Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday night~

It's storming like mad...Ida is showing her backside as she moves north and east.

I have a fire in my fireplace, made BLT's for dinner, and had a sip (or 3) of diet pepsi and Sky.

Interesting how safe and warm I feel despite the storm that swirls around me.

The racoons probably feel less comfy- despite trying to be guests in the garage- Margaret would not hear of that (matron kitty of the house).

All the 'coons left (for evidence) were wet footprints...proof enough. Gus, however, is my buddy- and I wish him well on this stormy night. (Food is on the deck pal!)

Mom called me tonight...her heart beats too fast. The doctor made note of that fact today...but I knew it from spending a whole weekend with her. She wears out so quickly.

She said she was fine and just had a new med to add to her long list of pills, but I know what it all means...

Enjoy today. Enjoy the sound of the wind as it sweeps past you in your warm house. Love the creatures who wander upon your path. Tell your mom, or kids, or friends, or pets you love them.

The only life you can significantly change is your own. Be happy, or sour, longing , or the end the game is all yours. You are responsible for your own happiness.

Sleep well tonight dear friends. I will- knowing especially that I have known what it is to be happy, and to be loved~



K9 said...

how lovely and so you. it sounds like your spirit is in a good place. i know what you mean about your mom. steel yourself darlin. i know youll be a champion of grace and strength.

Bad Bob said...

I tell a lot of the kids that come through my office that you can't choose what you are, but you can choose who you are.
I am afraid that life is not always what we want it to be, but do the best you can while you can and I hope your mother does the same. Most of the influence we had growing up was from our parents, but all too often I see kids without any parental influence at all.
Your parents did well.

Anonymous said...

natden <3

Anonymous said...

finger fudge...

of course i meant

mayden <3

foam said...

my thoughts are with you mother ..

dianne said...

What a lovely post dear Mayden, love your words of advice for a happy life and appreciating what we do have... yes they are so true dear.

Thinking of you and your Mom. xo ♡

Skunkfeathers said...

The storms here, the storms there..and the oasis of calm that rests within the spirit of a soul not buffeted by the storm.

Time and transition is constant around us. You will endure, with love and memories.


PS: pack Gus a storm kit ;)

Bone said...

This was bursting with life and beauty. Thanks for sharing your words.

Libby said...

cora, beautiful words! thank you for the thoughts!