Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ode to Chickory~ "Breathless"

(Something I wrote in Nov 08 at Chickory with Ande, but was then buried under other things I've written. Glad I found it...and thankful for the reminder :)

The Sun sinks on the Autumn Ridge.
I've seen her as she exits,
Viewed from way up high on the mountain side...

Down she goes, down a western slope,
Leaving the land in coolness and shadows.
Bright yellow leaves pretend to be sunbeams-
but only for this season.

The clouds settle over us in a wispy mist.
The Sun turns her back and the dampness lays in.

My fingers grow cold and numb trying to write,
Sitting by the stream as it gurggles and gushes~ swishy and swirly.

A canopy of green, yellow, orange and red tower above us,
As splendid as any cathederal, Holy as any church.

If God is in the details- then surely He exists in this place...
In the light, colors, and sounds which fill the senses.

Steep and arduous hills are with the climb-
Walk slowly, keep breathing, struggle for the top.

Then turn to see the treasure spill out before you~

There IS a difference between being breathless from an excursion-
And being breathless from wonder.
Both have their place ♥


Anonymous said...

is a place
of staggering
beauty & vista views,
which you capture in word & view here,
and also a place of great personal initimacy -- Holy as any church -- a blessing

well done, mayden -- a wonderful ode to chickory

× × ×


Skunkfeathers said...

With words images, few paint a visual as poignant as you!

K9 said...

an amazing treat to see a familiar place through the eyes of a poet -and friend. i never walk up there that i dont think of you - now i go over the mountain and over to the other side and out.

yes! ive never really thought about it but you are right -the minute the sun goes down its cold -even in summer - because of the humidity

you need to come back.

thank you for this. it is wonderful. xoxox

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Thank you /t...when I saw your walkabout photos yesterday I fell in love with your area. I suppose most places have an element of beauty if we look hard enough, but both at Chickory and your part of the country- beauty is just outside the front door ♥

Hugs Skunk :) thank you~

Ok Ande! I'm almost ready for the 5 mile loop! Well, nothing really prepares one for a mountain climb better than a mountain, but I am doing my part on the treadmill and eliptical :) I really hope to see you this spring. Hugs and love...and I'm glad you enjoyed this. I did!

dianne said...

The beauty of chickory and the amazing vistas in these phots is breathtaking, I can imagine how beautiful the air would feel, the coolness as the sun sinks behind the mountains, the sounds and the sweet scent of the forest ... I think it is a spiritual place, a cathedral of trees.
This is a lovely ode to the place where you have spent some time with your dear friend and a lovely ode to her as well... as always Mayden dear, beautifully and lovingly written. xoxo ♡

Bad Bob said...

God is surely in the details. I do not believe that evolution could have come up with such wonder and beauty.

Pam said...

Thank you for this glimpse into Chickory. I feel as if I have visited briefly. Amazing beauty on all levels.

X. Dell said...

Beautiful fall colors. No wonder you were inspired to write.

The Phosgene Kid said...

beautiful. I miss the forests of my native WI.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Most stunning, Dear Mayden, most stunning.

Libby said...

i LOVE these pics!

X. Dell said...

Hope things are well. Stopped by to say hi. Can't leave you anything as nice as our friend Prism, but I can offer thoughts of French toast.

Anonymous said...
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