Friday, October 16, 2009

"Ode to K9" (love personified? :) Aug 06)


Friends...on July 21st a duel was settled, and my heart was claimed by K9. As I face the end of our 30 days (Monday) - I will tell you he has indeed claimed it fully~

Dearest Pup, my Beloved, Smoochable One-

This is by my hand- and from my heart.
Painted upon the soul- in pigment that will not fade.

For you....

"Ode to K9"

Faithfulness personified…
Is all she ever wanted~
Lovers had claimed her treasured heart,
But left her soul quite haunted…

Promises made but never kept~
Mayden’s beating heart discarded…
Left alone in the bitter night…
Only wanting to be guarded.

A Wooing Poet, a Romantic Dandy,
Or a Rottie for her to choose…
Words alone, Wine, Gun, or Bone-
It seemed that Mayden couldn’t loose.

But the pooch prevailed…He wagged his tail,
Mayden loved him with all her heart-
Their 30 days have come and gone…
The Voyage ends, and they must part-

Though we laugh, and kiss goodbye,
And reflect on memories we shall keep-
Such love and joy will show itself,
In the tears that Mayden weeps~

Good bye sweet one…I love you so
And you know I always do-
In my home, my arms, and in my heart,
There is ever a place for you…


Farewell K9…thank you for everything- but mostly for your friendship, wisdom, and all the ways you made me feel special! Love you pooch! :)
I will EVER be YOUR Mayden In Waiting~



Mayden' s Voyage said...
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Mayden' s Voyage said...

Hugs friend :) I couldn't help but to dig up this old archive and pass it along- it was an honest tribute to a beloved friend :)

Default winner my a$$!!!!

Anonymous said...

aha ha ha
grrherha ha ha

the best poet won. period.

<3s & ×s to the poet & mayden fayre


Little Lamb said...

That's adorable!

foam said...

considering how your friendship has blossomed and would have blossomed despite who won ..
this was just the perfect ending ....

Libby said...

how neat! you have SO much talent!

Skunkfeathers said...

Sorry I missed the competition, but a skunk knows it can't win against a K-9, even archivally ;)

SJ said...

what was that comment about fudge cookies? Is that mafia code for something sinister?

Lady Prism said...

I remember this very well. It was so much fun I'd crazily check your blog for updates by the hour!

So much has happened.So much has changed since then.

Fond memories never die.


dianne said...

Love your poems fair Mayden, they are beautiful and I'm so pleased that you and K9 are friends. ♡