Friday, January 30, 2009

Sunsets should be shared~ Crystal Coast NC

It was a warm day on the coast for this time of year- almost 60 today.
I'm at the beach happy place. I worked hard all week (painting and hanging wall paper in a house close to the beach), and I intend to take this weekend one minute at a time and enjoy all of them-

This was the view which awaited me when I went for a walk this afternoon on the shore.

I never fail to be stunned by the sunsets here in the winter. It's crazy beautiful, and so few people see them. Lately I'm of the mindset that Glory often shows itself when almost no one is looking. The few of us who do catch a glimpse of it are scrambling for their cameras- or simply soaking it in.

I consider myself lucky to have been here, with my camera, to share these with you.
(and why not a shot of the photographer too? hmmm? :)

I will be coming round shortly for visits and to catch up with you all. I have missed you.


Skunkfeathers said...

Nature's beauty is all around; for those of us not able to be there, it's great to have your gifted and talented eye and camera to let us know what we missed ;)

Enjoy each minute of this well-earned weekend, Mayden *hug*

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Absolutely beautiful.

The sunset's nice too.

SJ said...

Thanks for posting them really beautiful. I prefer "soaking up" to taking photos if there is some wiht me I let them handle the camera and soak away :)

firebird said...

Outrageously beautiful--and thanks for sharing these--
the colors are like none I have seen before...

Bad Bob said...

I used to work in the Bahamas, and your pictures remind me of the sunsets there. I sometimes wish I could go back, but it is not to be. I hope you enjoy your time at the beach.