Wednesday, November 04, 2009

23 million dollars~

It's all yours. Think about it. 23 million to spend however you wish...
what would you do with it?

As I began to write my list I thought of how I would help my family, and of setting up trust funds for all the kids close to me. I would give my mom a new home, or one attached to mine, and I would find someone to help me reshape my 40 yr old body :)

And I would travel. Travel everywhere. Plane, trains, cars, and boats!

But the first order of business should probably be to launch my company
"Mayden Gobal Communications". This would be the parent company of:

"Mayden Inspiration" (cards, stationary, inspirational items, etc),
"Mayden Heaven" (cookies, fudge, and goodies),
"Mayden USA" (scarves, baby hats, knitted blankets, and hand-made items by artists), and
a magazine/newsletter which would publish travel, restraunt, and hotel reviews, as well as promote the various branches of my company. I don't have a name for the magazine yet, although "Mayden's Voyage" might not be a bad idea :)

However, with all that said- I don't need 23 million to launch a company.
I just need to do it.

Hmmm~ what do you need/want to do?


Anonymous said...

$22M to salvation army
$1M to my bank account

live on the interest

× × ×


Skunkfeathers said...

1. Take care of immediate family.
2. Set aside retirement
3. Target charities I trust for donations
4. Disconnect my phone ;)
5. Do some travellin' and visitin'

Mayden' s Voyage said...

/t- you are a prince of a man :)

Skunk- I hope the Pixter and I would be on your list :)

dianne said...

Donate money to many charities in need, salvation army, saint vincent de paul society, shelters for the homeless, RSPCA, Animal Welfare league, WSPA, World Wildlife fund and more.

Start up my own hospice and well run nursing homes for the young as well as the elderly as there are many young people suffering from chronic disease who need constant aim to treat all with the dignity and care they deserve to enjoy their final years in comfort and kindness.

Help my immediate family.

Put some aside for my retirement and do some travelling...take a long awaited holiday. ♡

Bad Bob said...

a 23,000,000 windfall? If I were to get that much, taxes would leave about 13,8000,000.
I have some people who I need to re-pay, or "pay it forward" for helping me get back on my feet. I also would donate a large sum to the Victory Junction Gang Camp for the disabled and there are a number of students I know could use some scholarship help. I would buy a lot on a airstrip or make my own and become a hermit. I'd fly all over the place and see things I've always wanted to see.

J Cosmo Newbery said...


Do you mean "gobble"?

Helene said...

I think Mayden Voyage is the perfect name! hehehe

Hummm 23 mil (I am wondering why you picked that number but ok..,)

Like Bad Bob said that leaves about 14mil, so what would I do? First, I would talk to some financial planners. Let them come up with an investment/tax strategy so the money is safe. Then I would take 2 trips... one with all my family and one with all of my friends( blogger friends invited too of course!!). During those I would pick brains and get ideas for philanthropic endeavors...

In truth, I dont aspire to have more than I do( I think too much money changes a person and I dont care to be changed in that way), so I would honestly try to make it my lifes mission to use the money to help others as best I could... Would it include international travel??? You betcha! hehehehehehe