Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3.5 years of blogging~

And what it's taught me-

*Appearances aren't always what they seem.

*A blog-friend who connects with your heart is as real as your dog or cat.

*You will draw to yourself what you send out into the blogosphere.

*Some people will walk away because you lose your entertainment value.

*I didn't know I had entertainment value.

*Some will love you because of the way you smile.

*Some will take the time to find out if your smile is as real on the inside as it is on the outside, and so have I.

*Some bloggers will call or text.

*Some will give their mailing address.

*Some will send a surprise in the mail.

*Some will invite us into their homes.

*Some will show you a glimpse of their heart- when in day to day life they keep it very concealed.

*Some will lie.

*Some will take your thoughts and feelings hostage.

*Some will give much more in return than you ever invested- because you were honest and real...and those are rare gifts in this day and age.

*Art is created here, in this medium, like none other I've seen.

*Truth is revealed here, in this medium, in ways I've never experienced before.

*Loss- of a blogger's pet, or parent, or spouse...or the death of a blog friend, is as deep and painful as losing anyone in hug-space/meatspace/real life. If you haven't experienced this for yourself, if you stick around, you will.

*Movies your blog friends suggest will stay with you and will always make you think of them.

*Dishes you cook taste better if a blog friend sends you the recipe.

*Cookies you mail are more fun to send to blog friends than I ever dreamed possible.

*I cheer for my blog friends sports teams.

*Bloggers who whine are not fun.

*Bloggers who speak their mind frankly (and don't give a f*ck what others think- hat tip to JL4 and K9) encourage me. Always.

*Bloggers who take the time to write what they learn from a difficult situation, or how to cope with the hard things in life we must endure- are inspirational. Even when they fail.

*Actually, I've learned more from reading about failures in life than I have about winning, or success.

*The real spirit of a blogger will eventually show itself.

*Love in the blogosphere is real, and special, and I wouldn't trade it, or you, for anything the world has to offer.

I love my blog friends. How else would I have ever found any of you?

Things in my part of the world are fine, just busy with the kids going back to school next week. My mom's kidney function is down a little more, but she's in good spirits and I go back to the Kidney specialist with her late next week.

My laptop died in March/April and I finally got a new one- so Yeahhhhhh! Not having one has really stunk- and I'm happy to be all set up in my office again- and slowly restoring links, but it just takes time.

Hugs and be well friends. I'll be around for a visit soon! :)


Enemy of the Republic said...

WOW! Great post. And I relate to many of these. Still haven't shared cooking recipes, but my blog friends are precious to me.

I've also made blog enemies. Sometimes it was my fault. But sometimes I got into something I just couldn't handle--I didn't know these people and it showed. That is where blogging can be dangerous.

Skunkfeathers said...

A superb list of lessons learned over 3.5 years, my friend. I've learned a few things, too:

- like fudge made by a Mayden, Pixster, with I reckon a tad of help from Pixster's 530 lb tiger pal, tastes incredible ;)

- once the weather cools down, another batch of no-bakes are headed east ;)

- I like y'all too much to share with you my fauxspamturkey surprise (coming to a blog in November)...it's a certified WMD ;)

- the value of two friends like you and Pixster...beyond assessing ;)

foam said...

i needed to read this today ...

Helene said...

Very true!
Happy 3.5 years!

I am in a total blogging slump.
Not sure why, summertime I suppose...

Hope you have a wonderful week!

K9 said...

i love this list!! and you are right on. i do believe my time with Mayden as my muse was some of the most stimulating times on blogger ever.

and my blue ridge friend you met calls you "mayden" not cora. grrrrrrhahahahaha

watching the election returns with you was a great way to not freak out in misery. seeing you in the black astroturf limo made me smile. you sparking up that attorney at the party was funny. (time doesnt read this does he?) grrrrrhahaaha

i have found that by meeting bloggers they are in essence what they are on the blogs regardless of the avatar or tone taken.

spot on observations.

Libby said...

Cora, thanks for listing the things learned in 'Blogcity'! i didn't realize it, but, yeah, i'd learned all of them!!
Give your mom hugs from me, i think about her a lot!

tinkerbell the bipolar faery said...

A brilliant post. Blogging has changed the way I see things ... it has brought out 'talent' in me I did not know I had. Yeaaay for the new laptop!

Anonymous said...

here's to
our mayden's
entertainment value :)
the next 3.5 years in blogland!

and here's <3 to cora

¤ ¤ ¤


Bad Bob said...

I don't blog as much as I would like, but I definitely can relate to entertain value as most of what I write (which isn't much) isn't funny any more.
I see blogs come and go, but the few that I visit mean a lot to me.

Kids come back to school next Tuesday and we are scrambling to be ready. Freshmen transition is over and now 2 days of staff development. It's always nicer to have students AND teachers here instead of just teachers....

J Cosmo Newbery said...

As ye sow, so shall ye reap!

SJ said...

You know what you were in my mind today. I thought that blogger magnet was gone forever but today as I was packing my bags for CA I found it in one of the bags! Good omen :)

Great list. I don't have a cat or dog so my pets are I guess my blog friends. Maybe when I am in the US some of them turn up for a belly rub !!!

The Phosgene Kid said...

Some people, like Phos, turn into incredible slackers.

Mayden' s Voyage said...

You are, after all, "Enemy of the Republic" :) But never an enemy to MV...you are precious to me as well and I am thankful I met you via this medium :) Send me a recipe and I promise to make it!
Hugs friend <3

You are a jewel and a keeper! Forgive me for being so slow in sending some honey- I will...a jar has your name on it, I just have to find a good box to send it in :)

Foamy- you are a keeper too- and thank you :) We will have a blog meet one of these days! :)

Hugs Helene :) It was good to talk to you today <3

dianne said...

A lovely post fair Mayden and some nice observations about fellow bloggers...I am very happy to have found all of my blogger friends, I have shared some things with you that I have shared with no others.
And you are a treasure Cora, your sweetness and smiling face lights up so many of my ordinary days.
Hope your Mom will be OK.
Hugs to you... ♡ xo

The Phosgene Kid said...

Blogging is like the "It's Small World" ride at Disneyland without the annoying song.

Bone said...

A blog-friend who connects with your heart is as real as your dog or cat.

I think that was my favorite one. Also, the whining one. You can say that again :)

It was weird the first few times I found myself thinking of or bringing up bloggers in daily conversation. Now it seems totally normal. At least that's what I tell myself.