Friday, January 05, 2007

Spiked Fiber :)

Health officials everywhere say we need more fiber in our in our diets...
So- I try to eat salad- and lima beans- and all that good stuff they recommend-

I bought some Metamucil (sp?)

Have you ever tried Metamucil???
First it's gritty- then it gets applesauce.
And as I'm trying to drink it- and it just looks like orange sludge!

I've tried a few things to make it better- here is my best suggestion-

Add a shot of your favorite citrus flavored vodka to it-

(Watermelon, orange, strawberry- )

Makes a BIG difference :)

And- it is such a nice way to start the day!
(I'm kidding...the dose in the morning is vodka free- the one in the evening is spiked- well, only sometimes!)

But when I'm old...and have no where to go except to wander out to my deck and look at the lake-all my old friends will come over for breakfast at my house-

And we will all say "Cheers" to to more fiber in our diet...



Serena Joy said...

Mayden, you may have set a new trend here -- Absolut Metamucil. Cheers!:)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm, hmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm,
nope............i think i'll still pass on the vodka metamucil....:)as much as i love vodka.
bloody mary's surely have lots of fiber....all those veggies, you know..

/t. said...

fiber sounds
kind of painful

[insert image of underwear and thumbtacks here]


Scary Monster said...

Metamucil on the rocks,
Real rocks! So me can get me minerals and me fiber all in one glass.Lip smackin, teeth gnashin good stuff!
Don't want to imagine what a monster poop might be like...

Enemy of the Republic said...

I never thought of that. Thanks for the tip.

Baron Ectar said...

ummmm - lets see - no thanks your story was nice and all - but I will let you ladies handle the fiber dept.

puerileuwaite said...

So if you show up at my door smelling of oranges, you're probably using me to get to my bathroom. No thanks.

JL4 said...

Is you guys REALLY having a conversation about pooping?

Mayden's Voyage said...

K9 will flip when he sees this~ :)

Schaumi- I suppose it's time I try a Bloody Mary! :)

/t- that is just down right kinky :)

Can you say "Colon Blow"? LOL- anoher one of my favorite SNL sketches :)

EOR- why is the men are hesitant to add fiber to their diet??? I'm just tryin' to help :P

All I hope for- when your Dr tells you that you need to increse your fiber- is that you will think of me and laugh :) And I am SURE you will! :)

Pug- I usually have the aroma of Ralph Lauren's "Romance"~
be wary of anything less :)

JL4- we are disussing fibe~! And this was the best spin I had on the subject :)

X. Dell said...

Spiked Metamucil? I bet you couldn't have thought about that one when you were twenty-one.

My grandmother used to give my dad cod liver everyday, and she masked the taste with orange pop. To this day, my dad can't drink orange pop, because it reminds me of the cod liver oil. Maybe if my grandmother had spiked it with vodka, things could have been different.

JohnB said...

fiber and vodka
who would have thought?
neat and brought t'ya
by the Mayden who sought
it's so plain to see now
ever well against thee foe
so presently we know how
to dispense that most hated foe!

SJ said...

Thanks but I'll have my vodka with OJ or Sprite :)

Any recommendations on how peeps can improve the fiber in their morals?

puerileuwaite said...

What a coincidence. I usually wear Ralph Lauren's "Chaps". This gets me so much female action that I leave waves of chapped lips in my wake.

Oh wait.

I meant the "other" chaps that the gringos wear. And nothing else. Yippy kai yay!

Libby said...

ew! cora! oh well, i guess it's better than the prune juice mom made me drink when i was little!

K9 said...

/bark bark bark

mayden...smells like thursday night!

sing it REM

"follow she, dont follow me
forget the wine, shes got the or-ange crush"

isnt this where xdell and i came in? trying to rhyme orange to impress you. it was right before the poetry duel.



Bird said...

a colon cosmo, eh?


Mayden's Voyage said...

X~, at 21 I was thinking about other things- I think I was working part time at TCBY- getting ready to work for a developer :) Funny how time changes things :)
Fiber is good for you, and me...the vodka just makes it easier to take! Like sugar with medicine when I was a kid!

JohnB...I never expected a poem from this post- I wish I could have seen you in action when my maydenhood was at stake in a duel between Percy, Cosmo, and K9....
You might have given K9 a run for his money! :) Thank you :)

SJ- I hate to say it...but the fiber of my morals decreases with vodka consumption- so I guess this is why I should stay away from the stuff? :) I guess this is why I usually do :) I know what you smell like! Mmmmm! :)
Except for the aroma of all the other chicks mixed in!

Libby- Better than prune juice? Not sure. It's rough stuff anyway you take it...BUT, It's GOOD for you!!! :)

K9...Forget the orange crush...
I love a dog for heavens sake! LOL! But- Yes, I remember :) And my blog life ever changed after that! xxx SMOOCH xxx !!!

Bird- you know which SNL skit I'm talking about- don't you???
:) LOL... Jane Curtian as the mom in the colon blow commercial :)
I almost fall over laughing when I think about it! :)


the pink reefer said...

you're supposed to drink it right away, silly. if its turns to sludge, that means you've waited too long to drink it!

i have made thousands of glasses of metamucil over the years ... (as a nurse) ... i never, ever mixed it with water! only OJ. also, they sell the capsules now.

and this stuff also clears the cholesterol from your bowel. just some useless trivia for you.

The Phosgene Kid said...

Try the Metamucil capsules. It is sad that I even know that. Your post reminds me of an anecdote about drinking Yak milk. You take one drop of Yak milk and add it to two shots of vodka and one shot of vermouth, shake well and only then is it fit to drink.

Anonymous said...

a double cappuccino can do wonders for my tummy..he!he!...I miss yah!! your pic..wait for me letter's past ten pm here...

guess who????

boneman said...

well, not all of us, and fer sure, not me right now.

Just got over that 24 hour flu thingie.
Thought m'organs were shuttin' down.
Everytime i felt a fart comin', I felt that fer safety purposes, I should be on the thrown.
Good thing, too.

Still grumblin' at me, m'stomach is, but, I'm on the mend!

still go to the thrown room fer farts, though, just in case! so... no fiber fer me fer a while, eh?

Little Lamb said...

Hmmm, spiked fiber. Interesting. I've had that stuff straight. I find the quicker you drink it the better.

kate said...

in college I did herbalife... and would mix vodka with that... I didnt want to waste the calories on juice and well ya got more bang for the buck! hehehe I actually never looked so good either! lol

Mayden's Voyage said...

Dear Pink- I know...I know...I actually like it a little thick- and I can't drink OJ at all- and apple juice has too much sugar- so I just stick with the water :)
But- YOU made an excellent point- which I failed to do...
FIBER is good for you. Not just for digestion- but for lowering cholesterol- sweeping out fats- keeping things moving...

I may have to market some "Absolut Fiber"- LOL! I know some folks at the rest home who'd love it! LOL :)

TPK- lol...does this mean we're getting old??? :) Nah...not us!!!

Lux- I must be getting old- (though I don't want anyone to know!) I can't drink coffee anymore...for the same reason I can't drink OJ-- Does not agree with me :(
But I'm glad it does for you :)
I sent a note...hope you see it- I need your advice on something~

Boneman- be careful darlin'- Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Tea, and Toast is all you should eat for a few days- take care and rest :) A cold front is coming! (I think!)

Little Lamb- you are right :)

Kate- :) I'll try to catch up with you this week~