!!!!!...gawd!...$%#@$^%$'..shucks to the cooore!!!...

sigh!..wish I could soo honestly say the same thing!..Right now what I want to be is a mermaid!

puerileuwaite said...

That DOES give me hope for the next generation. It's too late for me though, as I only use Latin to curse in public and get away with it.

iamnot said...

Wanna trade kids?

Anonymous said...

Semper Fidelis

Mayden's Voyage said...

Lux- remind me of a few months ago when I hauled out 4 bags of trash from my daughters room!
She's kept it up pretty well since then though...cause I fuss! LOL :)
Ummm- I wouldn't mind being a mermaid though! Acutally- it sounds like a wonderful idea! :)

Damnosus, Fimus, Elleborus!!!
The dead language lives! Brought back to life by purile comments on a Maydens blog! Would this be considered "dirty talk"? I think it is! :) Sorry- I'll stop!

Iamnot- Don't get me thinking about a wouldn't be the kids- and we'd both be in trouble! LOL :)

Always faithful...
Love it :)

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

quis miseratio matris deus beatus vos


kate said...

omg they actually WANTED to learn!!!! hehehe

Great Great photo! You should really frame that one! I can just see what she is going to look like as an adult there... ya know... you sometimes get glimpes into the future in photos! (In many ways!)

cheers gf!

Seven said...

Did the boys learn any Latin?

Baron Ectar said...

Mayden -
I love hearing your about your daily joys with you kids - makes me feel all warm inside.

I have to tease ya a little here - I am glad it was your daughter asking for your help and not your son asking you to help him look for the trees or mud!

schaumi said...

way cool indeed.
i too learned something.
i didn't know that albus meant white.
so, way cool..

Scary Monster said...

There be nothing better than watching the minds of children reacing out and grasping knowlege. Making it their own and playing with it without any other motive than the pure enjoyment of learning something new.

That is quite a charming picture. You both look so happy. Me would love to have something like that on me fridge

Mayden's Voyage said...

I'm still working that one out :)
Compassion, lady, (goddess?), gladden, you~
(I think it makes you happy to see me and the Pixie :)

Yes...sometimes when it suits them- they do :) Hope you had a good weekend! :)

Actually 2 years ago when we were neck deep in Harry Potter- my son and I did quite a bit of Latin research trying to figure out what everyone's name meant. The spells were also in Latin. We've spoken about it many times since then- I suppose that's where my daughter got the idea that I could help her out with this particular task :)

Well- I tell you what...I can find those too! :)
I remember climbing trees~ and stomping in the mud...
and getting into lots of trouble for dirty shoes and socks! LOL :)

Mayden's Voyage said...

My respect for Ms. Rowling goes up everytime I stumble upon something like this.
Voldemort "de mort" is of death/
seems fitting that Albus would be
White :)
I get a HUGE kick out of this sort of thing- I'd like to think it rubs off on the kids :)

It's a long story- but you wouldn't be the first blogger to have a pic of me (or a magnet of me) on their fridge :)
I know of at least 10 people who have one :)
And to be fair- their pic is in that image too- and I have it on my fridge :) (Lady of Perpetual Blogging- K9's blog)

My kids are good- I'm blessed :)

SJ said...

Well she is YOUR daughter she should "rocketh" too.

BTW what is "chick" in Latin ;)

LADY LUXIE said...

ello' there...I luuuv...lookin' at your lovely darling darling darling beautiful...and I love her hair!!..

Wish I had a daughter...sigh....

i wonder what the latin word is for banana..that's what Im having for lunch...ey' taking your post on diabetes to heart...been very very conscious of what I eat...which makes me think more of I want a lasagna...or a juicy hamburger...or roasted baby back ribs...nyaaaaa!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

I speak pig-latin at times because it really cheeses off the wife.

/t. said...

at phos...

mayden, for sure
that floating up stairs
thing is a dead giveaway every time! :)

great story -- thx!


Mayden's Voyage said...

"Pullus" means young chick (like a chicken :)

"Domina" means lady, or wife.
Funny- the word wife is translated into Latin by
"Domina" in "Dominate"
Hmmm- those Latin folks were pretty smart! LOL

Lux- I'm proud of you...and one day you'll me Juli...and you will love her, and she will love you :)
She is a dear one!

TPK- Pig Latin! LOL!
Yep- that cheeses me off too :)
(and yes, of course, my hubby does it too- but thankfully not very often! )

*blushes*...yeah...I know...
Couldn't help it though :)

Valerie - Riding Solo said...

How wonderful for you!

I only speak pig latin.