Friday, October 16, 2009

For K9- a companion piece for your Part 3 post~ :)

"Steadfast and Devoted Attachment" ~ And a Winner...
(forgive my use the improper noun "He" :)

K9 was Fidelity Personified,
He knew no other way to live.
He simply loved the Mayden,
His allegiance was his pleasure to give.

The Detective- Beguiling and Charming,
Waxed long about being true,
About Harmony, Trust, and Alchemy,
And something about "Bondo" too~

But often he was discovered-
Chasing hoop skirts and ladies on the net...
On bended knees he proclaims adoration-
But Fidelity? Mayden is looking for it YET.

Boneman dared not try his pen,
Against 3 in a duel over One,
Yet Fidelity seemed a virtue he grasped,
If submitted- Perhaps he'd have won!

Part II
The Maydens View

The Sun and the Moon in their courses,
The deepest roots of the tallest tree-
Not for a moment do these elements falter,
This is "Fidelity" to me...

Ever working and ever waiting,
My thoughts alone belong to thee.
My heart (and flirtations) held in reserve for you,
This is "Fidelity" to me...

A Passion that burns and leaves it's mark
On my heart for the world to see~
Your words and mine- 2 joys combined,
This is "Fidelity" to me...


The Contest is nearly over~
And I fear there's a tie for 1st place!
The Pooch and the Wine Glass have said it best,
And Percy too has run a good race!

However, Cosmo has turned up missing!
And so Pup- Wilt thou be mine???
I know you're a dog- but you are precious-
Rag shaker, morse code breaker....


K9~ if the winner :)

Mayden says-----/GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Part IV
A Loving Condolence...

Percy, you swayed and wooed me-
And your attraction can not be denied,
And if I told you it was easy to judge the 3,
Surely my friend-- then I would have lied!

But I saw how you eyed the lovely Miss Eyre,
And the Lady Wordsmith has captured you too-
And this Mayden feels it would be terribly unfair,
To Imprison a man such as you!

A kiss I give you as you go-
Your words have given me much to mull over...
And I hope after 30 days or so...
You might show me your Taurus Revolver??? ;)

*smooch* to you Percy, and thank you for being the reason all of this took place to begin with! :)

Especially for K9 :) A Pup needs "Sunshine"

Good heavens...I LOVE that dog!!! :) Smooch to you friend, and finally, a rub on that belly!!! ;)


foam said...

ya'll made our blogging environment quite entertaining for a while. it was definitely a fun contest.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Ah, the good ol' days!

K9 said...

are you saying i won by default??!! because cosmo went missing? this is dreadful terrible news. but, in the end, a dog will take his prize with the happy countenance as is his nature. i smoked those jokers i know it in my heart and no slick poets would keep me and mayden apart.


the best of times. but c'est la vie. that is the way the seasons roll.

wait until you see how that house they were building across from chickory turned out. - not all that but the view is spectacular this fall.

still a butt burner. ;-)

love to you

K9 said...

FREE THE LADYBUGS! that is the kind of dog I AM. fidelity indeed.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

Foamy- we definitely had fun!

Cosmo- hugs friend :)

K9- You won by my choice- period.

The final count had you and Cosmo 50/50- but all along I said the final decision was up to me. The fact Cosmo went missing- had to be a point of full disclosure (or so I felt)... even so- that left you and Percy...and still- you won- hands down!

As a matter of fact- I don't think Percy has spoken to me since!

As for the ladybugs- they are ever in your debt :)
Seriously- how much longer will you be at the cabin? I'd love to come and see you...things here have settled a bit!

Mayden' s Voyage said...

PS K9-
and you know...if Cosmo had won and we'd gone on vacation together- ohhh- what a scandal!!!

Well, come to think of were scandal enough! lol :)
Hugs- and you know how much I love you :)

Anonymous said...


J Cosmo Newbery said...

Oh, calm my beating heart!

K9 said...

i want a full accounting of every sukka that voted against me. grrrrrrrrrherhahahaha just kidding.

i like your poem on what is fidelity btw. get back to writing now that things have settled. i will be heading down to florida next week and back in about 10 days. boxer is coming out nov 5-8; anytime after that is fine. ive done a lot to the cabin. you will love it. you are most welcome. xoxoxox

The Phosgene Kid said...

I couldn't imagine a life without dogs.

Anonymous said...

a tribute
befitting our
favorite rottie-poet!

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